Train Miniature (TM) Car Spotter's Guide

Train Miniature began making model HO locomotive and cars in the 1960's. Although they produced both locomotives (FA-1) and freight cars, they became best known for their "Billboard Reefers and Boxcars" from the 20's and 30's. After almost 25 years of producing model trains, in the 1985 they were purchased by Walthers. Walthers now produces the TM line of billboard reefer cars. Today the original Train Miniature billboard refrigerator and box cars are still quite popular. Amazingly, they can still be found on eBay and at model railroad flea markets unassembled and sealed in their original boxes from collectors who purchased them many years ago.

Text from a Nostalgia 3-pack:

What's a billboard car...?

The most colorful and individualistic freight cars in the world - the "Private Owner" freezers and box cars of the turn-of-the-century era of railroading. Outlawed by the I.C.C. in the early thirties, as an unfair advertising practice, they have now become legend. Their popularity, though, lives on with rail fans, and Train-Miniature's constantly expanding line continues to feature new examples of these appealing cars. Start your collection now!

This is a list of Train Miniature (TM) cars. A sample picture is included where possible. In some cases, mainly for rare cars, I list the highest price (shipping included) that I've seen this car sell for on eBay. Whether or not a car is considered "rare" is subjective. It is based on how often I see this car on eBay or at model railroad flea markets. I welcome any information updates for this page.

Alco FA-1 Freight Diesel Locomotive (1001-1006)

TM Item #DescriptionPhoto LinkColorRoad NumberNotes
1001Southern Pacific
1002Santa Fe
1003Great Northern
1004Union Pacific
1005New York Central
1006Baltimore & Ohio

Alco FB-1 Freight Diesel Locomotive (1051-1056)

TM Item #DescriptionPhoto LinkColorRoad NumberNotes
1051Southern Pacific
1052Santa Fe
1053Great Northern
1054Union Pacific
1055New York Central
1056Baltimore & Ohio

Alco FA-FB Freight Diesel Locomotive (1101-1106)

TM Item #DescriptionPhoto LinkColorRoad NumberNotes
1101Southern PacificGrey/Red
1102Santa FeBlue/Yellow
1103Rock Island
1104Missouri Pacific

Fairbanks-Morse H 16-44 Road Diesel Locomotive (1151-1156)

TM Item #DescriptionPhoto LinkColorRoad NumberNotes
1151Santa Fe
1152Rio Grande
1153Union Pacific
1154Baltimore & Ohio
1155New York Central

40' Double Sheathed Box Cars (2000 - 2010)

TM Item #DescriptionPhoto LinkColorRoad NumberNotes
2001Southern Pacific - T&NOTuscan Red70302
2002Santa FeTuscan Red
2003aMichigan Central - New York CentralTuscan Red82307
2003bFrisco Fast Freight - St. Louis and San FranciscoLight Tan127608
2004aChicago, Burlington & Quincy - CB&QTuscan Red29063
2004bChicago, Burlington & Quincy - CB&QTuscan Red15734
2005Great Northern - Glacier National ParkTuscan Red9270Art
2006aTexas & PacificTuscan Red50042
2006bWells Fargo & Company - ExpressDark Green
2007aNorthern PacificTuscan RedArt
2007bDomino SugarWhite - Blue614
2008aMinneapolis & St. Louis - The Peoria GatewaySilver50468
2008bNorth Caroline & St. Louis - DixielandBox Car Red
2009Canadian National - Maple LeafBox Car Red522368Art
2010aBangor & Aroostook Railroad - Maine PotatoesWhite - Blue6540
2010bRutland - Green Mountain GatewayYellow - Green100
2011North Western Pacific - Redwood Empire Route OvernightBlack1952
2012Southern Pacific - OvernightTuscan Red

State Commemorative Cars (2013 - 2028)

TM Item #DescriptionPhoto LinkColorRoad NumberNotes
2013State of New Hampshire - The Granite StateWhite - Red10109
2014State of Massachuetts - The Bay StateWhite - Red10106
2015State of Rhode Island - The Little Rhody StateWhite - Blue10113
2016State of Connecticut - The Nutmeg StateWhite - Blue10105Art
2017New Jersey - The Garden StateWhite - Red10103Art
2018State of New York - The Empire StateWhite - Red10111Art
2019State of Pennsylvania - The Keystone StateWhite - Blue10102
2020State of Maryland - The Old Line StateWhite - Blue10107
2021State of Delaware - The Diamond StateWhite - Red10101
2022State of Virginia - The Old Dominion StateWhite - Red10110Art
2023State of North Carolina - The Tar Heel StateWhite - Blue10112Art
2024State of South Carolina - The Palmetto StateWhite - Red10108Art
2025State of Georgia - The Peach StateWhite - Blue10104Art
2026District of Columbia - The National CapitalWhite -Blue10114Art
2027Data OnlyBox Car Red
2028Data onlyTuscan Red

Tobacco Road (Cigar) Box Cars (2031 - 2042)

TM Item #DescriptionPhoto LinkColorRoad NumberNotes
2031Dutch Masters - The Fine CigarWhite - Blue205Wes, Art
2032Wolf Brothers - StogiesYellow12Wes
2033Roi Tan - The Cigar That BreathesMaroon428Wes
2034Between The Acts - 20 Little CigarsWhite - Red110Wes
2035Phillies Cheroot - The Fresher CigarWhite253Wes
2036King Edward - Made in Florida from Fine Havana LeafTanWes
2037El Producto. - Smoker's CigarWhite210Wes
2038Ben Franklin Cigars- Process-Blended for Extra MildnessWhite206Wes
2039White Owl - Mild CigarsCaboose Red
2040William Penn - The Friendly CigarWhite525Wes
2041Muriel Panatellas - Light Up a MurielDark Gray224
2042House of Windsor - Cigars of DistinctionGray904Wes

X-29 All Steel Box Cars (2050 - 2064)

TM Item #DescriptionPhoto LinkColorRoad NumberNotes
2051PennsylvaniaBox Car Red
2052Baltimore & OhioBox Car Red275281
2053Central Rail Road of New Jersey - Jersey Central LinesBox Car Red21615Art
2054Reading LinesBox Car Red101058
2055Lehigh & New EnglandBlack
2056Nickle Plate RoadBox Car Red
2057Pennsylvania - Railway Express AgencyBox Car Red2294
2058New York CentralBox Car Red
2059Mennonite Central CommitteeOrange & Gray
2060aGeneral American Refrigerator - MKTYellow50196
2060bPennsylvania Merchandise Service - PRRBox Car Red92448
2061Pennsylvania KeystoneWhite
2062West India Fruit & Steamship CompanyTuscan Red103
2063Data OnlyBox Car Red

50 ton A.R.A Outside Braced Box Cars (2100 - 2112)

TM Item #DescriptionPhoto LinkColorRoad NumberNotes
2064Data OnlyTuscan Red
2101Southern Pacific LinesBox Car Red27659
2102Rock IslandBox Car Red42165Art
2103WabashBox Car Red
2104Boston & MaineBox Car Red70498
2105Milwaukee roadTuscan Red
2106Denver, Rio Grande and WesternChocolate Brown66666
2107aSanta FeBox Car Red131372
2107bNashville, Chattanooga & St. LouisBox Car Red15991
2108Great NorthernCaboose Red33092
2109New York CentralTuscan Red71240
2110aSanta FeTuscan Red
2110bWestern PacificTuscan Red
2111Sand Springs RailwayBox Car Red
2112Santa FeTuscan Red

40' Wood Outside Braced Box Cars (2150 - 2159)

TM Item #DescriptionPhoto LinkColorRoad NumberNotes
2151Northern PacificSilver13980Art
2152Missouri, Kansas & Texas - MKTYellow77502
2153Frisco - St. Louis & San FranciscoBox Car Red126873
2154Soo LineBox Car Red34000
2155Santa FeBox Car Red
2156Great NorthernBox Car Red
2157Chicago & North WesternGrayArt
2158aChicago, Burlington & Quincy - CB&Q
2158bMuncie & Western - The Ball LineYellow1247
2159Wellsville, Addision & Galeton - WAG - The Sole Leather LineBox Car Red5034

