Surviving Steam Locomotives in Dominican Republic

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No.ClassF.M. WhyteGaugeRailroad LineLocationStatusBuilder InfoNotes
72-8-039½"Ingenio Barahona administration building, Barahona, DREdisplayBaldwin #55126, 1921
82-8-039½"Ingenio Barahonaunknown, Barahona, DREdisplayBaldwin #58618, 1925may have been scrapped
2-4-030"Ingenio Boca Chica childrens playground, Boca Chica, DREdisplay
112-6-2ST4'-8½"Central La Romana Avenida Pedro Abreu, La Romana, DREdisplayH.K. Porter #6578, 1920
50-4-0ST42"FC Sanchez (FC Samana) Avenida Rivas, La Vega, DREdisplayBaldwin #54310, 1921
2-6-030"FC Central Dominicano Plaza del Viaducto, Avenida Sosy, Moca, DREdisplayBaldwin #35078, 1910
0-4-2T30"Ingenio Montellano in town, Montellano, DREdisplay
2-4-030"FC Central Dominicano Avenida Colon & Calle Duarte, Puerto Plata, DREdisplayBaldwin #36205?, 1911
0-4-2T+T30"Ingenio Consuelo factory, San Pedro de Macoris, DREdisplayBaldwin #12659, 1912
2-6-030"Ingenio PorvenirRoute 3 traffic circle, San Pedro de Macoris, DREdisplayBaldwin #38478, 1912
2-8-030"Ingenio Consuelo Route 4 junction, San Pedro de Macoris, DREdisplayBaldwin #59376, 1926
10-4-0WT30"FC Santo Domingo - San Cristobal - Bani Museo Nacional de Historia y Geografia, Santo Domingo, DREdisplay1880Named Cristobal Colon

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