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No.ClassF.M. WhyteGaugeRailroad LineLocationStatusBuilder InfoNotes
115 tonShay2Tr2'-6"Munro's Hampton Illawarra Light Railway Museum, Albion Park, NSWrestorationLima #906, 1904
1694BClimax2Tr2'-6"Tyrs Valley Tramway Puffing Billy Railway, Belgrave, VICoperationalClimax #1694, 1928
5920D592-8-24'-8½"NSWG Dorrigo Steam Railway & Museum, Dorrigo, NSWstoredBaldwin-Lima-Hamilton #75583, 1952
5917D592-8-24'-8½"NSWG3801 Limited, Eveleigh, NSWoperationalBaldwin-Lima-Hamilton #75580, 1952 On loan from Lachlan Valley Railway, Cowra
1653BClimax2Tr3'-6"ANM (Pines & Hardwoods Ltd) Tasmanian Transport Museum, Glenorchy, TASdisplayClimax #1653, 1923 Originally named Soward
5908D592-8-24'-8½"NSWGGoulburn Rail Heritage Centre, Goulburn, NSWstoredBaldwin-Lima-Hamilton #75571, 1952 From NSWRTM, Thirlmere
5916D592-8-24'-8½"NSWGGoulburn Rail Heritage Centre, Goulburn, NSWstoredBaldwin-Lima-Hamilton #75579, 1952 From NSWRTM, Thirlmere
AShay2Tr2' Workshops Rail Museum, Ipswich, QLDunknownLima #2800, 1914 Named Mapleton then Shay, contains some parts from Dulong. May be displayed in Mapleton some time in the future.
AShay2Tr2'Moreton Mill (Mapleton Tramway) Workshops Rail Museum, Ipswich, QLDdisplayLima #2091, 1908 Named Dulong, from Nambour
2BShay2Tr36"Victorian Hardwood Sawmilling (Lloyd Copper Co)M. McEwan, Melbourne, VICdismantledLima #2576, 1912 parts source, located east of Melbourne in Dandenong Ranges near Puffing Billy
14Shay2Tr2'-6"Alishan Forest Rlwy Puffing Billy Railway Museum, Menzies Creek, VICdisplayLima #2550, 1912
Shay2Tr24"Palmwoods Buderim Tramwayunknown, Palmwoods, QLDburiedLima #2823, 1915 Remnants reported as uncovered in 11-25-2000
218 tonShay2Tr2'-6"Munro's HamptonSketches Mountain Resort, Ravensbourne, QLDdisplayLima #2097, 1907 Parts source, from ILRMS Albion Park, NSW
5910D592-8-24'-8½"NSWG NSWRTM, Thirlmere, NSWdisplayBaldwin-Lima-Hamilton #75573, 1952
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