40' Wood Box Cars (2200 - 2212)

TM Item #DescriptionPhoto LinkColorRoad NumberNotes
2201Western PacificBox Car Red16101
2202Union PacificBox Car Red74241Art
2203Missouri Pacific - Missouri, Kansas & Texas - MKTBox Car Red
2204Denver, Rio Grande & WesternBox Car Red
2205Norfolk & WesternBox Car Red42777
2206aPennsylvaniaBox Car Red45799
2206bSt. Louis & South Western - Cotton Belt RouteTuscan Red30152
2207aCotton Belt - SSWBox Car Red30152
2207bJersey Central LinesTuscan Red
2208aSeaboard Air Line - Silver MeteorBox Car Red19584
2208bMinnesota Mining and ManufacturingTuscan Red
2209aJersey CentralGreen
2209bHill's Brother CoffeeBox Car Red
2210 (8127a)West India Fruit & Steamship CompanyBox Car Red103
2211Alton Rail WaySilver
2212North Hampton & BathGray1200

Tobacco Road (Cigarette) Box Cars (2216 - 2227)

TM Item #DescriptionPhoto LinkColorRoad NumberNotes
2216Lucky Strike - Flat FiftiesGreenWes
2217Camel - I'd Walk a Mile for a CamelWhite52Art
2218Virginia TobaccoLight Blue834Wes
2219Chesterfield CigarettesWhite - Red70
2220Picayune Extra Mild CigarettesWhite68Wes
2221English Ovals - Philip Morris Inc.White - Red809Wes
2222Motor - Virginia CigarettesGray - Blue405Wes
2223Philip MorrisTanWes
2224Sweet CaporalRed - White - Blue409Wes
2225TopYellow - Blue41Wes
2226BuglerDark & Light Blue2013Wes

Tobacco Road (Chewing Tobacco) Box Cars (2251 - 2262)

TM Item #DescriptionPhoto LinkColorRoad NumberNotes
2251Beech-Nut Chewing TobaccoWhite114Wes
2252Mail Pouch Chewing TobaccoRed309Wes, Art
2253Brown MuleOrangeWes
2254Favorite Chewing TobaccoWhite - Red719Wes, Art
2255Red Man Chewing TobaccoWhite - Green77Wes
2256Cannon Ball Chewing TobaccoYellow721Wes
2257StarOrange94Wes, Art
2258Horse Shoe Chewing TobaccoYellowWes
2259Cotton Boll TwistBlack - Silver
2260WB CutTan
2261Piper HeidsieckLight Blue724
2263aQuaker Oats LineYellow647
2263bQuaker Oats Line Tan 647
2264 (8073)Stark Trees Bear Fruit White
2265 (8097)New Haven - New England Vacationland Tuscan Red 86442
2266Chicago, Burlington & Quincy - Burlington Route Tuscan Red 15734
2267Texas & Pacific Tuscan Red
2268Northern Pacific Box Car RedArt
2269Minneapolis and St. Louis Silver 50468Art
2270Canadian Pacific Box Car Red 223956
2271Southern Pacific Lines - Overnight Black
2272Western Pacific Tuscan Red 16101
2273New Haven - New York, New Haven and Hartford Tuscan Red 154931
2274Santa Fe - El Capitan Box Car Red 46265

40' A.R.A. Double Sheathed Refrigerator Cars (2300 - 2312)

TM Item #DescriptionPhoto LinkColorRoad NumberNotes
2301aPacific Fruit Express - Southern Pacific / Union PacificYellow65309Art
2301bPacific Fruit Express - Southern Pacific / Union PacifcOrange65309
2302Milwaukee - Union Refrigerator Transit CompanyYellow81501Wes
2303Western Fruit Express - Great NorthernYellow49348
2304aAmerican Refrigerator Transit Company - Santa FeYellow22106
2304bAmerican Refrigerator Transit Company - Santa FeOrange22106
2305aSanta Fe - S.F.R.DOrange33400
2305bMerchants Despatch Refrigerator Lines - New York CentralGrey21351
2306aMissouri, Kansas & Texas - MKTYellow50196Art
2306bFruit Growers ExpressYellow3304
2307aMerchandise Dispatch Transit - New York CentralWhite21351
2307bBurlington Refrigerator Express - BREXYellow75209
2308aFruit Growers Express -Yellow59444
2308bSanta Fe Map - The Scout for Economy Travel WestOrange23565
2309aBurlington Refrigerator Express - BREXYellow75209Art
2309bPacific Fruit Express - Southern Pacific / Union PacifcOrange66094
2310Merchants Despatch Refrigerator Car Line - Nickle Plate RoadWhite2204
2311Gulf, Mobile & Ohio - N.R.C.Yellow19927
2312aAhnapee & WesternCaboose Red3003
2312bParrot Potatoes - The Mahaffey Commission CompanyYellow3304

Beer Refrigerator Cars (2313 - 2324)

TM Item #DescriptionPhoto LinkColorRoad NumberNotes
2313Schiltz - Union Refrigerator Transit CompanyYellowArt
2314aCanada DryYellow9104
2314bHM Noack & Sons - Eggs - North American DespatchYellow - Green3012
2315Blatz Old Heidelberg - Union Refrigerator Transit CompanyYellow23120Art
2316Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer - Pabst-ett Malt Syrup BeveragesYellow91168Art
2317Sonoma City Wines - Scatena Brothers Wine CompanySilver6012
2318 (8084)Edelweiss Beer - Drink Edelweiss BrewYellow18301
2319Robin Hood - Fontenelle Brewing CompanyGray5307Wes
2320Peerless Beer - La Crosse Brewery Inc.Yellow3076Art
2321Heileman's Old StyleYellow19513Wes
2322 (8072)Goetz Country Club SpecialYellow14313
2323 (8074)Prima Special - Union Refrigerator Transit CompanyYellow12818
2324Miller High Life - EagleYellow92160Art
2325aA & P - Atlantic & Pacific Tea CompanyYellow23054
2325bSwift - Premium - HamYellow21045
2326aOscar Meyer - U.R.T.X.Yellow5343Art
2326bParrot Potatoes - The Mahaffey Commission CompanyYellow3304
2327aCarnation Milk - Union Refrigerator TransitYellow23210
2327bHM Noack & Sons - Eggs - North American DespatchYellow - Green3012
2328aLand O'Lakes Sweet Cream ButterYellow - Black6329
2328bPacific Egg Producers - North American DespatchYellow6003
2329aMarhoeffer - Marhoeffer Packing Company IncYellow - Red63872
2330aDubuque Packing Company - U.R.T.X.Orange72200
2330bArmour Cloverbloom ButterYellow13981
2331Wilson's Milk - Union Refrigerator Transit CompanyYellow17500
2332Fairmont Creamery CompanyYellow30041
2333Pabst-ett Milwaukee - Union Refrigerator Transit CompanyYellow23248
2334Old Dutch Cleanser - Cudahy Refrigerator LineYellow2950
2335Gerber's Baby FoodWhite - Blue1001
2336Baby Ruth - Curtiss Candy CompanyCaboose Red6240
2337Morrel Refrigerator Line - Morrel MeatsYellow9481
2338Kraft - Cheese - MayonnaiseSilver1170
2339Sioux City Dressed BeefOrange
2340 (8088)Rath's Black Hawk Ham - From the Land O'CornWhite - Blue203
2341 (8106)Meyer Kornblum Beef - Western Dressed BeefYellow115
2342Blue Ribbon Beef Packing CompanyOrange17511
2343 (8110)Needham Packing Company Inc. - Flavorland MeatsYellow - Black60408
2344Oscar Meyer - U.R.T.X.Yellow
2345Land O'Lakes Sweet Cream ButterYellow - Black6329
2346Asco MilkWhite - Blue1223
2347Doggie Dinner - Simpson Products CompanyYellow60135
2348Phenix Cheese - Union Refrigerator Transit CompanyBrown - Yellow
2349American Refrigerator Transit - Kansas Packing CompanyYellow
2350bFrigi Car Mechanical Transit Refrigeration - North American DespatchWhite3054
2351aPacific Fruit Express - Southern Pacific / Union Pacific
2351bCarnation Milk - Union Refrigerator TransitYellow23210
2352aAmerican Refrigerator Transit - Missouri PacificYellow28783
2352bMerchants Dispatch Transportation - DL&WBlack
2353aKing Packing Company - Omaha - ChicagoYellow
2353bNew York Central - RefrigeratorOrange
2353cKingan, Inc. - K.G.N.X.Orange3974
2354Safeway Foods - N.A.D.X.Tan2457Wes
2355Erie - Union Refrigerator Transit CompanyYellow39542
2356aRailway Express AgencyGreen6103
2356bRailway Express AgencyWhite6115
2358Western Fruit Express - Great Northern
2363Coor's Beer
2375Swift's Premium - SRLXSilver4218Art
2376Cliquot Club Ginger AleGray1506
2377Asco MilkWhite - Blue1223
2378Doggie Dinner - Simpson Products CompanyYellow60135Wes
2379Spencer Chemical CompanyLight Gray300
2380Patrick Cudahy - N.R.C.Orange2109
2384Miller Beer

