Surviving Roundhouses and Turntables in Texas

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Blue (Roundhouse and Turntable), Green (Roundhouse Only), Yellow (Turntable only), Red (Visual Remains)
TypeStallsYear BuiltRailroadCurrent UseCityStateCountryNotes
Turntable Only28Atcheson, Topeka & Santa Fe BNSF YardAmarilloTXUSA
Visual Remains Only12Chicago, Rock Island & Gulf Vacant AmarilloTXUSAFan Stall lines can be seen in cement built after 1911 razed by 1953
Roundhouse Only14Fort Worth & Denver warehouseAmarilloTXUSAno turntable, no track access
Visual Remains Only12Texas & Pacific open lotBairdTXUSAFoundation with pits visible between building and brush
Visual Remains Only14Gulf, Colorado & Santa Fe abandoned rail yardBellvilleTXUSA
Visual Remains Only23Texas & Pacific Big Spring Rail yardBig SpringTXUSAfoundation floor visible
Visual Remains OnlyTexas & Pacific vacant lotBonhamTXUSAturntable pit and outline of roundhouse tracks visible
Visual Remains Only wooded areaBreckenridgeTXUSATurntable pit remains
Visual Remains OnlySt, Louis, Brownsville & Mexico FieldBrownsvilleTXUSASingle stall pit can be seen
Visual Remains Only12Gulf, Colorado & Santa Fe BNSF YardBrownwoodTXUSA
Visual Remains Only15Fort Worth & Denver BNDF YardChildressTXUSA
Turntable Only37Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Greenbrier Rail ServicesCleburneTXUSARoundhouse foundation still clearly visible.
Visual Remains Only16Chicago, Rock Island & Pacific Union Pacific yardDalhartTXUSA concrete floor intact
Visual Remains Only12Texas & New Orleans Union Pacific yardDel RioTXUSAconcrete floor visible
Visual Remains Only32MKT FieldDenisonTXUSAFoundation only visible if compared to an historic view.
Visual Remains Only21Missouri Kansas & Texas Union Pacific YardDenisonTXUSA
Visual Remains Only10Huouston & Texas Central vacant lotDenisonTXUSAfaint outline of foundation
Visual Remains OnlySt. Louis-San Francisco bush landDublinTXUSATurntable ring in brush. Roundhouse cancelled.
Visual Remains OnlyTexas & Pacific fieldEastlandTXUSATurntable pit still exists
Visual Remains OnlyGulf, Colorado & Santa Fe fieldEdenTXUSAStall foundations still visible
Turntable Only8Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe BNSF YardEl PasoTXUSAturntable still in use
Visual Remains Only31El Paso & Southwestern Open LotEl PasoTXUSAEastern side of foundation with pits visible.
Turntable OnlyAtchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Union Pacific YardEl PasoTXUSAMay be from the nearby Southern Pacific roundhouse that was recently demolished.
Visual Remains OnlyAtchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Union Pacific yardEl PasoTXUSAoutline of foundation visible
Visual Remains Only15Southern Pacific Union Pacific YardEnnisTXUSA
Visual Remains OnlyAtchison, Topeka & Santa Fe South Orient Rail Line yardFort StocktonTXUSAoutline of turntable pit only
Turntable Only1995Fort Worth Stockyards Turntable historical landmarkFort WorthTXUSAFrom the Saginaw yard north of Fort Worth.
Visual Remains Only6International & Great Northern private lotFort WorthTXUSAFoundation is very faint in grass
Turntable Only28Texas & Pacific Union Pacific Davidson yardFort WorthTXUSAturntable still in use
Visual Remains Only11Fort Worth & Denver vacant fieldFort WorthTXUSARoundhouse fountation under trees.
Visual Remains Only12Missouri Kansas & Texas vacant lotFort WorthTXUSA
Visual Remains OnlyGulf, Colorado & Santa Fe BNSF yardGainesvilleTXUSAfaint outline of foundation
Visual Remains Only16Galveston, Houston & Henderson yardGalveston TXUSA
Visual Remains Only14Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe yardGalveston TXUSA
Visual Remains Only5Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe vacant lotGoldwaiteTXUSAfoundation visible
