Surviving Steam Locomotives in British Columbia

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No.ClassF.M. WhyteGaugeRailroad LineLocationStatusBuilder InfoNotes
562-8-04'-8½"Pacific Great EasternAnderson Lake, BCsunk
0-4-0STngGranby Consolidated Miningnear Anyox Mine, Anyox, BCabandonedH.K. Porter #1879
4172-6-04'-8½"CNRArmstrong Lake, BCsunk
675tonShay3Tr4'-8½"Canadian Forest Products East Bay on beach, Beaver Cove, BCbeachedLima #1913, 1907
260tonShay2Tr4'-8½"Canadian Forest Productsmiddle of Beaver Cove, Beaver Cove, BCsunkLima #2345, 1910only a pile of rust
1122-6-2T4'-8½"Canadian Forest Products siding near Telegraph Cove RD, Beaver Cove, BCdisplayBaldwin #56323, 1923Going to Port Alberni BC for restoration
2174010-4-0CA24"Utah Mine Britannia Mine Museum, Britannia Beach, BCdisplayEIMCO
218X140-4-0CA36"Crows Nest Pass Coal Britannia Mine Museum, Britannia Beach, BCdisplayH.K. Porter #4150, 07/1908
0-4-4T4'-8½" Burnaby Village Museum, Burnaby, BCdisplay
10442-6-2T4'-8½"M-B Chemainus Rd, Chemainus, BCdisplayH.K. Porter #6877, 1924
86X100-4-0CA36"Crows Nest Pass CoalChilliwack Antique Powerland, Chilliwack, BCdisplayH.K. Porter #4151, 07/1908converted to gas
22-6-24'-8½"Comox Logging Co Chamber of Commerce, Courtenay, BCdisplayBaldwin #34921, 07/1910Named The Deuce
300-4-0ST36"Grant Smith & Co. Creston Museum, Creston, BCdisplayVulcan Iron Works #1556, 05/1910
2518ton0-4-036"Glenoria&WRY BC Forest Discover Centre, Duncan, BCoperationalVulcan #1549, 1910
2412ton0-4-036"Glenoria&WRY BC Forest Discover Centre, Duncan, BCstored
9BClimax2Tr4'-8½"Hillcrest Lumber BC Forest Discover Centre, Duncan, BCoperationalClimax #1359, 1915
1 (2)Climax2Tr4'-8½"Shawnigan L Lumber BC Forest Discover Centre, Duncan, BCdisplay#1057, 1910
350tBShay2Tr4'-8½"Mayo Lumber BC Forest Discover Centre, Duncan, BCoperationalLima #3262, 1924
125tonShay2Tr36"Hillcrest Lumber BC Forest Discover Centre, Duncan, BCoperational#3147, 1920
142tonShay2Tr4'-8½"Bloedel Stewart & Welsh BC Forest Discover Centre, Duncan, BCdisplayLima #2475, 1911
0-4-0CA36"Elk River Colliery Highway 3 and 93, Elko, BCdisplayH.K. Porter, 1901
145tonClimax2Tr4'-8½"Elk Lumberriver, Fernie, BCsunkClimax #918, 1909
10-4-0STngCrowsnest Pass Coal Co. Rotary Park, Fernie, BCdisplayH.K. Porter #2438, 1901
62-6-0ngNwCoal&NavigYoho Campground, Field, BCabandonedBaldwin (Burnham) #7717, 1885 used in building the CPR spiral tunnels
1 (5)7&14x140-4-0CA36"Elk River Collieries (Crows Nest Pass Coal) Fort Steele Heritage Town, Ft Steele, BCdisplayH.K. Porter #4689, 09/1910
10772-6-24'-8½"M-B Fort Steele Heritage Town, Ft Steele, BCoperationalMontreal Locomotive Works #65377, 1923Featured in Shanghai Noon, The Journey of Natty Gann, and The Grey Fox.
