2-6-0 "Mogul" Type Locomotives

The first North American example of this type of locomotive was built for the Louisiana & Nashville Railroad in 1864. At the time it was the largest locomotive and got its name from the Mohammedan Empire (India). more than 11,000 Moguls were built between 1860 and 1910. They were generally used on freight trains but had enough speed to occasionally pull a light passenger train.

USA and Canadian Railroads that used 2-6-0 "Mogul" Type Locomotives

Mexican, Central American, and Caribbean Railroads that used 2-6-0 "Mogul" Type Locomotives

Surviving Examples of 2-6-0 "Mogul" Type Locomotives

No.ClassF.M. WhyteGaugeRailroad LineLocationStatusBuilder InformationNotes
52 (2)2-6-036"WP&Y (Atlin & Southern) enginehouse, Skagway, AKrestorationBrooks, 1881
72-6-04'-8½"W. T. Smith Royce Kershaw Manufacturing, Montgomery, ALrestorationBaldwin #38303, 09/1912
7 (1)2-6-036"Argent Lumber Fred H. Hallmark estate, Warrior, ALrestorationH.K. Porter #5190, 1914 from Petticoat Junction Railroad
201 (1)2002-6-04'-8½"MC&SA (ICC) ES&NA Railway, Eureka Springs, ARdisplayALCO (Cooke) #39094, 1906 Built for the Panama Canal construction
336D32-6-04'-8½"SSW Arkansas Railroad Museum, Pine Bluff, ARdisplayBaldwin (Burnham) #33286, 1909 from Lewisville, AR
12-6-04'-8½"WTCarter Lumber Reader Railroad, Reader, ARrestorationBaldwin #29588, 11/1906Wood burner, from ES&NA
73 (34)2-6-04'-8½"DV&S (JLC&E) Lee Wesson Plantation, St 158, Victoria, ARdisplayBaldwin #43278, 1916
1774M-82-6-04'-8½"SP Veterans Memorial Park, N Pine St, Globe, AZdisplayBurnham, Williams #20436, 1902
6 (130)2-6-04'-8½"Magma AZ (EP&SW) McCormick-Stillman Railroad Park, 7301 E Indian Bend Rd, Scottsdale, AZdisplayBurnham, Williams #31889, 1907
1673M-4b2-6-04'-8½"SP Southern Pacific Depot, Tucson, AZdisplaySchenectady Locomotive Works #5683, 1900
1727M-62-6-04'-8½"SP Dunsmuir Park, Dunsmuir, CAdisplayBurnham, Williams #19539, 1901
1765M-62-6-04'-8½"NtnlMtls (SP) Lomita Railroad Museum, 250th St & Woodward Ave, Lomita, CAdisplayBaldwin #19805, 1902
52-6-0ngNCNGNevada County NG Railroad Museum, Nevada City, CAdisplayBaldwin (Burnham) #3709, 1875
1629M-42-6-04'-8½"SP William S Hart Park, Newhall, CAdisplayALCO (Schenectady) #5680, 1900
22-6-036"NV Central Orange Empire Railway Museum, Perris, CAdisplayBaldwin #5575, 1881Named Emma Nevada
132-6-04'-8½"V&T California State Railroad Museum, Sacramento, CAdisplayBaldwin #3091, 1873Named Empire
12-6-0ngNSL California State Railroad Museum, Sacramento, CAdisplayBaldwin (Burnham) #4562, 1897
1771M-82-6-04'-8½"SPinside CSRM boiler and erecting shops, Sacramento, CArestorationBaldwin (Burnham) #20389, 1902
12-6-015" Traintown Railroad Park, Broadway, Sonoma, CAoperationalWinton Engineering, 1960
1744M-62-6-04'-8½"SP Rio Grande Scenic Railroad, Alamosa, COrestorationBaldwin #19671, 1901 from Tarantula Train, Fort Worth, later New Orleans & Gulf Coast, Belle Chase, LA
9 (72)B-3A2-6-036"C&S (DSP&P) Rotary Snowplow Park, Breckenridge, COdisplayCooke #1555, 1884 from Historical Society, Strasburg, then Georgetown Loop, then Palisade
