American Crystal Sugar Factory, Chaska, MN

construction-1905 This is a 1905 view of the construction of the Carver County Sugar Company as it was called between from 1905 to 1914.

home-1912 This is a 1912 view from the top of the sugar plant looking northwest. In the background the furthest building to the left (the west) is the Manager's House. The next building to the right (the east) is the factory office (which still exists today). Behind the office is the Carriage House (also exists today). To the right (the east) of the office is the Company House. This house no longer exists but is significant because it was where I lived for the first six years of my life. In the foreground to the left is the small Scale House used when weighing loaded sugar beet cars.

factory-1915 From 1915 to 1925 the factory was called the "Minnesota Sugar Company". Notice the small structures in the foreground.

arial-2 This is an arial view of the Minnesota Sugar Company factory in Chaska, MN. The view is from the west looking east. From the middle bottom to the upper left of photo is the Chicago Great Western Railroad line. Sugar beet piles can be seen to the right of the railroad. To the right of the center of the sugar beet piles are the small structures seen in the previous photo. The Factory Office, Carriage House and Company House can be seen in the center of this photo. The rail access to the Sugar Factory is clearly seen from the bottom right of this photo.

arial-1 This arial view of the Minnesota Sugar Company is from the southwest looking northeast. Sugar beet piles can be seen from the left center. The Factory Office is also pictured in the lower left center. It is difficult to see if the small structures seen two photos previous to this one are still located northeast of the factory. A train can be seen rounding the curve in the upper central portion of this photo.

crane1 This is a 1962 photo of one of the two steam cranes that were employed at the factory. I remember these cranes operating into the early 1960s. They were used for unloading lime rock, coke, coal, etc. for the lime kiln.

crane2 The two steam cranes are seen northwest of the Sugar Plant during the fall campaign.

arial-1965 This is a 1965 southward-looking arial photo of the American Crystal Sugar Company. In the foreground, the Sandy Acres neighborhood is clearly seen. Notice the silos now located immediatly to the right of the sugar factory. The Minnesota River can be seen behind (south of) the factory.