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No.ClassF.M. WhyteGaugeRailroad LineLocationStatusBuilder InfoNotes
3330-6-04'-8½"IC New Era Railroad, Bluffton, INstoredAlco (Cooke) #58999, 1918 From Baton Rouge, LA. Then, Tioga, LA. Purchased by private party with a chance to be made operational again.
250025004-8-24'-8½"IC Age of Steam Memorial, Fairview Park, Centralia, ILdisplayIC, 1937 Built from IC 2953 2-10-2 boiler (Lima).
1894 (3525)0-8-04'-8½"Southern (IC) Tanglewood Park, Clemmons, NCdisplayBaldwin #55643, 09/1922 Operated briefly at the Stone Mountain Railroad in 1969 until it was found to have too long of a wheelbase for the curves. From the North Carolina Transportation Museum, Spencer, NC.
382 (99)G-14-6-04'-8½"IC (Clinchfield) Casey Jones Village, Jackson, TNdisplayBaldwin (Burnham) #27048, 1905 Painted as IC 382.
10-4-04'-8½"IC (Natchez & Hamburg) Three Rivers Rambler, Knoxville, TNrestorationBraithwaite & Ericson (New Road London and Liverpool, 1834 Named Mississippi. Brought from England to New Orleans in 1836. Displayed at Chicago Museum of Science & Industry. Sold at auction in 2015.
2680-6-04'-8½"IC Daphne Park, Laurel, MSdisplayAlco (Schenectady) #54754, 1914
254225004-8-24'-8½"IC McComb Railroad Museum, McComb, MSdisplayPaducah, 1951 Moved from Edgewood Park on June 21, 2000.
1518 (1932)2-8-24'-8½"IC Kentucky Ave and Water St, Paducah, KYdisplayLima #6524, 1923 Became the last IC steam locomotive in service.
7902-8-04'-8½"IC Steamtown National Historic Site, Scranton, PAdisplayAlco (Cooke) #28686, 1903
7642-8-04'-8½"IC Museum of Transportation, St. Louis, MOdisplayAlco (Rogers) #6178, 1904
2012-4-4T4'-8½"IC Illinois Railway Museum, Union, ILdisplayRogers #2588, 1880 From Peoria, IL, then Heritage Halls, Owatonna, MN.
3719 (560)2-6-04'-8½"Bevier & Southern (IC) Illinois Railway Museum, Union, ILrestorationBrooks #3697, 12/1900Underwent a cosmetic restoration in 2019 and is undergoing another one in 2023.
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