40' Wood Refrigerator Cars (2400 - 2412)

TM Item #DescriptionPhoto LinkColorRoad NumberNotes
2401aArmour Cloverbloom ButterYellow13981
2401bSt. Louis Refrigerator Car CompanyWhite3192
2402aWestern Pacific - W.F.E.
2402bRalston Purina Company - Checker Board ChowsWhite - Checkerboard5501Art
2402cGreen Bay & Western - Western Refrigerator Line CompanyGray9352
2403aSt. Louis Refrigerator Car CompanyWhite3192Art
2403bBangor & Aroostook - Maine PotatoesWhite - Blue
2404aHershey's Chocolate & CocoaBrown1003
2404bSanta Fe Map - The Grand Canyon LineYellow25977
2405aGreen Bay & Western - Western Refrigerator Line CompanyGray9352
2405bDelaware, Lackawanna, & Western - LackawannaYellow
2406aPacific Fruit Express - Union Pacific / Southern Pacific
2406bBudweiser Beer
2406cPacific Fruit Express - Western PacificYellow20795
2407aThe Rath Packing Company - Indian HeadYellow512
2407bMerchants Despatch Refrigerator Lines- New York CentralSilver16234
2408aMathieson Carbon Dioxide Ice Car LinesSilver5027
2408bNorth Western Refrigerator Lines - North WesternGreen - Yellow15091
2409aDL & W - LackawannaArt
2409bGeneral American Refrigerator - MKTYellow
2410Pacific Fruit Express - Southern PacificYellow
2411aPacific Fruit Express - Southern Pacific
2411bBoston & MaineOrange13133
2412aE & A Opler, Inc. - Our Mother's CocoaGray15037
2412bAmerican Refrigerator Transit - Missouri PacificYellow

Beer Refrigerator Cars (2413 - 2424)

TM Item #DescriptionPhoto LinkColorRoad NumberNotes
2413Budweiser Beer - King of Bottled BeerGreen1804Art
2414aPage Milk
2414bSchlitz - In Brown BottlesBrown - Yellow9218
2415aBoston & Maine
2415bCarling's Canadian AleYellow60307
2416aCarling's Canadian AleYellow60307
2416bBright's Wine - T. G. Bright & CompanyYellow101
2417aWestern Pacific - W.F.E.Brown - Yellow23240
2417bCentury Beer - The Beer of QualityApple Green4600
2418Genessee Brewing CompanyWhite101Wes
2419aNew York Central - MDT
2419bBull Frog Beer - Monarch Brewing CompanyOrange3055Art
2420Narragansett AleYellow11Wes
2421Anchor Steam BeerBlue
2422aPhenix Cheese - Union Refrigerator Transit CompanyBrown - Yellow23240
2422bElwood's Root BeerYellow500
2423aCliquot Club Ginger AleGray1506
2423bGolden Bull - London
2424Budweiser Malt NutrineWhiteArt

Private Owner Refrigerator Cars (2425 - 2465)

TM Item #DescriptionPhoto LinkColorRoad NumberNotes
2425Armour Cloverbloom ButterYellow13981
2426Ralston Purina Company - Checker Board ChowsWhite - Checkerboard5501
2427Hershey's Chocolate & CocoaBrown1003
2428Swift Refrigerator Line - Swift - SRLXRed4208
2429The Rath Packing Company - Indian HeadYellow512
2430Mathieson Carbon Dioxide Ice Car LinesSilver5027
2431Wilson's & CompanyYellow7524
2432E & A Opler, Inc. - Our Mother's CocoaGray15037
2433Page Milk Company - North American DespatchWhite - Blue1832
2434Pluto Water - North American DespatchWhite3012
2435Oppenheimer Casing Company - Sausage CasingsLight Green8003
2436Bellows Falls Co-operative Creamery - Brookside Fresh MilkRed1833
2437Kansas Packing Company - American Refrigerator TransitYellow91660
2438Columbia Soups - Columbia Conserve CompanyCaboose Red7514
2439Swift Refrigerator LinesSilver
2440King Packing Company - K.P.C.X.Yellow207
2441Kahn's Dressed Beef - The E. Kahn's Sons CompanyYellow1069
2442Kohrs Meat - Kohrs Meat Davenport, IowaYellow2501
2443Sunrise Onion Sets, Illinois Onion Set Growers ExchangeYellow3702
2444Stokley's VegetablesYellow
2445Carnation Flaked Wheat - Union Refrigerator Transit CompanyYellow23099
2446Jelke Good Luck Margarine - Union Refrigerator Transit CompanyYellow10805
2447 (8092)Grand Union Food MarketsDark Green90104Wes
2448The Nuckolls Packing Company - Pikes Peak Brand - Pure LardYellow101
2449Bourk -Donaldson -Taylor Inc.- Denver, ColoradoGreen - Brown6203
2450a (8098)Heinz 57 Varieties - Tomato KetchupYellowArt
2451aSouthern Pacific - T & NO
2451bEvansville Packing CompanyYellow
2452aNew York Central
2452bWescott & Winks - Special Selected EggsYellow1043
2453aNickle Plate Road
2453bIGA Food StoresYellow
2454aKrey's - Ham- BaconGray - Orange879
2454bMissoui, Kansas & Texas - KATY
2455aUnion Pacific
2455bSampson Canning Company - Green Bay RouteLight - Green
2456aGreat NorthernBlack72514
2456bHeinz Baked BeansYellow
2457aWisconsin Canners Association - NWRL - The Best Canned PeasGray8712
2457bSanta Fe
2458aMichigan Alkali Company - Solid Carbon DioxideSilver1000
2459Peter Peerbolte Comany Inc. - Onion SetsOrange3602
2460Mars Snickers CandyGray
2461Cliquot Club Ginger AleLight Gray
2462Swift's Premium - SRLXSilver
2463A & P - Atlantic & Pacific Tea CompanyYellow23054
2464 (8111)Pabst - Milwaukee - Pabst-ett Malt Syrup BeveragesYellow23333
2465Armour's Star Pure LardOrange

40 ton A.R.A. Steel Refrigerator Cars (2500 - 2512)

