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No.ClassF.M. WhyteGaugeRailroad LineLocationStatusBuilder InfoNotes
27 (348)C-32-8-04'-8½"D&NE (DM&IR) Carlton County Fairgrounds, Barnum, MNdisplayAlco (Pittsburg) #42286, 1907 Acquired by the Wisconsin Great Northern in 2024.
347C-32-8-04'-8½"DM&IR Museum of Mining, Chisholm, MNdisplayAlco (Pittsburg) #42285, 1907
28 (332)C-32-8-04'-8½"D&NE (DM&IR) Lake Superior Railroad Museum, Duluth, MNoperationalAlco (Pittsburg) #39587, 1906Restored to operation in June 2017. Temporarily replaced Soo Line 2719 while it is out of service.
227M-32-8-8-44'-8½"DM&IR Lake Superior Railroad Museum, Duluth, MNdisplayBaldwin #62533, 1941
765 (1330)N-62-8-24'-8½"EJ&E (DM&IR) Gateway Park, Gary, INdisplayBaldwin #61080, 1929 Last steam locomotive on the EJ&E.
506E-12-10-24'-8½"DM&IR National Railroad Museum, Green Bay, WIdisplayAlco (Brooks) #60075, 1919
604 (304)S-70-10-24'-8½"DM&IR (Union) Greenville Railroad Park, Greenville, PAdisplayBaldwin #61910, 1936Only surviving 0-10-2 type steam locomotive in the US.
225M-32-8-8-44'-8½"DM&IR US 2, Proctor, MNdisplayBaldwin #62531, 1941
1218 (218)K-12-8-04'-8½"DM&IR (D&IR) Tower Train Museum, Tower, MNdisplayBaldwin #34745, 06/1919
229M-42-8-8-44'-8½"DM&IR D&IR Depot, Two Harbors, MNdisplayBaldwin #64708, 1943
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