2-6-6-2 Locomotives in the USA

The first Mallet was an 0-6-6-0. Around 1905 the Great Northern Railroad was interested in one but wanted a locomotive that was better suited to main line operation. Baldwin built five "0-6-6-0"s with leading and trailing two-wheel trucks. This configuration suited the GN's curving main line of the Cascades.

It wasn't until 1910 that 2-6-6-2s were built with their firebox behind the drivers and supported by the trailing truck which is normally why one would have a trailing truck. Subsequent 2-6-6-2s were built following this design.

The 2-6-6-2 was primarily a low-speed locomotive. This wheel arrangement was also commonly used on the logging railroads in the Western USA. However, the C&O (Chesapeake & Ohio) continued developing the 2-6-6-2. Their versions evolved into very large road locomotives. With their smokebox-mounted air pumps, they looked quite impressive. Fortunately, two of these class H-6 C&O locomotives survive today.

This wheel arrangement was also used by the Southern Pacific in their development of the Cab Forward locomotive. On the SP this wheel arrangement was called a "Mallet Mogul".

Railroads that used 2-6-6-2 locomotives in the USA (data provided by Steve Llanso of Sweat House Media)

Surviving Examples of 2-6-6-2 Locomotives in the USA

No. Class F.M. Whyte Gauge Railroad Line Location Status Builder Info Notes
12 2-6-6-2 4'-8½" SW Forest Ind Pioneer Historical Museum, 2340 N Ft Valley Rd (US 180), Flagstaff, AZ display Baldwin #60870, 1929
46 (110) 2-6-6-2 4'-8½" CWR (Weyerhaeuser) Pacific Southwest Railway Museum, Campo, CA display Baldwin #62064, 1937
4 2-6-6-2T 4'-8½" Clover Valley Niles Canyon Railway, Sunol, CA operational Baldwin #57684, 03/1924 Ran test runs in summer of 2012.
1309 H-6 2-6-6-2 4'-8½" C&O Western MD Scenic, Cumberland, MD restoration Baldwin #74278, 1949 Restoration From B&O Museum
38 2-6-6-2 4'-8½" Weyerhaeuser Modoc Northern Siding, Merrill, OR dismantled from fenced-in lot a mile from Great Western Railroad Museum, McCloud, CA, Fred Kepner collection
110 2-6-6-2T 4'-8½" Rayonier (Weyerhaeuser) Black Hills Central Railroad, Hill City, SD operational Baldwin, 1928
8 2-6-6-2T 4'-8½" Rayonier Chehalis-Centralia Railroad, Chehalis, WA restoration Baldwin #58064, 1924 from Shelton, WA, sold to Roots of Motive Power, Willits, CA
11 110t 2-6-6-2 4'-8½" US Plywood Northwest Railway Museum, Snoqualmie, WA display Baldwin #59701, 1926
108 2-6-6-2T 4'-8½" Weyerhaeuser Northwest Railway Museum, Snoqualmie, WA display Baldwin #59087, 1926
6 2-6-6-2 4'-8½" Weyerhaeuser Northwest Railway Museum, Snoqualmie, WA display Baldwin #60412, 1928
1308 H-6 2-6-6-2 4'-8½" C&O C.P. Huntington RR Hist Soc, Huntington, WV display Baldwin #74277, 1949 Placed on the National Register of Historical Places on Jan 31, 2003

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