TM Item #DescriptionPhoto LinkColorRoad NumberNotes
2501aPacific Fruit Express - Union Pacific / Southern PacificYellow30509
2501bUnion Pacific
2502aDenver , Rio Grande & Western
2502bAmerican Refrigerator Transit - Wabash / Missouri PacificOrange26708
2503aMissouri Pacific
2503bNew York Central - Early BirdOrange
2504aSanta FeArt
2504bUnion Refrigerator TransitYellow
2505aChesapeake & Ohio
2505bRailway Express Agency - RefrigeratorWhite6115
2506aNew York Central
2506bSanta Fe - The Super Chief of CaliforniaOrange35041
2507aSanta Fe - The Super Chief of CaliforniaOrange35041Art
2507bWestern Fruit Express - Great NorthernYellow49348
2508aPacific Fruit Express - Express RefrigeratorGreen920
2508bWestern Fruit Express - Great NorthernYellow49348
2509American Refrigerator Transit - N&W / Missouri PacificOrange46965
2510aAtlantic Coast Line
2510bMerchants Despatch Transit- Illinois CentralOrange9324
2511Illinois CentralYellow52660Art
2512Pacific Fruit Express - Southern Pacific / Union PacifcAluminum45689

Beer Refrigerator Cars (2513 - 2524)

TM Item #DescriptionPhoto LinkColorRoad NumberNotes
2513Anheuser Bush - BudweiserWhite
2514Coor's - GoldenWhite5427
2515Chateua - Martin WinesMagenta115
2516P. Ballantine & Sons- Ales & BeerYellow106Wes
2517Tivoli Beer - The Western AristocratDark Green5105Art
2518Berghoff BeerYellow700Art
2519 (8085)Silver Edge Beer - The Muessel Brewing CompanyYellow1002
2520 (8112)Schiltz Beer - Two GlobesYellow92132Art
2521Hiram Walker Canadian Club - Hiram Walker's London Dry GinGray14497
2522Stroh's Bohemium - The Strohs BreweryOrange189Art
2523Lone Star Beer - Lone Star Brewing CompanyWhite1405
2524Pearl - Pearl Brewing CompanyGrey78206

Private Owner Refrigerator Cars (2525 - 2543)

TM Item #DescriptionPhoto LinkColorRoad NumberNotes
2525Safeway Foods - NA.D.X.Tan2457
2526aSafeway Foods - NA.D.X.Tan2457
2526bSpencer Chemical CompanyLight Gray300
2527Patrick Cudahy - N.R.C.Orange2109
2528Marhoeffer - Marhoeffer Packing Company IncRed - Yellow63872Art
2529Dubuque Packing Company - U.R.T.X.Orange72200
2530Berkshire Ham and Bacon- Miller & HartRed - Yellow2042
2531IGA Good Food Stores - Union Refrigerator Transit CompanyYellow16817
2532Borden's Fine CheesesRed - White - Bluenone
2533Producer's Creamery Company - Sweet Cream ProductsYellow107
2534College Inn Food Products CompanyYellow107
2535Oscar Meyer - Meats Of Good TasteRed6876
2536Libby's Food ProductsWhite1464
2537Rasking Packing CompanyOrange - Green
2538Cardox Dry IceSilver106
2539Mid-States Packers - W.C.L.X.Orange2107
2540 (8130)The Rath Packing Company - Indian HeadOrange55
2541Bangor & Aroostook - B.A.R. - State of Maine PotatoesRed - White - Blue3246
2542Data OnlyRefrigerator Orange
2543Data OnlyRefrigerator Yellow
2551Missoui, Kansas & Texas - KATYYellow - Black
2552VirginianCaboose Red
2553Great Northern Live StockCaboose Red
2554Southern PacificBlack
2555SouthernBox Car Red
2556ErieBox Car Red
2557Armour Stock ExpressYellowNone
2558Chicago & North WesternYellow - Green
2559Canadian NationalBox Car Red - White

42' Flat Car with Stakes (2600 - 2609)

TM Item #DescriptionPhoto LinkColorRoad NumberNotes
2601Southern PacificBox Car Red
2602Nickle Plate RoadBlack
2603Great NorthernTuscan RedArt
2604Texas & PacificBrown
2605Santa FeBox Car Red
2607Union PacificYellow
2608New York CentralTuscan Red
2652Chicago & Illinois MidlandYellow6012
2653Seaboard Air LineBox Car Red17490Art
2654aPittsburgh & West Virginia
2654bBaltimore & OhioBox Car Red376011Art
2655Chicago , Burlington & Quincy - CB&QTuscan Red128120Art
2656Western Pacific - Bulk SugarYellowArt
2657aJersey Central
2657bUnion PacificBox Car Red
2658aSoo Lines
2658bMissouri PacificBox Car Red
2659Louisville & NashvilleBox Car Red

40' Braced End Box Cars (2700 - 2706)

TM Item #DescriptionPhoto LinkColorRoad NumberNotes
2701aChicago , Burlington & Quincy - CB&Q
2701bNew York CentralBox Car Red90758Art
2702bTexas & PacificTuscan Red40362
2703aNorfolk & Western
2703bMissouri PacificBox Car Red48250
2704aMissouri pacific
2704bNorfolk & WesternBox Car Red40270
2705bSouthern PacificBox Car Red17543
2706aInternational Harvester
2706bMilwaukee Road - HiawathaBox Car Red

Tobacco Road (Pipe Tobacco) Box Cars (2707 - 2718)

TM Item #DescriptionPhoto LinkColorRoad NumberNotes
2707Prince AlbertLight Gray26
2708Bull Durham Smoking TobaccoDark Brown75
2709Sir Walter Raleigh - Your Favorite TobaccoBrown2009Wes
2710Granger Pipe TobaccoDark Blue80Wes
2711London DockYellow Ochre305Wes
2712Union Leader - Price Kentucky BurleyTan129Wes
2713VelvetRed - Brown
2714Five Brother's - John Finter & BrothersTan453
2715Winters - Winter's Plain Cigar ClippingsRed - White - Blue25Wes
2716Sugar BarrelWhite
2717Old Grand - DadOrange
2718Briggs Pipe MixtureTan - Yellow

40' Braced End Box Cars (2719 - 2724)

TM Item #DescriptionPhoto LinkColorRoad NumberNotes
2719Pennsylvania - PRRTuscan Red45799
2720Seaboard Air Line - Silver MeteorTuscan Red19584
2721Michigan Central - New York CentralTuscan Red82307
2722Bessimer & Lake Erie
2723General American Transit
2724Buffalo Creek
2728Seaboard Railway Silver MeteorTuscan Red19584

40' A.R.A. Stock Cars (2750 - 2759)

TM Item #DescriptionPhoto LinkColorRoad NumberNotes
2751aChesapeake & Ohio
2751bChicago, Burlington & Quincy - CB&Q
2751cUnion Pacific - O.S.L.Yellow
2752aMilwaukee Road
2752cDenver & Rio Grande WesternBlack
2753aIllinios Central
2753bNorfolk & Western
2753cMissouri PacificBox Car Red
2754aPittsburgh & West Virginia
2754bMissouri Pacific
2754cSanta FeBrown
2755bChesapeake & OhioBox Car Red
2756aInternational Harvester
2756bNew York CentralPC Green
2757bSwift Live Stock ExpressCaboose Red
2758aPittsburgh & West Virginia
2758bWilson & Company - W.C.L.X.Black122
2759Northern Pacific - Pig PalaceBrown

40' Wood Stock Cars (2800 - 2809)

TM Item #DescriptionPhoto LinkColorRoad NumberNotes
2801aChicago & East Illinios
2801bMissoui, Kansas & Texas - KATYYellow - Black
2802bVirginianBox Car Red
2803aFrisco - SL / SF
2803bGreat NorthernCaboose Red
2804aSanta Fe
2804bSouthern PacificBlack
2805bSouthernBox Car Red
2806aP&LE - New York Central
2806bErieBox Car Red
2807Armour Stock ExpressYellowNone
2808Chicago & North WesternYellow - Green
2809Canadian NationalBox Car Red - White

