Surviving Steam Locomotives in Idaho

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No.ClassF.M. WhyteGaugeRailroad LineLocationStatusBuilder InfoNotes
72-6-236"Eureka Nevada Silverwood Theme Park, Athol, IDoperationalH.K. Porter #5724, 1915
2295MK-92-8-24'-8½"UP Boise Depot, Boise, IDdisplayALCO (Brooks) #61924, 1924Appeared in UP's film Last of the Giants.
0-4-0CA Crystal Gold Mine, Kellogg, IDunknownUniversal Dredge Mfg.
9290 tonHeisler3Tr4'-8½"Potlatch For park, Lewiston, IDdisplayHeisler #1502, 1924
103 (2)48 tonClimax2Tr4'-8½"Rutledge Lumber Co Lines Creek Historical Trail, Marble Creek, IDabandonedClimax #916, 1909
616C-22-8-04'-8½"UP Lakeview Park, Nampa, IDdisplayBaldwin (Burnham) #31248, 1907
2005MK-12-8-24'-8½"UP Ross Park, Pocatello, IDdisplayBaldwin #36367, 1911Displayed with Centennial 6901
14-6-04'-8½"WI&M City Hall, Potlatch, IDdisplayALCO (Schenectady) #40684, 1906
10-4-0T42"Utah Power Thomas Corrigan Park, Soda Springs, IDdisplayH.K. Porter, 1890
0-4-0CA24" across street from Northern Pacific Depot Railroad Museum, Wallace, IDdisplayUniversal Tramaire
4010-4-0CA18" Chamber of Commerce, Wallace, IDdisplayEIMCO

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