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No.ClassF.M. WhyteGaugeRailroad LineLocationStatusBuilder InfoNotes
29S0-6-04'-8½"D&NE (US Army) Prairie Village, Madison, SDoperationalLima #8381, 1944Operates one weekend per month during the summer.
5 (5006)0-6-0ST4'-8½"OG&E (US Army) Oklahoma Railway Museum, Oklahoma City, OKdisplayH.K. Porter #7466, 09/1942 Displayed without side tanks.
28 (300)83 ton2-8-04'-8½"TSRR (US Army) Texas State Railroad, Rusk, TXout of serviceBaldwin #47032, 11/1917 Taken out of service for its mandated 1,472-day inspection and overhaul in 2016. Returned to operation in 2018. Taken out of service again for major boiler and running gear work in Sep. 2018. Currently scheduled to return to operation sometime in 2024.
7 (5012)0-6-0T4'-8½"Bonsal Sand (US Army) North Carolina Transportation Museum, Spencer, NCstoredH.K. Porter #7486, 1942
8 (2)0-4-0T4'-8½"Greenville Stone & Gravel (US Army) Cascades Camp & Conf. Center, Yelm, WAdisplayAlco (Cooke) #56992, 10/1917 From Greenville, MS.
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