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No.ClassF.M. WhyteGaugeRailroad LineLocationStatusBuilder InfoNotes
250 ton0-6-0T4'-8½"Valley Railroad (Simon Wrecking) Valley Railroad, Essex, CTdisplayH.K. Porter #7344, 1920 Former Steamtown USA locomotive, from Simon Wrecking Company, Newbury, then Peabody, MA. Underwent a cosmetic restoration in 2021.
97 (200)2-8-04'-8½"Valley Railroad (B&SE) Valley Railroad, Essex, CToperationalAlco (Cooke) #65188, 1923 Taken out of service in 2010. Returned to operation in October 2018.
402-8-24'-8½"Valley Railroad (A&R) Valley Railroad, Essex, CToperationalAlco (Brooks) #61858, 1920
3025 (1658)SY2-8-24'-8½"Valley Railroad (NYNH&H) Valley Railroad, Essex, CToperationalTangshan #1658, 1989damaged in fire From China, then the Knox, Kane & Kinzua Railroad. Restored to operation in 2011.
142 (1647)SY2-8-24'-8½"NYS&W (Valley Railroad)Belvidere-Delaware Railroad, Phillipsburg, NJout of serviceTangshan #1647, 1989From Utica. Once operated at the Valley Railroad (Essex Steam Train) in Connecticut as their 1647. Operates on the Bel-Del line. Taken out of service in late 2017. Undergoing mandated 1,472-day inspection and overhaul.
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