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No.ClassF.M. WhyteGaugeRailroad LineLocationStatusBuilder InfoNotes
202A102-4-03'-6"Pioneer Mill (QR) Croydon Shire Council, Croydon, QLDrestorationVulcan Foundry #802, 1877 From the Pioneer Mill
J-516J2-8-05'-3"VR Yarra Valley Railway, Healesville, VICrestorationVulcan Foundry #6062, 1953
1037BB18 4-6-23'-6"QRMackay Heritage Railway, Mackay, QLDrestorationVulcan Foundry #5963, 1951
H-2H4-8-23'-6"TGR Derwent Valley Railway, New Norfolk, TASrestorationVulcan Foundry #5950, 1951
J-536J2-8-05'-3"VRR707 Operations, Newport, VICrestorationVulcan Foundry #6082, 1953 from Colac, later Ballarat
J-512J2-8-05'-3"VR Seymour Railway Heritage Centre, Seymour, VICrestorationVulcan Foundry #6058, 1953 being converted to standard gauge
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