Surviving Roundhouses and Turntables in Wisconsin

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Blue (Roundhouse and Turntable), Green (Roundhouse Only), Yellow (Turntable only), Red (Visual Remains)
TypeStallsYear BuiltRailroadCurrent UseCityStateCountryNotes
Visual Remains OnlyChicago & Northwestern Union Pacific yard unused areaAdamsWIUSAoutline of foundation in grass
Visual Remains OnlyChicago & Northwestern Union Pacific yardAltoonaWIUSAfoundation visible
Visual Remains Only6Minneapolis, Saint Paul & Sault Saint Marie Canadian National yardChippewa FallsWIUSAconcrete floor visible
Roundhouse and Turntable6Chippewa Valley Storage and car maintenanceEau ClaireWIUSA
Visual Remains Only8Chicago & Northwestern empty lotElandWIUSAThe remains of 3 stalls are visible. Switches, instead of a turntable, was used to access it.
Visual Remains Only17Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul & Pacific AbandonedGreen BayWIUSAfoundation visible
Roundhouse Only401913Chicago & Northwestern Canadian National yardGreen BayWIUSA6 stalls remain.
Visual Remains Only16Green Bay & Western vacant lotGreen Bay WIUSApad and turntable pit are visible
Visual Remains OnlyChicago & Northwestern Union Pacific yardItascaWIUSAfoundation visible
Visual Remains Only10Chicago & Northwestern noneJanesville WIUSA
Roundhouse and Turntable11Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul & Pacific WSOR maintenanceJanesville WIUSA 6 stalls tracked
Visual Remains Only9Chicago & Northwestern empty lotKendallWIUSANext to the Sparta-Elroy bike trail
Visual Remains OnlyChicago, Burlington & Quincy BNSF yardLa CrosseWIUSAconcrete floor used for intermodal container storage
Roundhouse Only24Chicago & Northwestern Office buildingMadisonWIUSA8 stalls remain. Renovated
Visual Remains OnlyChicago & Northwestern railroad propertyMarinetteWIUSARear wall of foundation barely visible to the northeast
Visual Remains Only3Wisconsin Central railroad propertyMellenWIUSA
Visual Remains OnlyChicago & Northwestern wooded lotMonicoWIUSAtrees growing through foundation outline shape
Roundhouse and Turntable29Minneapolis, Saint Paul & Sault Saint Marie Canadian National yard repair shopsNorth Fon Du LacWIUSA12 10 stalls remain in good condition
Roundhouse and Turntable33Chicago & Northwestern Canadian National yard repair shopsNorth Fon Du LacWIUSA18 stall section remains in good condition
Visual Remains Only18Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul & Pacific Canadian Pacific yardPortageWIUSA2 stalls of roundhouse foundation visible under outdoor storage
Roundhouse Only5Minneapolis, Saint Paul & Sault Saint Marie Wisconsin Central, CN yard useRhinelanderWIUSAno turntable or tracks remain
Roundhouse and Turntable281915Chicago & Northwestern Spooner Railroad ParkSpoonerWIUSA8 stalls remain not connected to track
Roundhouse and Turntable22Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul & Pacific Canadian National locomotive repairStevens PointWIUSAVery good condition. Middle 6 stalls were part of 16 stall Wisconsin Central stone built RH. In 1890 Soo added 8 stalls in 1910 and 8 more in 1919 and upgraded TT from around 60 to 100 foot.
Visual Remains Only33Great Northern BNSF yardSuperiorWIUSAfoundation and some concrete floor visible
Visual Remains Only8Minneapolis, St. Paul & Sault Ste. Marie fieldSuperiorWIUSAPits seen in trees
Visual Remains Only20Minneapolis, St. Paul & Sault Ste. Marie fieldSuperiorWIUSAPits seen in ground cover
Visual Remains Only10Lake Superior Terminal & Transfer vacantSuperiorWIUSAVisible in Google maps but has since been removed completely.
Visual Remains OnlyChicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul & Pacific vacant lotTomahWIUSAconcrete floor remains
Visual Remains Only6Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul & Pacific Open FieldWausauWIUSAFoundation pits and lead in tracks can all be seen
Roundhouse and Turntable5Riverside & Great Northern Riverside & Great NorthernWisconsin DellsWIUSA5 stall miniature roundhouse
Roundhouse Only8Green Bay & Western Canadian National yard storageWisconsin RapidsWIUSAno tracks or turntable
Visual Remains OnlyChicago & Northwestern vacant lotWyevilleWIUSA

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Special thanks to Brian Berthold, Richard Shulby, and Mark Mason who have all worked together to research and locate many of the roundhouse remains shown in this database.

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