42' Hart Convertible Gondola (2850 - 2859)

TM Item #DescriptionPhoto LinkColorRoad NumberNotes
2851aUnion Tank - UTLX
2851bSouthern Pacific - T & NOBox Car Red
2852aCities service
2852bNew York CentralTuscan Red
2853bNickle Plate RoadBlack
2854aGulf Oil
2854bMissoui, Kansas & Texas - KATYYellow
2855aD-X -Mid-Continent Petroleum
2855bUnion PacificBox Car Red
2856aMobile Gas
2856bGreat NorthernTuscan Red
2857Santa FeBox Car Red
2858PennsylvaniaBox Car Red
2859Chicago , Burlington & Quincy - CB&QCaboose Red

42' Bulk Head Flat Cars (2900 - 2909)

TM Item #DescriptionPhoto LinkColorRoad NumberNotes
2901bBoston & MaineBlack
2902aJones & Laughlin Steel Corporation
2902bMaine CentralMustard Yellow
2903aSkel Gas - Skelly Oil
2903bWestern MarylandCaboose Red
2904aGeneral Electric
2904bSeaboard Air LineTuscan Red
2905Kansas City SouthernTuscan Red
2907WabashTuscan Red234
2908Baltimore & OhioTuscan Red
2909Southern PacificBox Car Red

36' Offset Two Bay Hopper (2950 - 2958)

TM Item #DescriptionPhoto LinkColorRoad NumberNotes
2951aArmour - Ammonia Division
2951bUnion Tank - U.T.L.X.
2951cBaltimore & OhioBlack235839
2952aMathieson Chemicals
2952bCities Service
2952cChesapeake & OhioBlack48523
2953aMonsanto Chemical
2953cIllinois CentralBlack
2954aPenn Salt
2954bGulf Oil
2954cNickle Plate RoadBlack
2955aWarren Refining
2955bBritish American
2955cSanta FeTuscan Red121489
2956aWyandotte Chemicals
2956cLouisville & NashvillesBox Car Red
2957bData OnlyBlack
2958bData OnlyTuscan Red

Model Railroad Proto Type Hoppers (2959 - 2968)

TM Item #DescriptionPhoto LinkColorRoad NumberNotes
2959Alleghany Midland - OffsetBlack36759
2960Virginia Midland - OffsetBox Car Red
2961Clinchfield RailroadBlack
2962Delaware & HudsonYellow
2963PennsylvaniaBox Car Red
2964Northern PacificBlack
2965Pittsburgh & Lake ErieJade Green4652
2966Soo LineBlack
2967Texas & PacificBlack
2968ConrailBox Car Red

36' PS-3 Ribbed Two Bay Hopper (3000 - 3008)

TM Item #DescriptionPhoto LinkColorRoad NumberNotes
3002Chicago , Burlington & Quincy - CB&QBox Car RedArt
3003Southern RailwayBox Car Red
3004Missouri PacificBlack
3005Santa FeTuscan Red
3006New York Central - C.C.C.&St.LBlack79484
3007Data OnlyBlack
3008Data OnlyBox Car Red

Model Railroad Proto Type Hoppers (3009 - 3018)

TM Item #DescriptionPhoto LinkColorRoad NumberNotes
3009Ohio SouthernBlack
3010Virginia & Ohio - Virginia Midland - OffsetBlack
3011Louisville & NashvillesBox Car Red
3012Delaware, Lackawanna & westernBox Car Red
3013Western PacificBlack
3014Denver & Rio Grande WesternBlack
3015Union PacificBox Car Red
3016Penn CentralBlack
3017Southern PacificBox Car Red
3018Western MarylandBox Car Red10897

36' Wood Chip Cars (3050 - 3063)

TM Item #DescriptionPhoto LinkColorRoad NumberNotes
3051Western Maryland
3052Louisville & Nashvilles
3053Baltimore & OhioBlack52764
3055Gulf, Mobile & Ohio
3056Atlantic Coast line
3057West Central Cooperative
3058Idaho Forest Industry
3060Illinois Central Gulf
3061Ashley, Drew & Northern
3062Northern Pacific
3063Data OnlyBlack

40' A.R.A. Steel Box Cars (3100 - 3118)

TM Item #DescriptionPhoto LinkColorRoad NumberNotes
3101aGeneral American Transportation
3101bToledo, Peoria & WesternGreen
3102PennslyvaniaBox Car Red100800
3103Rock Island - Route of the RocketSilver20060
3104Great NorthernOrange2508Art
3105aWest India Fruit & Steamship CompanyBox Car Red103
3105bSouthern Pacific - BaggageGreen4970
3106aBaltimore & Ohio - Sentinel Fast Freight ServiceAluminum - Blue725753
3106bNorthampton & Bath784
3107Union Pacific - The Challenger Merchandise RouteLight Gray9321
3109Boston & MaineBlue
3110Missouri Pacific - Route of the EaglesBox Car Red
3111Southern Pacific - OvernightGray163107
3112New York Central - Pacemaker ServiceGray - Red174648
3113Canadian National - Maple LeafBox Car Red
3114Santa FeBox Car Red
3115General American Express - Evans DFGreen100235
3116Denver, Rio Grand & Western - Flying Rio GrandeBox Car Red
3117Data OnlyBox Car Red
3118Data OnlyTuscan Red
3151Southern Pacific
3152Union Pacific
3153Utah Coal Route
3154Great Northern
3155Soo Line
3156Illinois Central
3157Western Pacific
3158Denver, Rio Grande & Western

40' Plug Door Box Cars (3200 - 3230)

TM Item #DescriptionPhoto LinkColorRoad NumberNotes
3201Green Bay & Western - Green Bay RouteYellow2817
3202Santa FeBox Car Red9312
3203Southern RailwayBox Car Red
3204Norfolk & WesternBlack54156
3205ConrailTuscan Red
3206Terminal Railway - Alabama State Docks - TASDYellow78095
3208Union PacificTuscan Red
3209Grand Truck WesternBox Car Red
3210Detroit, Toledo & IrontonYellow
3211Milwaukee RoadTuscan Red
3212Louisville, New Albany & CorydonBlue
3213Canadian National - C NBox Car Red411610
3214Rock Island - The RockLight Blue23268
3215Burlington Northern - Western Fruit ExpressYellow68539
3216Soo LineBox Car Red
3217Pennslyvania - PRRTuscan Red19837
3218Chesapeake & Ohio - Chessie SystemDark Blue23629
3220New HavenCaboose Red
3221Canadian Pacific - C PBox Car Red35645
3222Pickens RailroadBlue
3223Maine Central - The Pine Tree RouteOrange25182
3224Delaware & HudsonYellow20051
3225Superior Foundry Products - Dresser MineralsOrange163
3226Transport Leasing Company - Compartmentizer EquippedYellow - Brown12
3227Trona ChemicalsGray
3228Ralston PurinaCaboose Red
3229Data OnlyRefrigerator Orange
3230Data OnlyRefrigerator Yellow

40' Plug Door Refrigerator Cars (3200 - 3312)

TM Item #DescriptionPhoto LinkColorRoad NumberNotes
3301Pacific Fruit Express - Southern Pacific / Union PacifcYellow8001
3302Western Fruit Express - Great NorthernYellow68650
3303aBurlington - BREXYellow76278
3303bBurlington Refrigerator Express - Burlington RouteYellow75209
3304Santa Fe - The Scout for Economy Travel WestOrange3280
3305Denver, Rio Grand & WesternOrange - Silver53997
3306Milwaukee Road - U.R.T.X.Yellow952
3307Chesapeake & OhioYellow746943Wes
3308Reading Lines - M.R.B.X.White200
3309aPepper PackingWhite - Blue2350
3309bBangor & AroostookYellow
3310aNeedham Packing Company Inc. - Flavorland MeatsGreen - Black2452
3310bSanta Fe - Texas ChiefOrange
3311Northern Pacific - North Coast
3312American Refrigerator Transit - N&W / MPYellow