Turntable OnlyFort Worth & Western Railroad Grapevine Vintage RailroadGrapevineTXUSAoperational used in excursions
Visual Remains OnlyKansas City, Mexico & Orient Railway of Texas vacant lotHamlinTXUSAfaint outline of foundation
Turntable OnlyHuston, Belt & Terminal BNSF and Union PacifHoustonTXUSAParts of roundhouse foundation are still visble; complex shared with BNSF and UP
Visual Remains Only12St, Louis, Brownsville & Mexico FieldKingsvilleTXUSARear wall foundation of Roundhouse visible
Visual Remains Only3Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe BNSF yardLomentaTXUSA3 stalls of roundhouse are visible
Visual Remains OnlyTexas & Pacific Union Pacific yardLongviewTXUSAfaint outline of foundation
Visual Remains Only19Texas & Pacific treesMarshallTXUSAPits visible in trees
Visual Remains Only10International & Great Northern fieldMartTXUSAPits visible in brush
Turntable Only1981Frisco Texas State RailroadMaydelleTXUSABuilt in 1890 by SLSF in Paris, TX with 6 stalls. Used in seasonal excursions
Visual Remains OnlyMoscow, Camden & San Augustine Lincoln LumberMoscowTXUSANo evidence has been found to confirm the existance of a roundhouse or turntable at this location.
Visual Remains Only1913San Antonio Uvalde & Gulf fieldPleasantonTXUSATurntable ring in brush
Visual Remains Only6Quanah Acme & Pacific Storage yardQuanah TXUSARear foundation wall visible
Visual Remains Only10Kansas City, Mexico & Orient Vacant lotSan AngeloTXUSA
Turntable Only24Southern Pacific BNSF YardSan AntonioTXUSABoiler explosion happened here on March 18, 1912. Roundhouse foundation can be seen to the east of the turntable.
Visual Remains OnlySouthern Pacific empty landSandersonTXUSATurntable pit filled in. No roundhouse stalls visible.
Visual Remains Only16St. Louis-San Francisco railroad propertyShermanTXUSAPits visible
Turntable Only20Gulf, Colorado & Santa Fe BNSF yardSilsbeeTXUSAturntable still in use
Visual Remains Only18Santa Fe near rail yardSlatonTXUSA
Visual Remains Only12Gulf, Colorado & Santa Fe BNSF yardSomervilleTXUSAfaint outline of foundation
Visual Remains OnlyWichita Valley storage yardStamfordTXUSATurntable ring visible
Visual Remains Only9International & Great Northern private landTaylorTXUSATurntable ring visible. Concrete with wood post consuction. 80 foot turntable.
Visual Remains Only10Chicago, Rock Island & Pacific BNSF yardTeagueTXUSAoutline of foundation
Visual Remains Only30Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe BNSF locomotive repair yardTempleTXUSAfoundation outline visible
Roundhouse Only16Saint Louis Southwestern incorporated into industrial commercial areaTexarkanaTXUSAturntable gone
Visual Remains Only8Texas Pacific Railroad PropertyTexarkanaTXUSAsouthern Foundation can bee seen
Roundhouse Only3Fort Worth & Denver Tri State RecyclingTexlineTXUSAnewer building built over the top of a portion of roundhouse and attached shop
Visual Remains Only101880 FieldToyahTXUSARear foundation wall visible
Visual Remains Only20Saint Louis Southwestern Union Pacific yardTylerTXUSAconcrete floor visible
Visual Remains Only9Southern Pacific vacant lotVictoriaTXUSAoutline of foundation
Visual Remains OnlySaint Louis Southwestern vacant lotWacoTXUSAfaint outline of foundation
Visual Remains Only1880Missouri-Kansas-Texas someones back yardWalnut SpringsTXUSAAbandoned in 1935. Stall foundations can be seen in grass.
Visual Remains Only10Fort Worth & Denver BNSF yard storage padWichita FallsTXUSAconcrete floor visible
Visual Remains Only8Missouri Kansas Texas Wichita, Tillman & Jackson Railway yardWichita FallsTXUSAoutline of foundation

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Special thanks to Brian Berthold, Richard Shulby, and Mark Mason who have all worked together to research and locate many of the roundhouse remains shown in this database.

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