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No.ClassF.M. WhyteGaugeRailroad LineLocationStatusBuilder InfoNotes
Yx86Y2-6-03'-6"SAR Rail Heritage WA, Bassendean, WAUdisplayMartin, James & Co. (Gawler) #178, 1898 From Yarloop
G-233G2-6-03'-6"WAGRBoyanup Transport Museum, Boyanup, WAUunknownMartin, James & Co. (Gawler) #174, 1898 Under Restoration/Repair; owned by HVTR, Named Leschanault Lady
T-181T4-8-03'-6"SAR Sulphide Street Station Railway and Historical Museum, Broken Hill, NSWdisplayMartin, James & Co. (Gawler) #182, 1904 Named Lew E. Roberts
F-245F4-6-2T5'-3"SAR railway station, Gawler, SAcosmetic restorationMartin, James & Co. (Gawler) #230, 1915
8(Y-135)NFB(Y)2-6-03'-6"NT Katherine Railway Station Museum, Katherine, NTdisplayMartin, James & Co. (Gawler) #37, 1892
Y-109Y2-6-03'-6"WA Timber (SAR) Timber Museum, Manjimup, WAUdisplayMartin, James & Co. (Gawler) #8, 1890 Named The Thing, rebuilt from G131 frame and class A tender
SSM7 (G-53)G2-6-03'-6"WAGRPark, Pemberton, WAUdisplayMartin, James & Co. (Gawler) #117, 1895
T-199T2-8-03'-6"SAR Steamtown Heritage Rail Centre, Peterborough, SAdisplayMartin, James & Co. (Gawler) #201, 1912
P-117P2-4-0T5'-3"SAR National Railway Museum, Port Adelaide, SAdisplayMartin, James & Co. (Gawler) #57, 1893
Yx141Y2-6-03'-6"SAR Pichi Richi Railway, Quorn, SArestorationMartin, James & Co. (Gawler) #43, 1892 Cracked cylinder, expected to be back in service in 2015
T-186T2-8-03'-6"SAR Pichi Richi Railway, Quorn, SAstoredMartin, James & Co. (Gawler) #198, 1909 Last operated in 2003
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