Surviving Steam Locomotives in Connecticut

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No. Class F.M. Whyte Gauge Railroad Line Location Status Builder Info Notes
1455 (100) 2-6-0 4'-8½" B&M Danbury Railway Museum, Danbury, CT cosmetic restoration ALCO, 1907 from SEMASS, Rochester, MA
2 50 ton 0-6-0T 4'-8½" Simon Wrecking Valley Railroad, Essex, CT cosmetic restoration H.K. Porter, 1920 Former Steamtown USA locomotive, from Simon Wrecking Company, Newbury, then Peabody, MA
97 (200) 2-8-0 4'-8½" B&SE Valley Railroad, Essex, CT out of service ALCO (Cooke) #65188, 1923
3025 (1658) SY 2-8-2 4'-8½" NYNH&H Valley Railroad, Essex, CT operational Tangshan #1658, 1989 damaged in fire From China, then Knox, Kane & Kinzua Railroad
40 2-8-2 4'-8½" A&R Valley Railroad, Essex, CT operational ALCO (Brooks) #61858, 1920
18 0-4-0T 36" Worcester Iron (American Steel & Wire) Connecticut Antique Machinery Association, Kent, CT display Vulcan Iron Works (Wilkes-Barre), 1917 from Iron Horse Furniture Center, Westfield, MA, later Athol, MA
5 2-4-2 36" Tahoe, Trout Creek and Pacific (Hawaii Railway) Connecticut Antique Machinery Association, Kent, CT operational Baldwin #58686, 1925 from Lake Tahoe then Olympic Blvd, Los Angeles, then Richard May, Georgetown, CA
4 2-8-0 36" Argent Lumber Connecticut Antique Machinery Association, Kent, CT display H.K. Porter #4274, 1909
38 0-4-0T 4'-8½" NH Trap Rock near Tipping Drive, North Branford, CT restoration, stored H.K. Porter #5008
0-6-2T 36" Plan B Burger Bar, Simsbury, CT display
103 2-6-2 4'-8½" Sumter & Choctaw Naugatuck Railroad, Waterville, CT display Baldwin #58754, 1925 From The Valley Railroad in Essex
1246 G5c 4-6-2 4'-8½" CPR Railroad Museum of New England, Waterville, CT display Montreal Locomotive Works, 1946 painted in April, 2002
3 35 ton 0-4-0F 4'-8½" CT Coke Corp Tanger Outlet Center, Westbrook, CT display H.K. Porter #7184
10 0-4-0T 4'-8½" CF&I (SW Steel) Connecticut Eastern Railroad Museum, Willimantic, CT restoration Baldwin #61820, 1934 From the Shelburne Museum

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