Surviving Steam Locomotives in Tennessee, United States

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List of Steam Locomotives in Tennessee, United States

No.ClassF.M. WhyteGaugeRailroad LineLocationStatusBuilder InfoNotes
29 (206)2-6-04'-8½"Smoky Mountain Railroad Chattanooga Choo Choo, Chattanooga, TNdisplayBaldwin #34964, 1910
3494-4-04'-8½"Central of GA Children's Hospital at Erlanger - Kennedy Outpatient Center, Chattanooga, TNdisplayBaldwin (Burnham) #11994, 1891
0-4-0TngLord Penrhyn Slate Quarriesconcert park, Chattanooga, TNgoneAvonside Engine (Bristol) #2067, 1933 Named Marchlyn, from Whistles in the Wind, Rossville, GA, relocated to Statfold Barn Railway, UK in 2011.
610As2-8-04'-8½"TVRM (USATC) TVRM Soule Shops, Chattanooga, TNstoredBaldwin Lima Hamilton #75503, 03/1952 Last commercially built steam locomotive in USA. Restored to operation in 1990. Previously operated in November 2010. Restoration back to operation postponed until a spot opens up in the shop.
630 (207)Ks-12-8-04'-8½"Southern (ET&WNC) TVRM Soule Shops, Chattanooga, TNoperationalAlco (Richmond) #28446, 1904 Previously operated in November 1989. Restored back to operation in March 2011. Taken out of service in early 2020. Returned to operation in March 2021. Taken out of service again in early 2022. Returned to operation on August 4, 2023.
6910 (10)2-8-24'-8½"KY&TN TVRM Soule Shops, Chattanooga, TNstoredBaldwin #53182, 1920Ran one main line trip during ownership at TVRM. will be used in a non operable capacity at the museum in the future.
4501Ms2-8-24'-8½"Southern TVRM Soule Shops, Chattanooga, TNoperationalBaldwin #37085, 1911 Featured in Summer of My German Soldier, October Sky, Fool's Parade, 42, and music video Hurt. Previously operated in 1998. Restored back to operation in September 2014. Masqueraded as L&N 1593 in September and October 2019.
13512-8-24'-8½"SLSF Memphis Transportation Museum, Collierville, TNdisplayAlco (Schenectady) #51812, 1912
9 (102)0-4-0T36"Armour Fertilizer Works Maury County Park, Columbia, TNdisplayVulcan Iron Works (Wilkes-Barre) #3768, 1927
509 (403)4-6-04'-8½"Tennessee Central (L&A) TN Central depot, Cookeville, TNdisplayBaldwin #39553, 1913 Nicknamed 'Bull of The Woods'. It was involved in many accidents during its service life. Its original tender is now behind Reader 11. From the Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum, Chattanooga, TN.
12-4-24'-8½"Cherokee Brick & Tile Cowan Railroad Museum, Cowan, TNdisplayH.K. Porter #6557, 1920
10-6-0F4'-8½"North American Rayon Carter County Chamber of Commerce, Elizabethton, TNdisplayH.K. Porter #7229, 1936
0-4-036"Tennessee Coal & Iron Doe River Gorge, Hampton, TNstored operationalH.K. PorterOnce on display at Dollywood in Pigeon Forge, TN. From Dry Gulch USA, Adair, OK. Propane.
1 (33)B-S-I2-4-036"Huff & Puff (Carbon Limestone) Doe River Gorge, Hampton, TNstored operationalH.K. Porter #7347Propane; From Arthur Seifurt, Hilliard, FL then Huff & Puff, Memphis, TN, Then to Fayette, MS, then Dry Gulch USA, Adair, OK.
34-4-036" Doe River Gorge, Hampton, TNoperationalCrown Metal Products (Elizabeth)From Carowinds Amusement Park, then South of the Border Amusement Park, Charlotte, then Timber Rail Village, White River Junction, VT, then Huntsville, AL.
