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No.ClassF.M. WhyteGaugeRailroad LineLocationStatusBuilder InfoNotes
52-6-236"Argent Lumber Ardenwood Railroad, Fremont, CAdisplayLima #1116, 1910From the Nevada County NG Railroad Museum, Nevada City, CA.
72-8-036"Argent Lumber Hardeeville City Hall, Hardeeville, SCdisplayH.K. Porter #4776, 1911
42-8-036"Argent Lumber Connecticut Antique Machinery Association, Kent, CTdisplayH.K. Porter #4274, 1909
7 (1)2-6-036"Argent Lumber (Beaufort County Lumber) Midwest Central Railroad, Mt Pleasant, IArestorationH.K. Porter #5540, 03/1914 From the Petticoat Junction Railroad, then Warrior, AL.
22-6-036"Argent Lumber (New Berlin & Winfield) Midwest Central Railroad, Mt Pleasant, IArestorationBaldwin #28868, 1906
32-6-036"Argent Lumber Southern Forests World Museum, Waycross, GAdisplayH.K. Porter #3165, 1905
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