Beer Refrigerator Cars (3313 - 3320)

TM Item #DescriptionPhoto LinkColorRoad NumberNotes
3313Hamm's Sky Blue Water
3315Old Milwaukee
3319Data OnlyRefrigerator Orange
3320Data OnlyRefrigerator Yellow

Private Owner Refrigerator Cars (3325 - 3330)

TM Item #DescriptionPhoto LinkColorRoad NumberNotes
3325Iowa Beef Packers - IBPDark Blue102
3326 (8104)National Packing Company - National Car CompanyOrange2421
3327Producers Packing Company - U.P.T.X.Orange68100
3328 (8118)Dubuque Packing Company - U.R.T.X.Gray63851
3329Pepper Packing Company - Colorado's Finest BeefSand - Dark & Light Blue2350
3330Needham Packing Company Inc. - Flavorland MeatsGreen - Black2452

40' Open End Wood Stock Cars (3350 - 3362)

TM Item #DescriptionPhoto LinkColorRoad NumberNotes
3351Missouri, Kansas & Texas - MKTCaboose Red
3352Chicago, Burlington & Quincy - CB&QBox Car Red
3353SouthernBox Car Red
3354Canadian PacificBox Car Red
3355Louisville & NashvilleBox Car Red
3356Soo LineBox Car RedArt
3357FriscoBox Car Red
3358Nickle Plate RoadBox Car Red
3359Chicago & Great WesternBox Car Red
3360Rock IslandBox Car Red
3361Illinois CentralBox Car Red
3362Maine CentralBox Car Red

40' Wood Re-Built Stock Cars (3400 - 3409)

TM Item #DescriptionPhoto LinkColorRoad NumberNotes
3401aA & P - Atlantic & Pacific Tea CompanyYellow23054
3402Rock Island
3403aOscar Meyer - Meats Of Good TasteRed6876
3403bIllinois Central
3404aCarnation Milk
3404bMaine Central
3405aLand O' Lakes Sweet Cream ButterYellow - Black6329
3405bChicago Great Western
3406aMarhoeffer - Marhoeffer Packing Company IncRed - Yellow63872
3406bNorfolk & Western
3407aPatrick Cudahy - N.R.C.Orange2109
3408aRalston Purina Company - Checker Board ChowsWhite - Checkerboard5501
3408bTexas & Pacific
3409aHershey's Chocolate & CocoaBrown1003
3409bChicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul
3410Budweiser Beer
3412Phenix Cheese - Union Refrigerator Transit CompanyBrown - Yellow23240Wes
3417Bellows Falls Co-operative Creamery - Brookside Fresh MilkRed1833
3422Wilson's Milk - Union Refrigerator Transit CompanyYellow17500
3451Swift - Premium - HamYellow21045
3452Parrot Potatoes - The Mahaffey Commission CompanyYellow3304
3453Sonoma City Wines - Scatena Brothers Wine CompanySilver6012
3456Cliquot Club Ginger AleLight Gray1506
3457Asco MilkWhite - Blue1223
3458Doggie Dinner - Simpson Products CompanyYellow60135
3459Spencer Chemical CompanyLight Gray300
3460E & A Opler, Inc. - Our Mother's CocoaGray15037
3461Pepper Packing Company - Colorado's Finest BeefSand - Dark & Light Blue2350
3462Needham Packing Company Inc. - Flavorland MeatsGreen - Black2452
3463Silver Edge Beer - The Muessel Brewing CompanyYellow1002
3464Gerber's Baby FoodWhite - Blue1001
3465Old Dutch Cleanser - Cudahy Refrigerator LineYellow2950

A.R.A. All Steel Box Cars (3500 - 3518)

TM Item #DescriptionPhoto LinkColorRoad NumberNotes
3501Spokane, Portland & Seattle - S. P. & S.Box Car Red13061
3502Southern PacificBox Car RedArt
3503Chesapeake & OhioBox Car Red
3504Missouri Pacific - Missouri Pacific LinesBox Car Red112350
3505Louisiana & Arkansas - Route of the Southern BelleBox Car Red15045
3506Gulf, Mobile & OhioBox Car Red
3507Southern - The Southern Serves the SouthBox Car Red10394
3508Louisville & NashvilleBox Car Red10721Art
3509Baltimore & OhioBox Car Red274389
3510Santa FeBox Car Red
3511Pacific Great EasternBox Car Red
3512Data OnlyBox Car Red
3513Chicago & North WesternBox Car Red842250
3514Buffalo Creek FlourBox Car Red
3515Northern Pacific - Main Street of the NorthwestBox Car Red17843
3516Cotton Belt - SSW Blue StreakTuscan Red
3517Seaboard Air LineBox Car Red17081
3518ErieBox Car Red

40' Mechanical Refrigerator Cars (3600 - 3612)

TM Item #DescriptionPhoto LinkColorRoad NumberNotes
3601Canadian National
3602American Refrigerator Transir
3603Southern Railway
3605Santa Fe
3606Chicago & Northwest
3609Burlington Northern
3610Rock Island - GARX
3611New Haven
3612State of Maine

Private Owner Refrigerator Cars (3627 - 3632)

TM Item #DescriptionPhoto LinkColorRoad NumberNotes
3627Tronia Chemicals
3630Abbott Laboratories
3631Hershey's Food
3632General foods

50' Air Slide Hopper (3650 - 3662)

TM Item #DescriptionPhoto LinkColorRoad NumberNotes
3652Chessie System
3653Milwaukee Road
3654Missouri Pacific
3655Union Pacific
3656Denver, Rio Grande & Western
3657General American Transportation Corporation
3658Missoui, Kansas & Texas - KATY
3659ADM Milling
3660Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe
3661Southern Pacific

50' 1 1/2 Door Modern Box Cars (3700 - 3706)

TM Item #DescriptionPhoto LinkColorRoad NumberNotes
3701Santa Fe
3702Union Pacific
3704Chicago & North Western
3705Southern Pacific
3706Chesapeake & Ohio

25 Ton Industrial Crane & Tender Set (5000 - 5014)

TM Item #DescriptionPhoto LinkColorRoad NumberNotes
5001Maintenance of WayGray
5002Southern PacificBox Car Red
5003Norfolk & WesternDark Green
5004Santa FeSilver
5005PennslyvaniaTuscan Red
5006Chesapeake & OhioGray
5007Western Union Telegraph CompanyGreen
5008Union PacificGray
5009Great NorthernBox Car Red
5010Southern RailwayDark Green
5011Northern PacificDark Green
5012Denver Rio Grande & WesternTuscan Red
5013Canadian National
5014Canadian Pacific
5151Southern Pacific
5152Santa FeBox Car Red
5153Union PacificGray
5154Norfolk & Western
5155Great Northern
5156Baltimore & Ohio
5157New York Cental
5191Maintenance of Way
5192Southern Pacific
5193Norfolk & Western
5194Santa Fe
5451Southern Pacific - T & NO
5452New York Central
5453Nickle Plate RoadBlack
5454Missoui, Kansas & Texas - KATYArt
5455Union Pacific
5456Great NorthernArt
5457Santa Fe
5459Chicago , Burlington & Quincy - CB&Q

25 Ton Industrial Crane (5500 - 5509)

TM Item #DescriptionPhoto LinkColorRoad NumberNotes
5501Maintenance of Way - Brown HoistGray
5502Southern PacificBox Car Red
5503Norfolk & WesternDark Green219Art
5504Santa FeSilver
5505PennslyvaniaTuscan Red8807
5506Chesapeake & OhioGray
5507Western Union Telegraph CompanyGreen
5508Union PacificGray
5509Great NorthernBox Car Red

42' Crane Tender (5510 - 5519)

