4-4-0 "American" Type Locomotives

The 4-4-0 or "American" type locomotive was widely used in North America during the 1800's. This wheel arrangement was well suited to the grades and curvature of the railroad of that time. Around 25,000 4-4-0 locomotives were built by companies including Rogers, Baldwin, Cooke and Mason. However, the design required the firebox to fit between the driving wheels which limited its firing (and thus steaming) capacity and by 1900 larger locomotives were needed.

USA and Canadian Railroads that used 4-4-0 "American" Type Locomotives

Mexican, Central American, and Caribbean Railroads that used 4-4-0 "American" Type Locomotives

Surviving Examples of 4-4-0 "American" Type Locomotives

No.ClassF.M. WhyteGaugeRailroad LineLocationStatusBuilder InformationNotes
34-4-024"Shelby & SouthernShelby & Southern Railroad, Calera, ALoperationalCrown Metal Products (Elizabeth)For sale
34-4-036" Depot Museum, Huntsville, ALdisplayCrown Metal Products (Elizabeth)from South of the Border Amusement Park, Charlotte, then Timber Rail Village, White River Junction, VT
14 (1501)4-4-04'-8½"W. T. Smith (CofG) Pike Heritage Museum, Troy, ALdisplayBaldwin (Burnham) #5892, 1881From Chapman, AL
114-4-04'-8½"V&T Old Tucson Studios, Tucson, AZdisplayM. Baird & Co #2816, 1872 Named Reno
14-4-036" Disneyland, Anaheim, CAoperationalWDINamed Cyrus K. Holliday
24-4-036" Disneyland, Anaheim, CAoperationalWDINamed EP Ripley
11004-4-04'-8½"SP (SF&ARR)Deschutes Road, Sacramento River, Anderson, CAsunkStevens, 1868Named J.G. Kellogg
54-4-015"Redwood Valley Railway Redwood Valley Railway, Berkeley, CAoperationalNamed Fern
834-4-024" Knott's Berry Farm, Buena Park, CAoperationalCrown Metal Products (Elizabeth), 1982
14-4-012"OttawayFolsom City Zoo, 50 Natoma St., Folsom, CAoperationalErich Thompsen, 1950Named Cricket, from Tilden Park
4-4-024"Bonfante Gardens, Gilroy, CAoperationalCrown Metal Products (Elizabeth)
4-4-024"Bonfante Gardens, Gilroy, CAoperationalCrown Metal Products (Elizabeth)
1 (1193)4-4-04'-8½"ST&E (SP) Travel Town Museum, Los Angeles, CAdisplayJA Norris-Lancaster #12, 1864
1 (2)4-4-036"Neverland Valley Railroad (Carowinds) Neverland Ranch, Michael Jackson, Los Olivos, CAout of serviceCrown Metal Products (Elizabeth) #37936, 1973Named Katherine, from Carowinds Amusement Park, Charlotte, then Timber Rail Village, White River Junction, VT, may have been moved to Glendale warehouse
4-4-015"B.A.D. Great Northern Railway, Redding, CAprivate
14-4-04'-8½"Central Pacific California State Railroad Museum, Sacramento, CAdisplayRichard Norris & Son #1040, 1863Named Governor Stanford
124-4-036"NPC California State Railroad Museum, Sacramento, CAdisplayBaldwin (Burnham) #3843, 1876Named Sonoma
124-4-015" California State Railroad Museum, Sacramento, CAstorednamed Sonoma, from Orland Newville & Pacific RR, Glenn Co. Fairgrounds, Orland
124-4-04'-8½"V&T California State Railroad Museum, Sacramento, CAdisplayM. Baird & Co #3090, 1873Named Genoa
4-4-022"Fleischhacker Zoo, San Francisco, CAoperationalCagney
994-4-024"CKRR Calgrove Kennels, Santa Clarita, CAdisplayCrown Metal Products (Elizabeth) Operated between 1971 and 1980 at Magic Mountain, Valencia
125 ton4-4-036" Pacific Coast Railroad, Santa Margarita, CAprivate operationalGuiberson-Harpur, 1968Named Caroline. From Six Flags Astroworld, Houston, TX
737 (216)E-314-4-04'-8½"UP (SP) The Double T, Stevenson, CAdisplayBaldwin #8395, 1887 from Portola. Some list this engine in Merced or Turlock.