115Shay3Tr4'-8½"Canadian Forest Products Fort Steele Heritage Town, Ft Steele, BCdisplayLima #3350, 1936
0-4-0CA4'-8½"behind Fire Hall, Jaffray, BCstoredH.K. Porter, 1901
2141M-3-d2-8-04'-8½"CNR Kamloops Heritage Railway, Kamloops, BCoperationalCLC #1059, 1912
27272-8-04'-8½"CNRKamloops Lake, BCsunk
40-4-0T4'-8½"Manley Moore Doug Callahan, Kelowna, BCstored serviceableH.K. Porter #4820, 1911From Woodland, WA
162-8-24'-8½"Comox Logging Co Doug Callahan, Kelowna, BCstoredBaldwin #61159, 1929From Squamish, BC
1AClimax2Tr4'-8½"2 mi south of town, Blackstaff shop, Ladysmith, BCstoredElmer Blackstaff #148, 1970 replica
112-8-24'-8½"Comox Logging Co Oyster Bay Dr, Ladysmith, BCdisplayBaldwin #57409, 1923
12Shay2Tr4'-8½"Comox Logging Co Kaatza Station Museum, Lake Cowichan, BCdisplayLima #3311, 1927
10-4-0T36"Detroit Yukon MiningShawnigan Lake-Mill Bay Rd, Mill Bay, BCstoredH.K. Porter #3022, 04/1904 from Whippletree Jct.
450tonClimax2Tr4'-8½"Kelly Logging Aero Camp, Moresby Island, BCabandonedClimax #1539, 1919dismantled
0-6-0TngWellington Co Piper Park, Nanaimo, BCdisplayBaldwin #9869, 1889
7 (1055)90ton2-8-2T4'-8½"Alberni Pacific Lumber (M-B) Alberni Valley Museum, Port Alberni, BCoperationalBaldwin #60942, 1929
242tonShay2Tr4'-8½"Alberni Pacific Lumber (M-B) Alberni Valley Museum, Port Alberni, BCdisplayLima #2548, 1912
10-4-0T24"Grand Tr Pac RYFort George Park, Prince George, BCoperationalDavenport Locomotive Works #1305-7, 1912
1520H-4-a4-6-04'-8½"CNR Prince George Railway and Forestry Museum, Prince George, BCdisplayCLC #738, 1906
1066 (4)2-8-2T4'-8½"M-B (Bloedel Stewart & Welsh) train station, Qualicum Beach, BCdisplayBaldwin #58687, 1925
93 (51)0-4-0T4'-8½"Three Valley Gap (Solvay Process) 3 Valley Gap Heritage Ghost Town & Round House, Revelstoke, BCdisplayALCO (Cooke) #63277, 1922
692-6-24'-8½"Calcasieu Long Leaf Lumber 3 Valley Gap Heritage Ghost Town & Round House, Revelstoke, BCdisplayBaldwin #41562, 1914 From Sedgewick, AB
1028Climax2Tr4'-8½"Southern Iron & Equipment (Lac La Belle & Calumet) 3 Valley Gap Heritage Ghost Town & Round House, Revelstoke, BCabandonedClimax, 1893
5468P2k2-8-24'-8½"CPR Revelstoke Railway Museum, Revelstoke, BCdisplayMontreal Locomotive Works #76140, 1948
1045½&11x100-4-0CA26¼"Canmore MinesSandon Historic Site, Sandon, BCdisplayH.K. Porter #4923, 07/1911
6947V4a0-8-04'-8½"CPRSandon Historic Site, Sandon, BCdisplayMontreal Locomotive Works, 1908
532-8-04'-8½"Pacific Great EasternSeton Lake, BCsunkCLC #1242, 1914
3512 (1712)M4g2-8-04'-8½"CPRSlocan Lake, BCsunkBaldwin #30752, 05/1907 Resting upright in 600 feet of water.
22-6-2ST4'-8½"Pacific Great Eastern West Coast Railway Heritage Park, Squamish, BCdisplayBaldwin #34270, 1910
2860H1e4-6-44'-8½"CPR West Coast Railway Heritage Park, Squamish, BCdisplayed operationalMontreal Locomotive Works, 1940 from Province of BC, N. Vancouver
3716 (3916)N2b2-8-04'-8½"CPR Kettle Valley Steam Railway, Summerland, BCoperationalMontreal Locomotive Works #51628, 1912 Featured in 'The Grey Fox', from Province of BC, N. Vancouver, BC
0-6-215"Bear Creek Park Train, Surrey, Vancouver, BCoperationalVilhelm van der Heiden, 1968Named Chough, from The Netherlands
7SC4-4-015"Cranberry Farm, Richmond, Vancouver, BCunknownCrown Metal Products (Elizabeth)Sold to someone in New York in mid 1990s
374 (158)SC4-4-04'-8½"CPRE end of Drake St. on former Expo '86 site, Vancouver, BCdisplayCPR (DeLorimer) #1038, 1886
1132-8-24'-8½"Canadian Forest Products near school, Woss Lake, BCdisplayALCO (Brooks) #61859, 1920 Operated on Camp Woss main line in 1948-1950.

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