Surviving Steam Locomotives

Are you trying to locate an existing steam locomotive? The Surviving Steam Locomotive Database would be a good place to begin your search. The Surviving Steam Locomotive Database can be navigated by state, class, wheel arrangement, railroad, gauge, or locomotive builder.


Model Trains

This web site primarily contains information on full-scale steam locomotives. However, I do have some good information on Model Trains. In this section, you will find the

Model Trains

Surviving Roundhouses

View the list of surviving roundhouses and turntables. Each entry has a link to a google map view of its location. The list is not yet complete but you may submit information on any you may know.


Wheel Arrangements

The second best thing about this site is its collection of steam locomotive classifications and dimensional data. This data is organized by wheel arrangement using the Whyte System. Use the "Wheel Arrangements" menu above or the button below to navigate this data.

Wheel Arrangements

The World of Steam Locomotives

Browse the world of steam locomotives. These pages include details on steam locomotives in all parts of the world. Data kindly provided by Steve Llanso of Sweat House Media.

Support This Site

This site is run by a staff of one part-time person (me). As you might guess, maintaining this site and the information it contains requires a fair amount of time and effort. I receive a lot of email and I do my best to respond to each one. If you enjoy this site or perhaps use it to locate steam locomotives, please consider supporting it by making a small donation. It would be much appreciated. Thanks!

Australian Steam Locomotives

This site contains an abundance of information on Australian steam locomotives. There are lists of preserved Australian steam locomotives, google map views of surviving steam, detailed specifications of Australian steam, and virtual tours (photos) of Australian steam locomotives. Please see this page for more information:

Australian Steam


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