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No.ClassF.M. WhyteGaugeRailroad LineLocationStatusBuilder InfoNotes
5030J-3-a4-6-24'-8½"Colebrookdale (GTW) Colebrookdale Railroad, Boyertown, PArestorationBaldwin #38441, 1912From R.A. Greene Park, Jackson, MI. Cosmetic restoration only. Operational restoration is still being considered by the railroad in the near future.
4070S-3-a2-8-24'-8½"GTW B&O Roundhouse, Cleveland, OHrestorationAlco (Schenectady) #60319, 1918MRPS Restored to operation in 1968. Previously operated in 1990.
8305P-5-b0-8-04'-8½"GTW Tetten's Grain, Galt, ILrestorationAlco (Richmond) #65623, 06/1924 One of 16 ex-GTW locomotives used by Northwestern Steel & Wire Co., Sterling, IL. Was to be sent to Quincy, IL for restoration. Cosmetic restoration only. For sale as of 2024.
7456O-18a0-6-04'-8½"GTW (CNR) Montcalm Community College, Sidney, MIrestorationGTR #1500/8, 1920Cosmetic restoration only.
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