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No.ClassF.M. WhyteGaugeRailroad LineLocationStatusBuilder InfoNotes
1 (123)0-4-0ST42"Guadiano (Lehigh Valley Coal) Pioneer Tunnel Coal Mine, Ashland, PAoperationalVulcan Iron Works (Wilkes-Barre) #3824, 08/1927Named Henry Clay. Originally 48' gauge.
2 (119)0-4-0T42"Guadiano (Lehigh Valley Coal) Pioneer Tunnel Coal Mine, Ashland, PAstoredVulcan Iron Works (Wilkes-Barre) #3642, 05/1926Restoration to operation is being considered.
990-4-0T48"Lehigh Valley Coal Knoebels Amusement Resort, Elysburg, PAdisplayLVC Co Shops, 1924Assembled from several other locomotives. The boiler is from a 1917 Baldwin-built locomotive.
1170-4-048"Carroll Park & Western (Lehigh Valley Coal) NJ Museum of Transportation, Farmingdale, NJdisplayVulcan Iron Works (Wilkes-Barre) #3512, 02/1925From Bayville, NJ. Appeared in The Molly Maguires (1970 film).
1260-6-0ST4'-8½"Lehigh Valley Coal SC Railroad Museum, Rion, SCoperationalVulcan Iron Works (Wilkes-Barre) #4139, 05/1931From the Gramling Locomotive Works, Ashley, IN.
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