4-8-4 Locomotives in Mexico

Railroads that used 4-8-4 Locomotives in Mexico (data provided by Steve Llanso of Sweat House Media)

Surviving Examples of 4-8-4 Locomotives in Mexico

No.ClassF.M. WhyteGaugeRailroad LineLocationStatusBuilder InfoNotes
3035QR-14-8-44'-8½"NdeM park near Av. Manuel Gomez Morin, Aguascalientes, AGSdisplayBaldwin #73020, 1946 From the Rodolfo Landeros Park.
3027QR-14-8-44'-8½"NdeM Museo del Ferrocarril, Guadalajara, JALdisplayAlco (Schenectady) #74382, 1946
3031QR-14-8-44'-8½"NdeM Railway Station, Huehuetoca, MEXdisplayAlco (Schenectady) #74386, 1946 From Trinity company plant; Stored for many years. Moved to railway station in 2018.
3036QR-14-8-44'-8½"NdeM Explora Science Park, Leon, GTOdisplayBaldwin #73021, 1946
3038QR-14-8-44'-8½"NdeM Felipe Angeles Airport, Mexico City, DFdisplayBaldwin #73023, 1946 From the Museo Technologico, Chapultepec Park. Displayed without tender.
3039QR-14-8-44'-8½"NdeM Parque de los Ninos Heroes, Monterrey, NLEdisplayBaldwin #73024, 1946 Cosmetically restored in 2012.
3040QR-14-8-44'-8½"NdeM Oriental Depot 2, Oriental, PUEdisplayBaldwin #73025, 1946 From Jalapa, VER.
2308 (3033)QR-14-8-44'-8½"NdeM station/cultural center, Pachuca, HGOdisplayBaldwin #73018, 1946 incorrectly renumbered as 2308.
3034QR-14-8-44'-8½"NdeM National Museum of Mexican Railroads, Puebla, PUEdisplayBaldwin #73019, 1946
3056QR-14-8-44'-8½"NdeM Estacion Bernal, Tequisquiapan, QROstoredAlco (Schenectady) #74832, 1946 From FNM scrapyard, Huehuetoca.
3030QR-14-8-44'-8½"NdeM Zacatecas Depot, Zacatecas, ZACdisplayAlco (Schenectady) #74385, 1946 360 degree view
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