Scrap Lines Behind the Diesel Shops in Russell, KY

Upon retirement, a number of C&O steamers were stored at the C&O yard behind the diesel shops at Russell, KY prior to being scrapped (Google Maps View). Fortunately, a few escaped the torch. The following locomotives remained on these scrap lines until 1975 when they were moved to the B&O Railroad Museum (unless otherwise noted).


C&O 1189. Photo by Chuck Smith


C&O 2705. Photo by Chuck Smith



  • H-6 2-6-6-2 1308
    • Retired in 1956
    • Date placed in yard: unknown
    • Moved to the Collis P Huntington Railroad Historical Society in Huntington, WV in 1962
  • H-6 2-6-6-2 1309
    • Baldwin's last domestic steam locomotive
    • Stored in a roundhouse at the Peach Creek yard in Logan until 1975
    • Moved in 1975 to the B&O Museum in Baltimore, MD
    • Moved in 2015 to the Western Maryland Scenic in Cumberland, MD for restoration [video]
    • Restoring C&O 1309


C&O 2705. Photo by Chuck Smith

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