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No.ClassF.M. WhyteGaugeRailroad LineLocationStatusBuilder InfoNotes
0-6-02'Colonial Sugar Illawarra Light Railway Museum, Albion Park, NSWoperationalHudswell, Clarke & Co (Leeds) #1706, 1939 Named Cairns
20-6-0T4'-8½"South Bulli Colliery (Ringwood Colliery) Bulli Railway Station, Bulli, NSWdisplayHudswell, Clarke & Co (Leeds) #297, 1888
0-4-0WT2'Corrimal Colliery (National Portland Cement) Campbelltown Steam & Machinery, Menangle, NSWoperationalHudswell, Clarke & Co (Leeds) #1423, 1922 Named Hudson
10-4-0ST4'-8½"unknown, NSWsunkHudswell, Clarke & Co (Leeds) #23, 1864
20-4-0ST4'-8½"unknown, NSWsunkHudswell, Clarke & Co (Leeds) #24, 1864
60-6-02'Timbertown, Wauchope, NSWoperationalHudswell, Clarke & Co (Leeds) #1862, 1953
30-4-0ST3'-6"Mt Isa Mine (Wallaroo Phosphate) Friends of the North Australia Railway, Adelaide River, NTdisplayHudswell, Clarke & Co (Leeds) #928, 1910 From Mount Isa
40-6-02'Hambledon Mill Hambledon Gardens, Edmonton, QLDdisplayHudswell, Clarke & Co (Leeds) #1549, 1925
0-6-02'CSR Ltd Victoria Mill, Ingham, QLDoperationalHudswell, Clarke & Co (Leeds) #1067, 1914 Named Homebush
0-6-02'Victoria Mill unknown, Julatten, QLDunknownHudswell, Clarke & Co (Leeds) #1838, 1950 Named Sydney. From Bally Hooley.
10-6-02'Macknade Mill unknown, Rod Leonard, Jungara, QLDPrivateHudswell, Clarke & Co (Leeds) #1653, 1934 From Ingham
0-6-02'Victoria MillAustralian Sugar Industry Museum, Mourilyan, QLDdisplayHudswell, Clarke & Co (Leeds) #1099, 1915 Named Townsville
0-4-2T2'Moreton Mill unknown, Murrumba Downs, QLDunknownHudswell, Clarke & Co (Leeds) #1078, 1914 Named Maroochy, auctioned in December 2006, possibly sold for scrap
20-6-0ST2'North Eton MillJoe Hawkes, Narangba, QLDdismantledHudswell, Clarke & Co (Leeds) #853, 1908 From Kallangur
50-4-2T2' Australian Narrow Gauge Railway Museum, Woodford, QLDunknownHudswell, Clarke & Co (Leeds) #1705, 1938
0-6-02'VMC Australian Narrow Gauge Railway Museum, Woodford, QLDrestorationHudswell, Clarke & Co (Leeds) #1701, 1938 Named Melbourne
0-6-0T2' Australian Narrow Gauge Railway Museum, Woodford, QLDunknownHudswell, Clarke & Co (Leeds) #1521, 1924 Named Pyramid
70-6-02'Gin Gin Mill Alexandra Timber Tramway & Museum, Alexandra, VICrestorationHudswell, Clarke & Co (Leeds) #1098, 1915
40-6-024"Queensland Sugar Warwick Turner, Echuca, VICrestorationHudswell, Clarke & Co (Leeds) #1553, 1924 Current whereabouts unclear
5CSR0-6-02'Macknade Mill Warwick Turner, Echuca, VICprivate storedHudswell, Clarke & Co (Leeds) #1548, 1924 from Don River Railway, Devonport, TAS
40-4-2ST2'PBPS Puffing Billy Railway Museum, Menzies Creek, VICoperationalHudswell, Clarke & Co (Leeds) #1559, 1925
90-6-02'Queensland Sugar Puffing Billy Railway Museum, Menzies Creek, VICoperationalHudswell, Clarke & Co (Leeds) #1863, 1952
60-4-2T3'-6"Australia Portland Cement Bellarine Peninsula Railway, Queenscliff, VICout of serviceHudswell, Clarke & Co (Leeds) #646, 1906
10-6-0ST2'North Eton MillPeter Schwarz, Shepparton, VICrestorationHudswell, Clarke & Co (Leeds) #496, 1898 From Rockhampton
60-6-024"Goondi Mill Alambi Private Railway, Strath Creek, VICoperationalHudswell, Clarke & Co (Leeds) #1555, 1925 from Old Sandhurst Town, Bendigo then Alexandra
0-6-0T3'-6"WA Government Meatworks Barytes Road, Wyndham, WAUdisplayHudswell, Clarke & Co (Leeds) #379, 1890 Named Preston

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