Steam Locomotives: Wanted and For Sale

Periodically, people ask me if I know of any steam locomotives that are for sale or if I know of someone selling a steam locomotive. When I hear of a locomotive being for sale I make a note of that in the lists of surviving steam locomotives. If you are looking to buy a steam locomotive, your first action should be to search those lists for the word "sale".

Another source of this type of information may be found in railroad forums. These should be the second place you look.

If I have details about a steam locomotive being offered for sale, I will list those details below.

Steam Locomotives For Sale

Empire Limestone 2-4-2T #5.

Seller's comments dated May 2014: It is currently set up to hold about 25 kids and a couple of adults for parades. There are also steps to use when set up as a static display. The bell is loud and the whistle will run on the truck air in parades and there are 4 small nitrogin tanks so the whistle works during static display. The caliope runs of batteries & inverter system or 110V when static. The whistle is operated with a remote control only so that one always has control of the whistle.

1911 Waterloo Steam Traction Engine with wooden water wagon

Seller's comments dated August 2003: Original boiler and recently certified. Fully restored and a real beauty. $30,000 Canadian or best offer. Call Michelle 1-705-646-3743 or email.

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Steam Locomotives Wanted

December 2010: Jake Marcus of the Mt. Rainier Scenic Railroad in Elbe, WA is interested in purchasing a 4-8-4 for restoration.

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