Surviving Steam Locomotives in Georgia, United States

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List of Steam Locomotives in Georgia, United States

No.ClassF.M. WhyteGaugeRailroad LineLocationStatusBuilder InfoNotes
107 (88)654-6-24'-8½"GAN (FEC) Thronateeska Heritage Center, Albany, GArestorationAlco (Schenectady) #50133, 1911 Cosmetic restoration only.
49 (12)4-4-04'-8½"W&A (L&N) Atlanta History Center, Atlanta, GAdisplayDanforth, Cooke & Co., 1856 Named Texas. Was cosmetically restored at the North Carolina Transportation Museum, Spencer, NC. Previously displayed at the Cyclorama.
302F2-8-24'-8½"GRR Augusta Museum of History, Augusta, GAdisplayLima #5004, 1915
34-4-036" Six Flags Over Georgia, Austell, GAout of serviceHarpur, 1966Named General. Converted to diesel hydraulic in February 2005. Suffered a major fire on May 11, 2018. Has a new cab. Awaiting future overhaul and repairs.
494-4-036" Six Flags Over Georgia, Austell, GAoperationalHarpur, 1966Named Texas. Converted to diesel hydraulic in February 2005.
92-8-24'-8½"Albany & Northern park, Camilla, GAdisplayBaldwin #58361, 1925
24-4-022"Steeplechase Railroad Tellus Science Museum, Cartersville, GAdisplayCagney, 1905
200-4-0T4'-8½"Rockton-Rion Mt. Yonah Book Exchange, Cleveland, GAdisplayAlco (Schenectady) #29725, 1904Oldest surviving ALCO 0-4-0 type in USA. From the Rion Quarry, Winnsborro, SC.
104E-520-6-04'-8½"Milstead RR (WofA) GA RR Depot, Conyers, GAdisplayRogers #6259, 1905 Named Dinky.
1509 (1315)A0-4-4RT4'-8½"Southern (Richmond & Danville) Southeastern Railway Museum, Duluth, GAdismantledBurnham, Parry, Williams #4909, 12/1879 Named Maud. Oldest surviving Southern steam locomotive.
97 (5050)0-6-0T4'-8½"Georgia Power Southeastern Railway Museum, Duluth, GArestorationH.K. Porter #7593, 07/1943 Named Plant McDonough. Cosmetic restoration only.
203 (402)D-22-10-04'-8½"GM (AT&N) Southeastern Railway Museum, Duluth, GAstoredBaldwin #60342, 1928
21 (201)2-8-04'-8½"Chatahoochee Valley (TA&G) Southeastern Railway Museum, Duluth, GAdisplayBaldwin #57707, 1924
1966M-12-8-44'-8½"L&N Southeastern Railway Museum, Duluth, GAdisplayTender only.
104 (1)8-24C4-4-04'-8½"Red River & Gulf (LE) Southeastern Railway Museum, Duluth, GAdisplayBaldwin #52207, 08/1919 Named General II. From Stone Mountain Scenic.
279K-54-6-24'-8½"L&N Southeastern Railway Museum, Duluth, GAstoredTender only
290USRAh4-6-24'-8½"A&WP Southeastern Railway Museum, Duluth, GArestorationLima #7008, 1926 Featured in 'Fried Green Tomatoes' (1991). Restored to operation in 1989 and replaced S&A 4-6-2 750 in excursion service, operating until late 1992. Cosmetic restoration on hold. No current plans for restoration back to operation.
750 (80)654-6-24'-8½"S&A (FEC) Southeastern Railway Museum, Duluth, GAdisplayAlco (Schenectady) #46567, 1910 Featured in Biloxi Blues. Previously operated in 1989. Succeeded in excursion service by A&WP 4-6-2 290.
955 tonHeisler2Tr4'-8½"CLCX Southeastern Railway Museum, Duluth, GAdisplayHeisler #1479, 1923
32-4-2T4'-8½"Cherokee Brick & Tile Spring Street Park, East Point, GAdisplayH.K. Porter #6990, 1925
19022-6-2ST24"USATC National Infantry Museum, Ft. Moore, GAdisplayDavenport Locomotive Works #1682, 1918
209 (533)D-22-10-04'-8½"GM (SAL) park, Gainesville, GAdisplayBaldwin #61233, 1930
130-4-04'-8½"Pullman (Georgia Steel) Roosevelt Railroad Museum (defunct), Griffin, GAderelictH.K. Porter #4458, 11/1909
12-6-24'-8½"LA Cypress Lumber Co. Roosevelt Railroad Museum (defunct), Griffin, GAprivateH.K. Porter #6663, 1921Previously owned by Warren Frye. Current location unknown.
119 (319)T244-6-04'-8½"T&NO (Houston & Texas Central) Roosevelt Railroad Museum (defunct), Griffin, GAderelictCooke Locomotive & Machine Works #2202, 1892 From Thompson Winery, Monee, IL, once named The Elizabeth.
