4-10-0 "El Gobernador" Locomotives in the USA

The only 4-10-0 built was for the Central Pacific in 1883. It was named El Gobernador and was intended to service the Tehachapis. It was the largest locomotive at the time. However, it had poor steaming qualities. It was scrapped around 1894.

Its wheel arrangement raises some questions because it doesn't make a lot of sense with what we now know about steam locomotives. No trailing truck meant that the firebox could not be more than around 42" wide in order to fit between the driving wheels. Yet it had ten drivers which would require good steaming capability. Additionally, it had a four-wheel pilot truck which generally implies speed. Although, back in 1883, the pilot truck was probably used more for carrying the weight of the front of the locomotive rather than for guiding the locomotive when travelling at any kind of speed. It is not too surprising that this wheel arrangement was never tried again.

Railroads that used 4-10-0 "El Gobernador" Locomotives in the USA (data provided by Steve Llanso of Sweat House Media)

Surviving Examples of 4-10-0 "El Gobernador" Locomotives in the USA

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