184-4-022" Lakeside Amusement Park, Denver, COout of serviceCagney
174-4-022" Lakeside Amusement Park, Denver, COout of serviceCagney
1 (68)25 ton4-4-0ngUPJim Fisher, Durango & Silverton, Durango, COrestorationHarpurreplica, from Astroworld, TX then Silverwood Park, ID then Laramie, WY
34-4-0ngSanta Cruz National Museum of American History, Smithsonian Museum, Washington, DCdisplayBaldwin (Burnham) #3972, 1876 Named Jupiter
984-4-04'-8½"MS Central Wilmington & Western Railroad, Marshallton, DEoperationalALCO (Brooks) #45921, 01/1909
3064-4-024"Everglade Express Veterans Memorial Railroad, Bristol, FLoperationalCrown Metal Products (Elizabeth)From Lion Country Safari, Loxahatchee, FL then Gold Coast Railroad Museum
4 (66)4-4-036"Unidos de YucatanMagic Kingdom, Lake Buena Vista, FLoperationalBaldwin #42915, 1916Named R.O. Disney
34-4-024"ES&GGold Coast Railroad Museum, Miami, FLoperationalCrown Metal Products (Elizabeth)
4-4-04'-8½" Moscaic Co., Mulberry, FLdisplayManchester Locomotive Works
4-4-04'-8½"Suwanee River RailroadState Agriculture Department Offices, Tallahassee, FLdisplayDanforth, Cooke & Co., 1850Salvaged from a swamp in March, 1979
54-4-036"Busch Gardens, Tampa, FLoperationalCrown Metal Products (Elizabeth), 1971from Six Flags St. Louis, MO
44-4-036"Busch Gardens, Tampa, FLoperationalCrown Metal Products (Elizabeth)
6014-4-036"Busch Gardens, Tampa, FLoperationalCrown Metal Products (Elizabeth), 1974 from Kings Dominion
94-4-036"Busch Gardens, Tampa, FLoperationalCrown Metal Products (Elizabeth)
34-4-024"James Holman, unknown, FLrestorationCrown Metal Products (Elizabeth) Named Leslie Joy, From Quechee Gorge Village
49 (12)4-4-04'-8½"W&A (L&N) Cyclorama, Grant Park, Atlanta, GAdisplayDanforth, Cooke & Co., 1856Named Texas
44-4-036"Warner Brothers Studio Underground, Atlanta, GAdisplayCrown Metal Products (Elizabeth)from Six Gun Territory, Silver Springs
4-4-036"Six Flags Over Georgia, Austell, GAoperational (diesel)Harpur, 1966Named Texas
4-4-036"Six Flags Over Georgia, Austell, GAstored operationalHarpur, 1966Named The General. diesel / hydraulic
24-4-022"Steeplechase Railroad Tellus Science Museum, Cartersville, GAdisplayCagney, 1905
104 (1)8-24C4-4-04'-8½"RR&G (LE) Southeastern Railway Museum, Duluth, GAdisplayBaldwin, 1919Named General II. From Stone Mountain Scenic
3 (39)4-4-04'-8½"W&A (L&N) Southern Museum of Civil War and Locomotive History, Kennesaw, GAdisplayRogers Ketchum & Grosvenor, 1855 Named The General
999C-14a4-4-04'-8½"NYC&HRRR Museum of Science & Industry, Chicago, ILdisplayNYC&HRR, 1893
634-4-04'-8½"Central PacificElgin, ILoperational2009 Named Leviathan, replica
984-4-015"Little Toot RailroadCharley Brown Park, Flora, ILoperationalCrown Metal Products (Elizabeth) #1, 1959 Named Little Toot
4-4-015"American Threshermens Show, Pinckneyville, ILoperationalCrown Metal Products (Elizabeth) Named Little Toot, From Marion, IL
164-4-04'-8½"T&D Illinois Railway Museum, Union, ILdisplayBaldwin #41653, 1914
1 (567)4-4-04'-8½"Anthony & Northern (CRI&P)S of town, west of Hwy 19, Arkansas River, Larned, KSsunkBrooks, 1887sunk in 1919
7 (2)4-4-036" Old Hickory Railroad, Jackson, LAout of serviceCrown Metal Products (Elizabeth) #43436, 1964 from Frontierland, Cherokee, NC
4-4-015"stored, Worcester, MAprivate operationalCagney, 1905Sold? Where did this go?
