Surviving Roundhouses and Turntables in New York

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Blue (Roundhouse and Turntable), Green (Roundhouse Only), Yellow (Turntable only), Red (Visual Remains)
TypeStallsYear BuiltRailroadCurrent UseCityStateCountryNotes
Visual Remains Only12Southern Central Vacant lotAuburn NYUSABurned to the ground around 2016. 8 stalls remain.
Roundhouse Only6New York Central Depew, Lancaster & WesternBatavia NYUSA
Visual Remains Only25 Empty rail yardBeckers CornersNYUSAStall foundations can be seen just to the south. Razed by 1985.
Visual Remains OnlyNew York Central vacant lotBellevueNYUSAconcrete floor and foundation visible
Roundhouse Only151850Delaware, Lackawana & Western abandonedBinghamtonNYUSAturntable was removed and now in use in NS yard
Turntable OnlyDelaware, Lackawana & Western CP, NSBinghamtonNYUSAwas from roundhouse east from turntable
Visual Remains Only10D&H Veritiv vacant lotBinghamtonNYUSA
Visual Remains Only23Erie Abandoned yardBuffaloNYUSAOnly turntable pit is visible.
Visual Remains OnlyBaltimore & Ohio Buffalo and Pittsburgh yardBuffaloNYUSAfoundation visible
Visual Remains Only7Buffalo Creek RR CSX Ohio Street yardBuffaloNYUSAconcrete floor visible
Roundhouse Only221870New York Central non-RR businessBuffaloNYUSA
Roundhouse Only6South Buffalo South Buffalo YardBuffaloNYUSA5 stalls remain
Visual Remains OnlyNew York Central & Hudson River private propertyCanandaiguaNYUSATurntable pit ring visible.
Roundhouse Only41885Lehigh Valley SilverizonCortland NYUSAOriginally 8 stalls. 4 stalls remain.
Turntable OnlyLowville & Beaver River empty lotCroghanNYUSATracks not connected
Visual Remains OnlyNew York Central CSX Dewitt yard parking areaEast SyracuseNYUSAconcrete floor visible
Visual Remains Only2New York, Lake Erie & Western Norfolk Southern yardElmiraNYUSAfoundation of slender roundhouse, modern building over turntable position
Visual Remains OnlyLehigh Valley Grant's Vacation ParkFair HavenNYUSAOnly part of turntable ring remains
Visual Remains Only1910West Shore Railroad WoodsGenesee JunctionNYUSA Turntable pit in woods
Turntable Only41890Long Island Long Island Greenport stationGreenportNYUSA Good condition, no tracks, for end of line turning. A roundhouse once existed immediately to the east.
Turntable OnlyCentral New England in woodsHighlandNYUSA Turntable ruins hidden by trees
Turntable OnlyErie AlstomHornell NYUSA
Visual Remains OnlySaranac & Lake Placid Railroad filled inLake PlacidNYUSA
Turntable OnlyRome, Watertown & Ogdensburg empty lotLowvilleNYUSATurntable overgrown and does not look operational. Red roofed building is engine house.
Roundhouse and Turntable351916Lehigh Valley abandonedManchesterNYUSA Buried 100 foot turntable being cleared.
Visual Remains Only5New York Central Railroad PropertyMassena SpringsNYUSA
Visual Remains Only16New York, New Haven, & Hartford Railroad container lotMaybrookNYUSAfoundation visible
Visual Remains Only5Delaware & Hudson empty lotMechanicvilleNYUSATurntable ring and faint outline of stalls to the south east.
Visual Remains Only18Boston & Maine neglected lotMechanicvilleNYUSADifficult to see any remains in aerial view
Visual Remains OnlyErie Genesee Vally GreenwayMt. MorrisNYUSATurntable pit still visible. No roundhouse existed at this location.
Visual Remains OnlyLehigh Valley wooded areaNaplesNYUSATurntable pit hidden in trees.
Visual Remains Only27New York Central CSX Niagra Falls yardNiagara FallsNYUSAsmall remnant of foundation visible
Turntable OnlyDelaware & Hudson North Creek Depot MuseumNorth CreekNYUSA
Visual Remains OnlyNew York Central Public ParkOgdensburgNYUSAPre 1884 RH foundation and TT ring visable
Roundhouse Only22Pennsylvania Dresser RandOleanNYUSATwo 10 stall and one 2 stall roundhouse separated. West 10 stall and east 2 stall razed.
Visual Remains Only481906Delaware & Hudson demolishedOneontaNYUSA Claimed to be the largest roundhouse in the world when built. Built as two structures separated by entrance tracks. Demolished in 1993.
Visual Remains Only1880Rome, Watertown & Ogdensburg FieldOswegoNYUSAfoundation of 3 stalls in underbrush
Visual Remains OnlyNew York, Ontario & Western junk yardOswegoNYUSA
Turntable OnlyLong Island Long Island Oyster Bay stationOyster BayNYUSAgood condition, no tracks, for end of line turning
Turntable Only32Erie NYGL YardPort JervisNYUSA
Turntable Only1901New York Central Depot MuseumRemsenNYUSANo steel, pit intact
Roundhouse Only6Genesee & Wyoming Rochester and Southern YardRetsofNYUSA
Roundhouse and Turntable22Long Island Railroad LIRR Shop, Jamaica yardRichmond HillNYUSA7 stalls remain
Visual Remains Only1885LIRR Railroad Museum of Long IslandRiverheadNYUSATable built west of Griffing Ave in 1885. Out of service 1952. Pit filled 1998.
Roundhouse Only14Baltimore & Ohio available for commercial leaseRochesterNYUSAno tracks nor turntable, absorbed in commercial area, roundhouse restored with an addition
Visual Remains Only31912Ontario & Western demolishedRomeNYUSADemolished in 2013. Objects cover the foundation.
Visual Remains OnlyBoston & Maine SI GroupRotterdam JunctionNYUSATurtable pit visible. Rear wall of roundhouse may still exist.
Roundhouse and Turntable8D&H Vacant lotRouses PointNYUSA The roundhouse in which NKP 759 was damaged.
Visual Remains Only101906New York, Lake Erie & Western Vacant lotSalamanca NYUSA
Visual Remains Only30Buffalo, Rochester & Pittsburgh vacant lotSalamancaNYUSAfoundation visible
Visual Remains OnlyNew York Central CSX Selkirk yardSelkirkNYUSAtraces of foundation
Visual Remains Only6Northern Central ParkSodus PointNYUSA4 stalls remain
Visual Remains OnlyNew York Central CSX YardSyracuseNYUSAFilled in pit visible.
Roundhouse Only6Boston & Maine storageTroyNYUSANo railroad tracks in site
Visual Remains Only1906Delaware, Lackawanna & Western abandonedUticaNYUSATurntable is still present in the weeds.
Roundhouse Only161904New York Central Temple Inland Utica Sheet PlantUticaNYUSAgood condition
Visual Remains OnlyL&HR Jones ChemicalsWarwick NYUSALarger building is the diesel shops. Turntable removed mid 1990s.
Visual Remains Only351918New York Central Vacant lotWatertownNYUSA100-foot turntable. Buildings dismantled in 1953. Remnants overgrown.
Visual Remains OnlyDelaware & Hudson vacant lotWatervlietNYUSAturntable ring outline in center, remnants of foundation
Roundhouse and Turntable201918Pennsylvania railcar rebuilderWest SenecaNYUSA

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Special thanks to Brian Berthold, Richard Shulby, and Mark Mason who have all worked together to research and locate many of the roundhouse remains shown in this database.

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