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Boulder City

In Boulder City, Nevada, the State of Nevada is building a new operating museum. There is a huge yard filled with ancient, decaying railroad equipment including S.P. and U.P. passenger stuff, cabooses, freight and work cars.

This collection is funded by the state of Nevada. The museum also owns an ex-Navy FM switcher, an ex-UP #844 GP-30 (pretender to the thrown), and a restored NW-2.

264 or 6264???

Take a look at the photos to the right. Are these two pictures of the same locomotive or not? I do know that the UP renumbered 6264 to 264 (which may explain why 6264 appears on one side of the cab while 264 appears on the other). However, the person who sent me these photos insists that they are two different locomotives. Every detail in these two photos tells me that they two shots of the same locomotive (roof hatch open, angle of the drivers, tender type, shadows, tank locomotive to the rear, etc. In July of 2006 I was contacted by Roger Himka from the Nevada Southern. He confirmed that the 264 and the 6264 are indeed the same locomotive. He sent to me before and after shots of both sides (showing the different numbers).

Button Button Button Button UP class C-57 2-8-0 U.P #6264 (264) is a 2-8-0 that is the next item on the roster to be restored to full operation! It looks to be a mess, but apparently is in good mechanical shape. 6264 came from the Heber Valley collection, as did most of the others.

An Old Consolidation

Button Way, way, back in the yard, all by itself is this light 2-8-0 and tender. It was originally built by Baldwin in 1896 for the narrow-gauge Florence & Cripple Creek RR in Colorado. In 1917, it went to the Uintah Ry. (also Colorado), then to the Eureka-Nevada RR (central Nevada) in 1937. Somehow, it ended up in Las Vegas when that railroad was torn up in the 40's, and later was moved to Boulder City. This is one of four surviving F&CC locomotives. Two others are at the Colorado RR Museum and one is in Durango, CO.

Button Mikado #35 is going to be cosmetically restored and put in a building for people to walk around and examine.

Locomotives Relocated

Yosemite Lumber Shay This is a Yosemite Lumber Company Shay (#4). Since this photo was taken, it has been relocated to the Sierra Nevada Logging Museum in White Pines, CA where it will be cosmetically restored.

Button Number 2 is a Sacramento Valley & Eastern Prairie (2-6-2T). Since this photo was taken, #2 has been relocated to the Shasta Cascade Rail Preservation Society in Redding, CA.

Button Outside of Boulder City is a Casino called "The Hacienda". There are two small locos on display there. One is a narrow gauge Pioche Pacific 2-truck Shay (No. 3, construction number 2194) perched way up on a bluff, followed by a series of advertisement painted boxcars. This engine appears to be stripped and a mess, but who knows, one cannot get close enough to examine her. (photo courtesy Richard Glueck) Since this photo was taken, #3 has been relocated to the West Side Narrow Gauge Railway Preservation in Tuolumne, CA.

Button The other engine is a small ng 0-4-0T mining lokie. This little engine is basically stripped of everything except a cab, boiler, frame, and wheels. Photo courtesy Richard Glueck. Since this photo was taken, the locomotive has been relocated. However, its current location is unknown.

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