Surviving Steam Locomotives in Veracruz

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No.ClassF.M. WhyteGaugeRailroad LineLocationStatusBuilder InfoNotes
2E-12-6-024"FCM Plaza del V Centenario, Cordoba, VERdisplayBaldwin #20140, 02/1902 Named Luisa. From Pantaco Sports Staduim, Mexico City
4'-8½"Panuco River SW of Tampico, El Higo, VERabandoned
281 (197)G-0302-8-036"NdeM Centro Deportivo Ferrocarrilero, Jalapa, VERdisplayBaldwin #55112, 11/1921
82-6-2T36"Cananea Consolidated Copper Transportation Museum, Jalapa, VERdisplayALCO (Dickson) #29719, 07/1906
32-8-036"CIASA (CyZ) Cia. Industrial y Azucarera S.A. (CIASA), Juan Diaz Covarrubias, VERdisplayBaldwin #15784, 03/1898
10-4-2T30"Ingenio San Pedro (Cia. Industrial Mexicana) Ingenio San Pedro Mill, Lerdo de Tejada, VERdisplayH.K. Porter #1591, 05/1895
32-6-0750mmIngenio San Pedro Ingenio San Pedro Mill, Lerdo de Tejada, VERdisplayOrenstein & Koppel (Berlin) #11240, 12/1926 Named La Pongueta
20-4-4RT30"Ingenio San Pedro (Fletcher & Creel Co.) San Francisco El Naranjal Mill, Lerdo de Tejada, VERscrappedBaldwin #14842, 05/1896 Scrapped in early 2000s
52-6-2ST30"Ingenio San Pedro (La Torre y Tepetongo) San Francisco El Naranjal Mill, Lerdo de Tejada, VERscrappedBaldwin #14799, 04/1896 Built as 2 foot gauge. Scrapped in early 2000s
42-6-2ST30"Ingenio San Pedro (FC Cazadero y San Pablo) San Francisco El Naranjal Mill, Lerdo de Tejada, VERdisplayBaldwin #14798, 04/1896 Built as 2 foot gauge
3Shay2Tr36"Teziutlan CopperMartinez de la Torre, VERunknownLimaUnable to locate, probably does not exist.
19242-8-24'-8½"Asarco Mexicana (Ozan-Graysonia Lumber) Boulevard de Poniente 7, Orizaba, VERdisplayBaldwin #43056, 1913 From Museo Interactivo de Xalapa
ngLaguna de Tamiahua, NW of Poza Rica, Tamiahua, VERabandoned
0-4-0TngTezonapa, VERunknownOrenstein & Koppel (Berlin), 1904Named La Juanota. Unable to confirm, may not exist.
1170GR-202-8-04'-8½"NdeM Tierra Blanca Station, Tierra Blanca, VERdisplayBaldwin #55083, 09/1921Mi Prieta Linda (My Little Black Girl)
9 (29)2-6-04'-8½"CTV (Yosemite Valley) Ferrosur Terminal, Veracruz, VERdisplayBaldwin #55275, 1922
M-5014-6-4ng Parque Zoologico e Botanico Miguel Angel de Quevedo, Veracruz, VERout of serviceNdeM (San Luis Potosi), 1982Named El Jarochito

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