254-4-04'-8½"B&O B&O Railroad Museum, Baltimore, MDoperationalMason Machine Works #46, 1856Named William Mason, featured in 'The Great Locomotive Chase'
999 (314)4-4-015"Blue Mountain Railway private, Braddock Heights, MDprivate operationalCagney, 1901 Built for the 1901 Panamerican Exposition in Buffalo, NY
4-4-024"Frontier City, Ocean City, MDoperationalCrown Metal Products (Elizabeth)
14-4-04'-8½"Ford Greenfield Village, Dearborn, MIoperationalManchester Locomotive Works, 1870 Named Edison. Rebuilt from an 0-4-0 in 1932 by Henry Ford.
74-4-04'-8½"Detroit & Lima Northern Greenfield Village, Dearborn, MIoperationalBaldwin #15317, 1897 Restored in 2012
110 (3)4-4-04'-8½"J.J. McDonough Lumber (Atlantic & Gulf) Henry Ford Museum, Dearborn, MIdisplayRogers #812, 01/1858 Named Sam Hill, operated in the 1930s when Henry Ford opened.
9994-4-015"Gaines, MIstoredArmitage-Herschell, 1904
94-4-0Little Smokey RRMonroe County Fairgrounds, Monroe, MIoperationalCrown Metal Products (Elizabeth)
14-4-04'-8½"GN (M&P) Lake Superior Railroad Museum, Duluth, MNdisplayNew Jersey Locomotive, 1861 Named William Crooks
74-4-0 Bonne Terre Mine, Bonne Terre, MOsunk
64-4-036" Six Flags St. Louis, Eureka, MOoperationalCrown Metal Products (Elizabeth), 1969 named Tommy G. Robertson
334-4-036" Worlds of Fun, Kansas City, MOoperationalCrown Metal Products (Elizabeth) #27636, 1973Named Eli
35 (66)A-24-4-04'-8½"CB&Q (Hannibal & St. Joseph) Patee House Museum, St. Joseph, MOdisplayBaldwin, 1892 backdated in 1933 at CB&Q's Aurora Shops
274 (1040)4-4-04'-8½"C&NW (W&StP) Museum of Transportation, St. Louis, MOdisplayBaldwin #3107, 1873
394-4-04'-8½"B&A Museum of Transportation, St. Louis, MOdisplayB&A (Springfield, MS), 1876Named Marmora
174-4-04'-8½"Boston & Providence Museum of Transportation, St. Louis, MOdisplayB&P (Roxbury), 1863 Named Daniel Nason
9524-4-0C4'-8½"DL&W Museum of Transportation, St. Louis, MOdisplayALCO (Schenectady) #30555, 1905
3114-4-04'-8½"M-K-T Museum of Transportation, St. Louis, MOdisplayBaldwin (Burnham) #10640, 1890Only preserved M-K-T steam locomotive
17524-4-024"Portsmouth City RR Mideast Railroad, Carthage, NCoperationalCrown Metal Products (Elizabeth) #33324, 1963 named Pokey Smokey, from Portsmouth, VA
684C-14-4-04'-8½"NP Bonanzaville, West Fargo, NDdisplayNew York Locomotive Works #39, 1883
1194-4-030"UP Henry Doorly Zoo, Omaha, NEoperationalCrown Metal Products (Elizabeth), 1968 Built to resemble UP 119
3L4-4-0T36"Cavan Leitrim NJ Museum of Transportation, Farmingdale, NJrestorationRobert Stephenson & Co. #2614, 1887Named Lady Edith
4-4-015" NJ Museum of Transportation, Farmingdale, NJdisplayCagney, 1923from a NJ beachfront amusement park
224-4-04'-8½"V&T Nevada State Railroad Museum, Carson City, NVoperationalBaldwin #3693, 1875Named Inyo, featured in Wild Wild West and many movies
84-4-04'-8½"D&R Nevada State Railroad Museum, Carson City, NVstoredCooke L&M Works #1861, 1888From Virginia City, NV, Jamestown, CA, Sacramento
4 (5)4-4-0ngE&PDan Markoff, Las Vegas, NVoperationalBaldwin (Burnham) #3763, 1875Named Eureka
74-4-0ngRamada Express Hotel & Casino, Laughlin, NVstored operationalCustom FabricatorsBuilt as a 2-4-0 for a Sea World theme park. Donated to Las Vegas Railroad Society.
