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No. Class F.M. Whyte Gauge Railroad Line Location Status Builder Information Notes
3 4-4-0 24" Shelby & Southern Shelby & Southern Railroad, Calera, AL operational Crown Metal Products (Elizabeth) For sale
7 0-6-4T 36" Godchaux Sugar shopping center, Georgetown, CA private H.K. Porter #4969, 1911 For sale
123 4-2-4 24" Bonfante Gardens, Gilroy, CA operational Chance gas powered C.P. Huntington replica. For sale
5 2-6-2 36" Argent Lumber Nevada County Traction Company, Nevada City, CA operational Lima #1116, 1910 For sale
612 (2630) S-160 2-8-0 4'-8½" USATC Southeastern Railway Museum, Duluth, GA display Baldwin #69858, 1943 From Cass Railroad. For sale
91 0-4-2T 48" Philadelphia & Reading Coal & Iron museum/historical society, Sedalia, MO display H.K. Porter, 1925 For sale/sold. From Kinnelon, NJ.
0-4-0ST 4'-8½" American Viscose Rodney Estate, Silver Creek, NY stored H.K. Porter #7209, 1934 from Gem City Iron & Metal, Pulaski, VA. For sale
4 2-6-2 36" WP&Y Dry Gulch USA, Adair, OK operational Baldwin #37564, 1912 from Petticoat Junction Railroad, later El Reno, OK, For sale
0-4-0T ng Erzbergbau Salzgitter farm, Palmersville, TN private Henschel & Sohn (Kassel) #27125, 1951 from Benton, KY For Sale
0-4-0T ng Erzbergbau Salzgitter farm, Palmersville, TN private Skoda #1099, 1940 from Benton, KY For Sale
1 (1791) 0-6-2T 30" Westfield Plantation Westfield Plantation Railroad, Lampasas, TX unknown H.K. Porter, 1897 Named Bertha, from Ponchatoula, LA once rumored to be for sale
3 4-4-0 24" Carson City & Mills Park Shortline Railroad Park & Museum, Farmington, UT display Crown Metal Products (Elizabeth) for sale
2 42ton Heisler2Tr 4'-8½" Forest Products John Tisdale, shop building, Davis, WV stored Heisler #1589, 1929 from Rossville, GA, later L&N Depot in Adalusia, AL. For sale

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