Surviving Roundhouses and Turntables in Maine

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Blue (Roundhouse and Turntable), Green (Roundhouse Only), Yellow (Turntable only), Red (Visual Remains)
TypeStallsYear BuiltRailroadCurrent UseCityStateCountryNotes
Turntable OnlyWiscasset, Waterville & Farmington Wiscasset, Waterville and Farmington museumAlnaMEUSATourist RR, 2 foot gauge. 3-stall roundhouse planned.
Visual Remains OnlyMaine Central vacant lotBinghamMEUSAturntable ring visible, for end of line turning
Visual Remains Only11881Bangor & Katahdin Iron Works adjacent to trailBrownvilleMEUSATurntable pit remains.
Visual Remains OnlyCanadian Pacific Central Maine and Quebec yardBrownvilleMEUSAfoundation visible
Turntable OnlyMaine Central unused yardBucksportMEUSAEnd of line Turning
Roundhouse Only9Maine Central warehouseCalaisMEUSAno turntable nor tracks, appears intact
Roundhouse and Turntable5Bangor & Aroostook abandoned?CaribouMEUSA
Roundhouse and Turntable8Bangor & Aroostook Central Maine and Quebec yardDerbyMEUSA
Roundhouse Only18Grand Trunk Western Maine Bureau of Motor Vehicles officesEast DeeringMEUSA
Visual Remains Only3Washington County Grass FieldEastportMEUSATurntable ring still visible
Visual Remains Only2Bangor & Aroostook railroad propertyFort FairfieldMEUSA75-foot turntable filled in by 2006 and razed by 1985.
Visual Remains OnlyMaine Central public private UNKNOWNHancockMEUSATT ring and Foundation visible
Roundhouse Only121907Bangor & Aroostook Bangor Hermon Railyard StorageHermonMEUSA
Visual Remains OnlyBridgeton & Saco River woodsHiramMEUSA 2 foot gauge turntable remains at Bridgeton Junction
Visual Remains OnlyBangor & Aroostook RR demolishedHoultonMEUSA
Visual Remains OnlySandy River & Rangley Lakes parking lotKingfieldMEUSA
Visual Remains OnlyBangor & Aroostook vacant lotLagrangeMEUSA turntable ring and foundation outline visible
Roundhouse Only71907Bangor & Aroostook yardMillinocketMEUSAPit without turntable and 3 stalls remain.
Visual Remains Only5Somerset woodsOaklandMEUSATurntable ring can be seen next to main.
Roundhouse and Turntable8Sandy River Sandy River and Rangely LakesPhillipsMEUSA
Visual Remains Only221920Portland Terminal Company CSX Rigby yardPortlandMEUSA Roundhouse foundation removed and turntable pit filled in in 2022. Two lead tracks, yard office, and Tower A building remain.
Visual Remains OnlyNew Brunswick Railway private back yardPresque IsleMEUSA
Roundhouse and Turntable51921Maine Central Central Maine and Quebec yardRocklandMEUSA still in use, good condition
Roundhouse Only7Maine Central Pan Am yardRumfordMEUSAroof in poor condition, turntable gone
Turntable OnlyBangor & Aroostook wooded lotSaint FrancisMEUSAturntable in disrepair, no tracks, for end of the line turning
Visual Remains OnlyPortsmouth, Great Falls & Conway roadside historical preservation with markerSouth BerwickMEUSA Turntable pit constructed with large stone blocks. No bridge nor tracks.
Visual Remains OnlyBelfast & Moosehead Lake roadside attractionUnityMEUSATurntable pit remians but there was never a roundhouse. A turntable has been obtained and is planned to be installed.
Visual Remains Only4Maine Central New Brunswick Southern yardVanceboroMEUSAfoundation visible, short remnants of wall still standing
Roundhouse and Turntable181910Maine Central railroad yardWatervilleMEUSA

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Special thanks to Brian Berthold, Richard Shulby, and Mark Mason who have all worked together to research and locate many of the roundhouse remains shown in this database.

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