TM Item #DescriptionPhoto LinkColorRoad NumberNotes
5511Maintenance of WayGrayArt
5512Southern PacificBox Car Red
5513Norfolk & WesternDark Green
5514Santa FeSilver
5515PennslyvaniaTuscan Red
5516Chesapeake & OhioGray
5517Western Union Telegraph CompanyGreen
5518Union PacificGray
5519Great NorthernBox Car Red

42' Bunk Cars (5520 - 5529)

TM Item #DescriptionPhoto LinkColorRoad NumberNotes
5521Maintenance of WayGrayArt
5522Southern PacificBox Car Red
5523Norfolk & WesternDark Green
5524Santa FeSilver
5525PennslyvaniaTuscan Red990277
5526Chesapeake & OhioGray
5527Western Union Telegraph CompanyGreen
5528Union PacificGray
5529Great NorthernBox Car Red

42' Kitchen Cars (5530 - 5539)

TM Item #DescriptionPhoto LinkColorRoad NumberNotes
5531Maintenance of WayGrayArt
5532Southern PacificBox Car Red
5533Norfolk & WesternDark Green
5534Santa FeSilver
5535PennslyvaniaTuscan Red990738
5536Chesapeake & OhioGray
5537Western Union Telegraph CompanyGreen
5538Union PacificGray
5539Great NorthernBox Car Red

42' Engineering Tool Cars (5540 - 5549)

TM Item #DescriptionPhoto LinkColorRoad NumberNotes
5541Maintenance of WayGray
5542Southern PacificBox Car Red
5543Norfolk & WesternDark Green
5544Santa FeSilverArt
5545PennslyvaniaTuscan Red
5546Chesapeake & OhioGray
5547Western Union Telegraph CompanyGreen
5548Union PacificGray
5549Great NorthernBox Car Red

42' Ballast Cars (5550 - 5559)

TM Item #DescriptionPhoto LinkColorRoad NumberNotes
5551Maintenance of WayGrayArt
5552Southern PacificBox Car Red
5553Norfolk & WesternDark Green
5554Santa FeSilver
5555PennslyvaniaTuscan Red
5556Chesapeake & OhioGray
5557Western Union Telegraph CompanyGreen
5558Union PacificGray
5559Great NorthernBox Car Red

42' Work Flat Cars - With Load (5560 - 5569)

TM Item #DescriptionPhoto LinkColorRoad NumberNotes
5561Maintenance of WayGrayArt
5562Southern PacificBox Car Red
5563Norfolk & WesternDark Green
5564Santa FeSilver
5565PennslyvaniaTuscan Red
5566Chesapeake & OhioGray
5567Western Union Telegraph CompanyGreen
5568Union PacificGray
5569Great NorthernBox Car Red

30' Blacksmith Forge Cars (5580 - 5589)

TM Item #DescriptionPhoto LinkColorRoad NumberNotes
5581Maintenance of WayGray
5582Southern PacificBox Car Red
5583Norfolk & WesternDark Green
5584Santa FeSilver
5585PennslyvaniaTuscan Red
5586Chesapeake & OhioGray
5587Western Union Telegraph CompanyGreen
5588Union PacificGray
5589Great NorthernBox Car Red

42' Bay Window Supply Caboose (5590 - 5599)

TM Item #DescriptionPhoto LinkColorRoad NumberNotes
5591Maintenance of WayGray
5592Southern PacificBox Car Red
5593Norfolk & WesternDark Green
5594Santa FeSilver
5595PennslyvaniaTuscan Red
5596Chesapeake & OhioGray
5597Western Union Telegraph CompanyGreen
5598Union PacificGray
5599Great NorthernBox Car Red

42' Rail & Tie Car (5600 - 5609)

TM Item #DescriptionPhoto LinkColorRoad NumberNotes
5601Maintenance of WayGray
5602Southern PacificBox Car Red
5603Norfolk & WesternDark Green
5604Santa FeSilver
5605PennslyvaniaTuscan Red
5606Chesapeake & OhioGray
5607Western Union Telegraph CompanyGreen
5608Union PacificGray
5609Great NorthernBox Car Red

30' Blacksmith Forge Cars (5680 - 5689)

TM Item #DescriptionPhoto LinkColorRoad NumberNotes
5681Burlington NorthernGreenArt
5682Denver, Rio Grande & WesternBox Car Red
5683Soo Line
5685Louisville & Nashville
5686Missouri Pacific
5687Baltimore & Ohio
5688New York Central
5689Chicago & North Western

36' Sand - Ballast Hopper (5700 - 5712)

TM Item #DescriptionPhoto LinkColorRoad NumberNotes
5701Maintenance of WayGray
5702Southern PacificBox Car Red
5703Norfolk & WesternDark Green
5704Santa FeSilver
5705PennslyvaniaTuscan Red
5706Chesapeake & OhioGray
5707Western Union Telegraph CompanyGreen
5708Union PacificGray
5709Great NorthernBox Car Red
5711Burlington NorthernGreen
5712Denver, Rio Grande & WesternBox Car Red

40' Storage Car (5750 - 5762)

TM Item #DescriptionPhoto LinkColorRoad NumberNotes
5751Maintenance of WayGray1001
5752Southern PacificBox Car Red
5753Norfolk & WesternDark Green
5754Santa FeSilver
5755PennslyvaniaTuscan Red992437
5756Chesapeake & OhioGray
5757Western Union Telegraph CompanyGreen
5758Union PacificGray
5759Great NorthernBox Car Red3595
5761Burlington NorthernGreenArt
5762Denver, Rio Grande & WesternBox Car Red

Work Transfer Caboose (5800 - 5812)

TM Item #DescriptionPhoto LinkColorRoad NumberNotes
5801Maintenance of WayGray
5802Southern PacificBox Car Red
5803Norfolk & WesternDark Green
5804Santa FeSilver
5805PennslyvaniaTuscan Red
5806Chesapeake & OhioGray
5807Western Union Telegraph CompanyGreen
5808Union PacificGray
5809Great NorthernBox Car Red
5811Burlington NorthernGreen
5812Denver, Rio Grande & WesternBox Car Red

Car Spotter Cars (80xx - 81xx, released once a month)

