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As for the Climax in Ladysmith, I was talking to the sons of builder and owner,
the late Elmer Blackstaff, as to the history of their locomotive. It was built
around 1970, but the boys don't remember exactly. The builders plate is a copy
of an original. The number was changed to represent a climax of similar
appearance to that of their "Ladybug". Number was taken from a book on climaxes
from the "scrapped" list. I was told that there are no climax parts on their
engine. Boiler and engine and other parts are from local mills and farms.
Wheels are rim off of logging trucks with centres welded in, gauge in standard
and rails are of wood. The "New Ladysmith Lumber Co. #1" now sits under a tarp,
and has not run for many years. Enclosed is a photo I took in 1976/7 when the
loci was in steam servicing a steam run saw mill. Engineer that day was the
late A.B. (Spike) Carson of Ladysmith, and myself as fireman. I thought your
readers might like a photo to go with the info. on the loci.

Peter Davies <email>
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