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Carter Construction 0-4-0T #31
Roseville Road, Andover, NJ
Builder info: Baldwin, 6/1910, CN 34797

I'm wondering if this engine really ever ran on this farm, we have no
real confirmation of the rumor that it was used for rides. As I may have
said previously, it looks awfully like the engines that were used in the
construction of the Lackawanna Cutoff, which is nearby; similar engines
appear in photos of the line's construction, which was just about the time
the engine was built. A major fill, miles long, is only a few miles away and
such engines were used it its construction; the highway underpass through
the fill bears the year 1910 on its portal, the same year that this engine
was built. The book I have mentions several contractor names but Jackson is
not one of them, but perhaps Jackson was a subcontractor. I could imagine
that the engine sat derelict after the construction was complete and was
moved to the farm at some point just for children to play on. But the
cabin car behind it, see photos, does have trucks although it is sitting
on a bed of gravel right now. So maybe it did run! BTW the cabin looks to
be in good shape in the photos but actually the roof is starting to cave in.

John Bobsin email

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