116 (215)2-8-04'-8½"GM (CofG) Highway 129, Jefferson, GAdisplayBaldwin #32013, 1907
7464 (98)0-6-0PTAtlanta Steel & SupplyMike Buckner, Junction City, GAunknown privateH.K. Porter Conversion to diesel-power completed.
60-6-0ST4'-8½"Cherokee Brick & TileMike Buckner, Junction City, GAoperationalGlover #13186, 06/1919 From Tifton, GA.
70-6-0ST4'-8½"Cherokee Brick & TileMike Buckner, Junction City, GAdisassembledGlover #13180, 01/1920 From Tifton, GA.
20-4-0T40"Splint Jellico Coal Southern Museum of Civil War and Locomotive History, Kennesaw, GAdisplayGlover #7128, 11/1926 Delivered to Splint Jellico, damaged, reposessed by Glover and remained there for more than 70 years.
0-4-0T36"Tennessee Coal Southern Museum of Civil War and Locomotive History, Kennesaw, GAstoredGlover #91419, 1906Ordered then cancelled, never completed, chassis, boiler, and parts only.
3 (39)4-4-04'-8½"W&A (L&N) Southern Museum of Civil War and Locomotive History, Kennesaw, GAdisplayRogers Ketchum & Grosvenor, 1855Named The General.
5092-8-04'-8½"CofG Central City Park, Macon, GAdisplayBaldwin (Burnham) #29660, 1906 Cosmetically restored in 2022.
42-6-036"Coulbourne Brothers Marietta Welcome Center, Marietta, GAdisplayGlover Machine Works #81421, 01/1917
7 (2)2-4-04'-8½"PL&W (American Viscose) Heritage Park, McDonough, GAdisplayH.K. Porter #7211, 1934 From Laurel Highland RR, Hal Harkness and Buckeye Central in the 1980s. Sale is being considered by the Henry County Commission.
1052-8-24'-8½"GAN park, Moultrie, GAdisplayBaldwin #60736, 1929
90-4-036"Spart & West Georgia State Railroad Museum, Savannah, GAdisplayH.K. PorterPorter frame with steam traction boiler made for Whistles In The Woods.
10-4-0ST4'-8½"Atlantic Steel Co Georgia State Railroad Museum, Savannah, GAdisplayH.K. Porter #3250, 1905
30 (105)0-4-0T4'-8½"Macon Iron & Paper Stock (Georgia Power) Georgia State Railroad Museum, Savannah, GAoperationalAlco (Rogers) #53880, 06/1913Named Goat. From Macon, GA.
8 (154)0-6-0ST4'-8½"CofG Georgia State Railroad Museum, Savannah, GAdisplayNamed Maude.
152-4-24'-8½"Holly Hill Lumber (Scott Lumber) Georgia State Railroad Museum, Savannah, GArestorationBaldwin #41648, 08/1914From Western Heritage USA, Silver Spring, FL. The locomotive is being restored in Decatur, AL. Cosmetic restoration only.
223 (1223)2-8-04'-8½"W&T (CofG) Georgia State Railroad Museum, Savannah, GAdisplayBaldwin #32131, 1907
403 (103)4-6-04'-8½"CofG (SylCen) Savannah History Museum, Savannah, GAdisplayBaldwin #25310, 03/1905
1002-8-24'-8½"GAS&C Jeffords Park, Sylvester, GAdisplayBaldwin #61291, 1930
2 (3)0-4-036"Raritan River Sand Co. Georgia Museum of Agriculture, Tifton, GAdisplayH.K. Porter #6932, 01/1925 From International Toy Train Museum, Orlando.
5 (2609)0-4-0ST36"Rinehart & Dennis (Hardaway Contracting) Georgia Museum of Agriculture, Tifton, GAoperationalVulcan Iron Works (Wilkes-Barre) #2609, 02/1917
7212-4-016" Georgia Museum of Agriculture, Tifton, GAstoredArthur Mobley, 1924Privately constructed replica of 1895 Montparnasse train disaster locomotive and used in the film Hugo.
Heisler4'-8½"Jones LumberVidalia, GAunknown
7 (20)0-4-0T36"Merry Bros Brick (The Winston Co.) Tea Grove Plantation, Walthourville, GAdisplayVulcan Iron Works (Wilkes-Barre) #1969, 07/1912 Used during Old South Farm Days.
9 (31)2-8-24'-8½"Rockton-Rion (Woodward Iron) Okefenokee Heritage Center, Waycross, GAdisplayBaldwin #38813, 1912 Named Okefenokee Chief.
32-6-036"Argent Lumber Southern Forests World Museum, Waycross, GAdisplayH.K. Porter #3165, 1905
208 (530)D-22-10-04'-8½"GM (SAL) Winder Chamber of Commerce, Winder, GAdisplayBaldwin #61230, 1930

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