184-4-04'-8½"V&TComstock Heritage Museum, Virginia City, NVdisplayCP (Sacramento) #6, 1873Named Dayton, from the Nevada State Railroad Museum
4-4-024" Rotunda Grapevine Railroad Farm, Fredonia, NYunknownCrown Metal Products (Elizabeth)
4-4-015" Herschell Carrousel Factory Museum, North Tonawanda, NYoperationalArmitage-Herschell #0001, 1896
4-4-0Cincinnati, OHburied
194-4-036" Kings Island, Cincinnati, OHoperationalCrown Metal Products (Elizabeth), 1972 named Lew Brown
124-4-036" Kings Island, Cincinnati, OHoperationalCrown Metal Products (Elizabeth), 1972named Kenny Van Meter
4-4-04'-8½"B&Obarn, Circleville, OHstoredthis may be a duplicate of the locomotive stored in Groveport
5524-4-036" Dry Gulch USA, Adair, OKoperationalCrown Metal Products (Elizabeth), 1974from Kings Dominion, VA
6284-4-04'-8½"CRI&P Cimarron River between Dover and Kingfisher, Dover, OKsunk Sank on Sep 18, 1906
18ton4-4-030"PZRYWashington Park & Zoo RY, Portland, ORoperational
S-164-4-0ng Knoebels Amusement Resort, Elysburg, PAoperationalArmitage-Herschell
4-4-024"City Island Railroad, Harrisburg, PAoperationalCrown Metal Products (Elizabeth)
19074-4-024"Dry Gulch RRHershey Park, Hershey, PAoperationalCrown Metal Products (Elizabeth)Named Skooter
18754-4-024"Dry Gulch RRHershey Park, Hershey, PAoperationalCrown Metal Products (Elizabeth)Named Janelle
174-4-04'-8½"Northern Central Steam Into History, New Freedom, PAoperationalKloke Locomotive Works #2, 2013Named York
34-4-04'-8½"Phil&Rdg Franklin Institute Science Museum, Philadelphia, PAdisplayEastwick & Harrison #67, 1842
204-4-015"Laural Run RRLaural Run Railroad, Reading, PAoperationalCrown Metal Products (Elizabeth)
1223D16sb4-4-04'-8½"PRR Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania, Strasburg, PAdisplayPRR (Juniata) #1399, 1905Featured in 'Hello Dolly', operated until 1989
4-4-0 Strasburg Railroad, Strasburg, PAoperationalCagney, 1920
4-4-0ngBland's Park (display), Tipton, PAdisplayCrown Metal Products (Elizabeth)
4-4-0ngCarowinds Park, Fort Mill, SCdisplayCrown Metal Products (Elizabeth)Duplication of the Crown in Huntsville? converted to gasoline?
3494-4-04'-8½"Central of GA TVRM Grand Junction Station, Chattanooga, TNdisplayBaldwin (Burnham) #11994, 1891
60 (260)8-30C4-4-04'-8½"SA&AP (T&NO) Three Rivers Rambler, Knoxville, TNstoredBaldwin #55390, 1922From Stone Mountain, GA
34-4-015"W&ARROoltewah, TNprivate restorationCrown Metal Products (Elizabeth) Named LiL General. From the upper mid-west.
14-4-036"El Paso Connection, El Paso, TXdisplayCrown Metal Products (Elizabeth) #33136, 1963from Legend City Amusement Park, Phoenix then Magic Landing Theme Park, El Paso
1 (111)4-4-04'-8½"EP&SW (CM&StP) Union Plaza Transit Terminal, El Paso, TXdisplayBreese, Kneeland & Co. #73, 1857Cosmetically restored in the 2000s
6424-4-04'-8½"T&PVillage Creek, Handley, TXsunk
254-4-024"Reynolds Brothers SugarBucher Estate, Hempstead, TXprivateW. Bagnall #2522, 1935Named Simpola
74-4-036"Historic Jefferson Railway, Jefferson, TXout of serviceCrown Metal Products (Elizabeth), 1964from Six Gun Territory, Silver Springs
14-4-024"Lagoon Amusement Park, Farmington, UToperationalCrown Metal Products (Elizabeth)
1264-4-024"Lagoon Amusement Park, Farmington, UToperationalCrown Metal Products (Elizabeth)
34-4-024"Carson City & Mills ParkShortline Railroad Park & Museum, Farmington, UTdisplayCrown Metal Products (Elizabeth) for sale
604-4-04'-8½"Central PacificPromontory Summit, UToperationalChadwell O'Connor, 1980Named Jupiter, replica
1194-4-04'-8½"UPPromontory Summit, UTout of serviceChadwell O'Connor, 1980replica, 1,472 day rebuild
