4-8-0 Locomotives in Australia

Railroads that used 4-8-0 Locomotives in Australia (data provided by Steve Llanso of Sweat House Media)

Surviving Examples of 4-8-0 Locomotives in Australia

No.ClassF.M. WhyteGaugeRailroad LineLocationStatusBuilder InfoNotes
Fs-460Fs4-8-03'-6"WAGR Rail Heritage WA, Bassendean, WAUunknownNorth British Locomotive Co. #20096, 1913
980C174-8-03'-6"QR Capricorn Highway, Blackwater, QLDdisplayWalkers #517, 1951
T-181T4-8-03'-6"SAR Sulphide Street Station Railway and Historical Museum, Broken Hill, NSWdisplayMartin, James & Co. (Gawler) #182, 1904Named Lew E. Roberts.
779C174-8-03'-6"QRCloncurry, QLDscrappedWalkers #406, 1926Scrapped in 1979.
Fs-452Fs4-8-03'-6"WAGR Collie Visitor Centre, Collie, WAUdisplayNorth British Locomotive Co. #20087, 1913
84-8-03'-6"Emu Bay Railway Don River Railway, Devonport, TASoperationalDübs & Co. (Scotland) #3856, 1900Named Heemskirk.
922C174-8-03'-6"QR Gillams Sawmill, Grandchester, QLDoperational boilerWalkers #485, 1946Named Old Faithful, supplies power to sawmill.
820C174-8-03'-6"QRMacDonnell Park, Gympie, QLDscrappedArmstrong-Whitworth & Co. #868, 1927Scrapped in 1982 by the Gympie Apex Club as a fund raiser.
819C174-8-03'-6"QR Mary Valley Heritage Railway, Gympie, QLDdisassembledArmstrong-Whitworth & Co. #867, 1927From Cloncurry.
45C174-8-03'-6"QR Mary Valley Heritage Railway, Gympie, QLDoperationalEvans, Anderson, Phelan #168, 1923
253C174-8-03'-6"QR Mary Valley Heritage Railway, Gympie, QLDrestorationEvans, Anderson, Phelan #158, 1921From Mundubbera.
802C174-8-03'-6"QR Mary Valley Heritage Railway, Gympie, QLDoperationalArmstrong-Whitworth & Co. #850, 1927From Roma.
705C174-8-03'-6"QR Imbil Railway Heritage Station, Imbil, QLDdisplayEvans, Anderson, Phelan #176, 1926 Has number plate from 752. From Spring Hill then Gympie.
824C174-8-03'-6"QR unknown, Injune, QLDdisplayArmstrong-Whitworth & Co. #872, 1927Displayed as 809.
2C174-8-03'-6"QR Workshops Rail Museum, Ipswich, QLDunknownEvans, Anderson, Phelan #169, 1923
967C174-8-03'-6"QR Workshops Rail Museum, Ipswich, QLDstored operationalWalkers #504, 1950From Ghan Preservation Society, Alice Springs, later Beaudesert Rail.
974C174-8-03'-6"QR Workshops Rail Museum, Ipswich, QLDoperationalWalkers #511, 1951 Named Brown Bomber.
1000C174-8-03'-6"QR Workshops Rail Museum, Ipswich, QLDawaiting restorationWalkers #537, 1953 Dismantled display.
700C194-8-03'-6"QR Workshops Rail Museum, Ipswich, QLDstoredQR (Ipswich) #98, 1923
719C174-8-03'-6"QR unknown, Jandowae, QLDdisplayWalkers #347, 1923
934C174-8-03'-6"QR Zig Zag Railway, Lithgow, NSWoperationalClyde Engineering (Granville) #501, 1949
966C174-8-03'-6"QR Zig Zag Railway, Lithgow, NSWstoredWalkers #503, 1950Parts source for 934.
944C174-8-03'-6"QR Miles Historical Village, Miles, QLDdisplayClyde Engineering (Granville) #509, 1949
T-224T4-8-03'-6"SARMillicent museum, Millicent, SAdisplayWalkers #224, 1914
965C174-8-03'-6"QRpark, Mundubbera, QLDdisplayWalkers #502, 1950 From Gladstone.
T-199T4-8-03'-6"SAR Steamtown Heritage Rail Centre, Peterborough, SAdisplayMartin, James & Co. (Gawler) #201, 1912
106C164-8-03'-6"QRDarling Downs Historical Rail Society, Pittsworth, QLDrestorationToowoomba #28, 1914From Redbank then Towoomba.
T-253T4-8-03'-6"SAR National Railway Museum, Port Adelaide, SAdisplayWalkers #278, 1917
812C174-8-03'-6"QR Ravenshoe Railway Company, Ravenshoe, QLDdisplayArmstrong-Whitworth & Co. #860, 1927 Named Roger, from Atherton, operated from 2000 to 2004, out of service.
5972 (988)C174-8-03'-6"QRArcher Park Station & Steam Tram Museum, Rockhampton, QLDdisplayWalkers #535, 1951From Cairns then Movie World.
720C174-8-03'-6"QR Rosewood Railway Museum, Rosewood, QLDoperationalWalkers #348, 1923
761C174-8-03'-6"QR Rosewood Railway Museum, Rosewood, QLDunknownWalkers #422, 1927
763C174-8-03'-6"QR Rosewood Railway Museum, Rosewood, QLDunknownWalkers #424, 1927
935C174-8-03'-6"QR Rosewood Railway Museum, Rosewood, QLDunknownClyde Engineering (Granville) #503, 1949
996C174-8-03'-6"QR Queensland Pioneer Steam Railway, Swanbank, QLDunknownWalkers #533, 1953 From Southport.
251C174-8-03'-6"QRRailway Park, Townsville, QLDdisplayWalkers #327, 1920
971C174-8-03'-6"QRSouthern Downs Steam Railway, Warwick, QLDoperationalWalkers #508, 1950From Chinchilla.
64-8-03'-6"Emu Bay Railway West Coast Pioneers Memorial Museum, Zeehan, TASdisplayDübs & Co. (Scotland) #3854, 1900Named Murchison.
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