Surviving Steam Locomotives in Sinaloa, Mexico

List of Steam Locomotives in Sinaloa, Mexico

No.ClassF.M. WhyteGaugeRailroad LineLocationStatusBuilder InfoNotes
2 (5000)0-6-04'-8½"Ferrocarril Occidental de Mexico (USATC) Sud Pacifico de Mexico Depot, Culiacan, SINdisplay
7 (68)2-6-24'-8½"Mexicano del Pacifico (Calcasieu Long Leaf Lumber) Blvd. Rosendo G Castro, Los Mochis, SINdisplayBaldwin #54077, 1920 Last (1994) common carrier steam freight locomotive in North America.
001 (2)2-8-036"Ferrocarril Mexicano ( Potosi Rio Verde) Chihuahua Pacifico depot, Los Mochis, SINdisplayBaldwin #16525, 1899 Boiler replaced in 1947 #600880.
2 (1642)T-164-6-04'-8½"Mexicano del Pacifico park near sugar mill, Los Mochis, SINdisplayAlco #1306, 1880
42-8-24'-8½"Mexicano del Pacifico (United Sugar) sugar mill, Los Mochis, SINunknownBaldwin, 1920 Displayed with tender from MdelP 2. Current location unknown.

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