664-4-04'-8½"Natural Tunnel (Rim Rock) Natural Tunnel State Park, Duffield, VAdisplayBarnett Enterprises (Norton), 1967 Built as 2-4-0 diesel powered tender
231A-54-4-04'-8½"C&Oinside collapsed Church Hill Tunnel, Richmond, VAburiedBaldwin, 1903
4-4-036"Busch Gardens, Williamsburg, VAoperationalCrown Metal Products (Elizabeth), 1974Named Der Hochbeinige
4-4-036"Busch Gardens, Williamsburg, VAoperationalCrown Metal Products (Elizabeth), 1974Named Balmoral Castle
174-4-036"Busch Gardens, Williamsburg, VAoperationalCrown Metal Products (Elizabeth), 1972Named Alpengeist Express, from Lakeside Park, Salem, VA
4944-4-04'-8½"B&M New England Transportation Institute and Museum, White River Junction, VTdisplayALCO (Manchester) #1546, 1892
74-4-024"Tolt River Railroad Remlinger Farms, Carnation, WAoperationalCrown Metal Products (Elizabeth), 1964 from Idlewild Park, Ligonier, PA
14-4-024"Tolt River Railroad Remlinger Farms, Carnation, WAoperationalCrown Metal Products (Elizabeth) Named Hank
194-4-016"CVRRChippewa Valley Railroad, Eau Claire, WIoperationalAtlantic-Pacific Steam Locomotive Workds (Galva, IL), 1920s
164-4-016"CVRRChippewa Valley Railroad, Eau Claire, WIoperationalCrown Metal Products (Elizabeth), 1959 From Lee Merrick
984-4-015"Sandly Light R (Hoot Toot & Whistle)Riverside & Great Northern RY, Wisconsin Dells, WIoperationalNorman Sandley, 1952From Bartlett, IL then Old Wakarusa RR, Wakarusa, IN
824-4-015"R&GNRiverside & Great Northern RY, Wisconsin Dells, WIoperationalSandley (Janesville), 1957Named L W Neiman
4D4-4-015"Como Hot Spring Wasatch Railroad Contractors, Cheyenne, WYrestoration, privateCagney, 1904from Morgan, UT, later Murray and Heber City
44-4-0NdeM Francisco Madero Street, Aguascalientes, AGSdisplay
28114-4-036"NdeM Rodolfo Landeros Park, Aguascalientes, AGSoperationalAguascalientes, 1992tender powered dummy
1387 (350)E-5b4-4-04'-8½"SPColorado River, Riito, BCNsunkRogers #4038, 1888
2954-4-0ngNdeM public square on Jerecuaro - Acambaro, Acambaro, GTOdisplaymodel, numberred in memory of 295 which was the first locomotive built in Acambaro
351 (7)4-4-04'-8½"Unidos de Yucatan (Merida y Progreso) flower mill, Merida, YUCscrappedBaldwin #8846, 10/1887 Named Merida. Scrapped in January 2014.
350 (4)4-4-04'-8½"Unidos de Yucatan Museo de los Ferrocarriles de Yucatan, Merida, YUCdisplayBaldwin #41676, 09/1914 sans tender, from FUS Shops, Campeche, Campeche
29A1e4-4-04'-8½"CPR CPR Headquarters, Calgary, ABdisplayCP #1065, 1887
7SC4-4-015"Cranberry Farm, Richmond, Vancouver, BCunknownCrown Metal Products (Elizabeth)Sold to someone in New York in mid 1990s
374 (158)SC4-4-04'-8½"CPRE end of Drake St. on former Expo '86 site, Vancouver, BCdisplayCPR (DeLorimer) #1038, 1886
18674-4-024"Assiniboine Railroad Assiniboine Park, Winnipeg, MBoperationalCrown Metal Products (Elizabeth), 1964
3 (86)A2l4-4-04'-8½"Winnipeg Hydro (CPR) Prairie Dog Central, Vintage Locomotive Society, Winnipeg, MBoperationalDubs & Co. (Scotland) #1572, 1882
151 (1)4-4-04'-8½"CPR (NP) Winnipeg Railway Museum, Union Station, Winnipeg, MBdisplayBaldwin #2660, 1872 Named Countess of Dufferin
404-4-04'-8½"CNR Canada Science and Technology Museum, Ottawa, ONstoredPortland Co #233, 1872
674-4-0ngB&BRR Island Park, Toronto, ONoperational
136A2m4-4-04'-8½"South Simcoe (CPR) South Simcoe Railway, Tottenham, ONoperationalALCO (Rogers) #3332, 1883
144A2q4-4-04'-8½"CPR Canadian Railway Museum, Delson, QCdisplayCPR (DeLorimer) #1030, 1886
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