TM Item #DescriptionPhoto LinkColorRoad NumberNotes
8050Bangor & Aroostook Railroad - Maine PotatoesWhite - Blue6540Wes, Art
8051 (2010)Rutland - Green Mountain GatewayYellow - Green100Wes, Art
8052Old Dutch Cleanser - Cudahy Refrigerator LineYellow2950Wes, Art
8053Western Union Telegraph CompanyGreen3552Wes, Art
8054Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing CompanyBox Car Red1040Art
8055Gerber's Baby FoodWhite - Blue1001
8056Muncie & Western - The Ball LineYellow1247Wes, Art
8057Swift - Swift Refrigerator LinesRed4208?9Wes, Art
8058NWP - Redwood Empire RouteBlack1952Art
8059Baby Ruth - Curtis Candy CompanyRed6240Wes, Art
8060Hills Brothers CoffeeBox Car Red161Wes
8061Pluto WaterWhite3012Wes, Art
8062 (2263)Quaker Oats LineYellow647Wes
8063Southern Pacific - OvernightBlack9127Wes, Art
8064Oppenheimer Casing Company - Sausage CasingsWhite8003Wes, Art
8065aFrisco Fast Freight - SL-SFWhite127608Art
8065bChicago & North Western
8066Morrel Refrigerator Line - Morrel MeatsOrange9481
8067Bellows Falls Co-operative Creamery - Brookside Fresh MilkRed1833Wes
8068aSchlitz - In Brown BottlesBrown - Yellow92218
8068bSchlitz Beer -Union Refrigerator TransitYellow3750
8069Kraft - Cheese - MayonnaiseSilver11170Wes
8070 (2417)Century Beer - The Beer of Quality (Schneider Beer)Apple Green4600Wes, Art
8071Bangor & Aroostook - B.A.R. - State of Maine PotatoesRed - White - Blue3246
8072 (2322)Goetz Country Club SpecialYellow14313Art
8073 (2264)Stark Trees Bear Fruit WhiteArt
8074 (2323)Prima Special - Union Refrigerator Transit CompanyYellow12818Wes, Art
8075Libby's Food ProductsWhite1464Wes
8076Wells Fargo & Company - ExpressGreenWes, Art
8077Domino SugarWhite - Blue614Wes
8078Chicago & North WesternYellow - Green
8079Northern Pacific - Pig Palace Stock CarBrown 84106
8080Wellsville, Addision & GaletonBox Car Red5034Art
8081aAnheuser Bush - Budweiser BeerWhite - Red - Brown3600Art
8081bAnheuser Bush - Budweiser BeerGreen1804
8082Sioux City Dressed Beef CompanyOrange60372Wes
8083Western Union SupplyGray
8084 (2318)Edelweiss Beer - Drink Edelweiss BrewYellow18301Wes, Art
8085 (2519)Silver Edge Beer - The Muessel Brewing CompanyYellow1002Art
8086Pennsylvania - Merchandise ServiceBox Car Red92446Art
8087Canadian National Stock CarWhite - Box Car Red
8088 (2340)Rath's Black Hawk Ham - From the Land O' CornWhite - Blue203Art
8089aJelke Good Luck Margarine - Union Refrigerator Transit CompanyYellow10805Art
8090aMennonite Central CommitteeGray - OrangeArt
8090bPure Oil Company
8091aSand Springs CompanyRed120
8091bChicago, Burlington & Quincy - CB&Q
8092 (2447)Grand Union Food MarketsDark Green90104Art
8093 (2312)Ahnapee & WesternCaboose Red3003Wes
8094North Caroline & St. Louis - DixielandBox Car RedArt
8095The Nuckolls Packing Company - Pikes Peak Brand - Pure LardYellow101
8096Bourk -Donaldson -Taylor Inc.- Denver, ColoradoGreen 6203Wes, Art
8097 (2265)New Haven - New England Vacationland Tuscan Red 86442
8098 (2450a)Heinz - 57 Varieties - Tomato KetchupYellow410Wes, Art
8099Evansville Packing Company - May Blossom - BattleshipYellowArt
8100Iowa Beef Packers - IBPDark Blue102Wes
8101Rasking Packing CompanyOrange - Green
8102Frigi Car Mechanical Transit Refrigeration - North American DespatchYellow3054
8103Wescott & Winks - Special Selected EggsYellow1043
8104 (3326)National Packing CompanyOrange2421Wes, Art
8105Cardax - Dry Ice CarSilver106
8106 (2341)Meyer Kornblum Beef - Western Dressed BeefYellow115
8107I.G.A. Food Stores - Union Refrigerator Transit CompanyYellow16803
8108Producers Packing Company - U.P.T.X.Orange68100
8109Blue Ribbon Beef Packing CompanyOrange17511
8110 (2343)Needham Packing Company Inc. - Flavorland MeatsYellow - Black60408Wes
8111 (2464)Pabst - Milwaukee - Pabst-ett Malt Syrup BeveragesYellow23333
8112 (2520)Schiltz Beer - Two GlobesYellow92132
8113Bangor and AroostookYellow8089
8114 (2454)Krey's - Ham- BaconGray - Orange879Wes
8115Sampson Canning Company - Green Bay RouteWhite11497Wes
8116Anheuser Bush Beer Car - Malt NutrineWhite541Wes
8117aPeter Peerbolte Comany Inc. - Onion SetsYellow3604
8117bPeter Peerbolte Comany Inc. - Onion SetsOrange3602Art
8118 (3328)Dubuque Packing Company - U.R.T.X.Gray63851
8119Wisconsin Canners Association - The Best Canned PeasGrayArt
8120Dresser Minerals - Superior Foundry ProductsOrange163Wes
8121 (2458)Michigan Alkali Company - Solid Carbon DioxideSilver1000
8122Pacific Fruit Express - Alumium Refrigerator UP/SPSilver
8123Pennsylvania Keystone - PRRWhite
8124Transport Leasing Company - Compartmentizer EquippedYellow - Brown12Wes
8125Heinz - 57 - Heinz Baked BeansYellow3015
8126Mid-States Packers - U.C.L.X.Orange2107
8127a (2210)West India Fruit & Steamship CompanyBox Car Red103
8127bWest India Fruit & Steamship Company - Rail Road Car FerriesBox Car Red302
8128Trona Chemicals
8129Anheuser Bush Beer Car - Malt NutrineWhite - Brown3285
8130 (2540)The Rath Packing Company - Indian HeadOrange55
8131Boston & MaineBlue - Black1145Wes, Art

Billboard Nostalgia Sets

TM Item #DescriptionPhoto LinkColorRoad NumberNotes
8700URT BlatzWes
URT Miller High Life
URT Schlitz Beer
8701Berkshire Ham and BaconWes
Swift Premium Ham
Wilson & Co
8702IGA Good FoodWes, Art
Parrot Potatoes
Our Mothers Cocoa
8703Santa Fe All The WayWes, Art
Santa Fe Grand Canyon Line
Santa Fe Maps
8704Borden's Fine CheesesWes, Art
Noack Eggs
Page Milk
8705Carling's Canadian AleWes
Coors Beer - Golden
Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer
8706Brights WinesWes, Art
Chateau-Martin Wines
Sonoma City Wines - Scatena Brothers
8707Pacific Fruit ExpressgreenWes
Pacific Fruit Express UP-SP
Pacific Fruit Express WP
8708American Refer Transit (American Refrigerator Transit Co)yellowArt
American Refer Transit (American Refrigerator Transit Co)
American Refer Transit (Kansas Packing Co)
8709Merchant's Despatch - Nickel Plate Road
Merchant's Despatch - Illinois Central
Merchant's Despatch - New York Central
8710Robin Hood Beer
P. Ballantine & Sons Ale
Genesee Brewing Co.
8711North Western Reefer
Gulf, Mobile & Ohio Reefer
Illinois Central Reefer
8712Land O'Smiles Sweet Cream Products (Producers Creamery Co)Wes
URT Phenix Cheese
North American Despatch PEP Egg
8713Swift Stockcar
Armour Stockcar
Wilson Stockcar
8714Columbia SoupsWes
College Inn Products
8715Monarch Brewing (Bull Frog Beer)Wes
Peerless Beer (Elfenbrau)
Tivoli Beer
Oscar Mayers
Swift Refrigerator Line
8717Narragansett Banquet Ale
Berghoff Brewing Company
Heileman's Old Style Lager
Kohrs Meat
King Packing Co.
8719Sunrise Onion Sets
Stokely's Finest Vegatables
URT Carnation Flaked Wheat
8720Fairmont CreameryWes
Pabst-ett - More Than Cheese
Wilson's Milk
8721Canada Dry
Hiram Walker's London Dry Gin
8722Baby Ruth
Hershey's Chocolate & Cocoa
8723Kraft Cheese Wood Reefer
Safeway Foods
8724Swift Premium Ham
Nuckolls Packing
Sioux City Dressed Beef
Century Beer (PH Schneider Brewing)
Goetz Country Club
8726Silver Edge Beer
Century Beer (PH Schneider Brewing)
Edelweiss Brew
8727NYC Pacemaker Freight Service
NYC Pacemaker Freight Service
NYC Pacemaker Freight Service
8728AT&SF Work Extra Crew
8734AT&SF Work Extra Wrecking
8736Norfolk & Western Work Extra Wrecking
9000Undimensional DataBox Car Red
9001Baltimore & OhioBlack
9002Southern PacificBox Car Red
9003Data OnlyBox Car Red
9004Norfolk & WesternBlack
9005Santa FeTuscan Red

Train Miniature Reference

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