382 (99)G-14-6-04'-8½"IC (Clinchfield) Casey Jones Village, Jackson, TNdisplayBaldwin (Burnham) #27048, 1905 Painted as IC 382.
10-4-04'-8½"IC (Natchez & Hamburg) Three Rivers Rambler, Knoxville, TNrestorationBraithwaite & Ericson (New Road London and Liverpool, 1834 Named Mississippi, Brought from England to New Orleans in 1836, displayed at Chicago Museum of Science & Industry, sold at auction in 2015.
2032-8-04'-8½"Washington & Lincolnton (Rockton-Rion) Three Rivers Rambler, Knoxville, TNout of serviceBaldwin #58489, 6/1925Named Lindy. Taken out of service in December 2015. Undergoing mandated 1,472-day inspection and overhaul.
154G2-8-04'-8½"Southern Three Rivers Rambler, Knoxville, TNoperationalAlco (Schenectady) #3114, 1890 From Chilhowie Park, Chilhowie, VA.
60 (260)8-30C4-4-04'-8½"SA&AP (T&NO) Three Rivers Rambler, Knoxville, TNstoredBaldwin #55390, 1922From Stone Mountain, GA.
112Shay2Tr4'-8½"Conasauga Lumber Three Rivers Rambler, Knoxville, TNdisplayLima #3241, 1923 Previously displayed in Texas City, then the Galveston Railroad Museum. It was sold in 2020 to the Guld & Ohio Railway. To be returned to service.
294 (47)2-6-24'-8½"Republic Steel (River Terminal) Lynnville Railroad Museum, Lynnville, TNdisplayBaldwin #59760, 1927
576J3-574-8-44'-8½"NC&StL Tennessee Central Railroad Museum, Nashville, TNrestorationAlco (Schenectady) #69786, 1942 NCPS Nashville Steam Preservation Society From Centennial Park in Nashville, TN.
34-4-015"W&ARROoltewah, TNprivate restorationCrown Metal Products (Elizabeth) Named LiL General. From the upper mid-west.
0-4-0T700mmErzbergbau Salzgitter farm, Palmersville, TNprivateHenschel & Sohn (Kassel) #27125, 1951 From Benton, KY. Up for sale as of 2022.
0-4-0T700mmErzbergbau Salzgitter farm, Palmersville, TNprivateSkoda #1099, 1940 From Benton, KY. Up for sale as of 2022.
702-8-236"WP&Y Dollywood, Pigeon Forge, TNoperationalBaldwin #62234, 05/1938Named Cinderella.
712-8-236"WP&Y Dollywood, Pigeon Forge, TNstoredBaldwin #62257, 01/1939Named Beatrice. Using the tender from SOU 107 and spare parts from WP&Y 72.
722-8-236"WP&Y Dollywood, Pigeon Forge, TNstoredBaldwin #73351, 1947Running gear only.
192S1182-8-236"WP&Y (USATC) Dollywood, Pigeon Forge, TNoperationalBaldwin #69427, 1943Named Klondike Katie.
1072-8-04'-8½"Southern (Smoky Mountain Railroad) Dollywood Marketing Office, Pigeon Forge, TNdisplayBaldwin (Burnham) #8869, 1887 Suffered boiler explosion along route of Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum in 1890 due to low water. Retired in 1957. Put on display in 1961. From Dixie Stampede Restaurant and Show, Pigeon Forge, TN. Main rods removed.
2147C-70Shay3Tr4'-8½"Little River Little River Railroad Museum, Townsend, TNdisplayLima #2147, 1909
7010-4-0T36"NC&StLSam Werner Lumber, Tracy City, TNprivate, storedVulcan Iron Works (Wilkes-Barre) #1780, 1911
7040-4-0T36"NC&StLSam Werner Lumber, Tracy City, TNprivate, storedVulcan Iron Works (Wilkes-Barre) #1987, 1912
1149B4-6-04'-8½"B&ML (Swedish) Discovery Park of America, Union City, TNdisplaySwedish State Railways, 1913From Belfast & Moosehead Lake, Unity, ME, then the Great Smoky Mountains Railroad, Dillsboro, NC. Previously operated in 2007.

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