2-6-018"Michael Barth, Denver, COstored serviceableOscar Coffman, 1949From Meadows and Lake Kathleen, Deadwood, OR. Going back to Coos Bay, OR?
22 (39)2-6-036"Agricola de Guatemala (United Fruit)South Park City, Fairplay, COdisplayH.K. Porter #5518, 1914
102-6-015" Tiny Town, Morrison, COoperationalNamed Cinder Belle
2-6-015"Comanche Crossing & Eastern RR, Strasburg, COdisplayUhrich
1455 (100)2-6-04'-8½"B&M Danbury Railway Museum, Danbury, CTcosmetic restorationALCO, 1907from SEMASS, Rochester, MA
92E-10-a2-6-04'-8½"CNR Wilmington & Western Railroad, Marshallton, DEstoredCLC, 1910
72-6-04'-8½"WW Cummer & Sons Cypress Pablo Historical Park, Jacksonville Beach, FLdisplayH.K. Porter #4845, 1911
2 (260)2-6-036"Unidos de YucatanMagic Kingdom, Lake Buena Vista, FLout of serviceBaldwin #60598, 1928Named Lilly Belle, being rebuilt in Strasburg
22-6-04'-8½"WTCarter Lumber Orange Blossom Cannonball, Tavares, FLoperationalBurnham, Williams #29900, 01/1907 From Reader, AR
42-6-0T36"Coulbourne Bros Marietta Welcome Center, Marietta, GAdisplayGlover #81421 displayed as a tender locomotive
32-6-036"Argent Lumber Southern Forests World Museum, Waycross, GAdisplayH.K. Porter #3165, 1905
12-6-04'-8½"V&T Iowa Trolley Park, Clear Lake, IAunder constructionStrasburg, 2009 Named Lyon, replica
62-6-036"Argent Lumber (SS&S) Midwest Central Railroad, Mt Pleasant, IAoperationalBaldwin (Burnham) #12288, 1891
22-6-036"Argent Lumber Midwest Central Railroad, Mt Pleasant, IArestoration
5 (18)2-6-04'-8½"Coeur d'Alene (T&SL)Sanfillipo Collection, Barrington, ILprivateGrant Locomotive Works #1459, 03/1882 from Devine, TX
3706 (109)2-6-04'-8½"Bevier & Southern (IC) Illinois Railway Museum, Union, ILdisplayBrooks #3697, 12/1900
262-6-04'-8½"N-K (GN&A) Illinois Railway Museum, Union, ILrestorationBaldwin #59532, 1926in great shape except for firebox
182-6-04'-8½"Lee Tidewater Cypress Co Illinois Railway Museum, Union, ILstoredBaldwin #53234, 1920 From Thompson Winery, Monee
972-6-04'-8½"Mobile&GulfIndiana Railway Museum, French Lick, INdisplayBaldwin #58797, 1925
2082-6-04'-8½"FLWB&S (A&NR)TVRHA, Indiana Railway Museum, French Lick, INdisplayBaldwin #38093, 1912
2 (22)2-6-036"United FruitLaPorte Co Historical Steam Society, Hesston, INdisplayH.K. Porter
172-6-036"United FruitLaPorte Co Historical Steam Society, Hesston, INrestorationH.K. Porterfrom Gilmore Classic Car Museum, Hickory Corners, MI
2-6-04'-8½"St. Louis, Ft. Scott, & Wichita S of town, W of main county road, Ninnescah River, Clearwater, KSsunk Fell through bridge in April, 1885
252-6-04'-8½"Garden City Western Railway Finnup Park, Garden City, KSdisplayBaldwin #42480, 1915 Named "Two Bits"
122-6-024"Richwood Tahoe Railroad Richwood Tahoe Railroad, Crestview Hills, KYoperationalMammoth Locomotive Works, 2009
2022-6-04'-8½"Crowell & Spencer (Meridian Lumber) Southern Forest Heritage Museum, Long Leaf, LAdisplayBaldwin #40862, 1913
102002-6-04'-8½"D&R (ICC) Ford Park, Shreveport, LAdisplayCooke #39189, 1906
6002-6-04'-8½"B&O B&O Railroad Museum, Baltimore, MDdisplayB&O (Mt. Clare), 1875Named J.C. Davis. Damaged in 2003 roof collapse.
3002-6-04'-8½"Augusta RR (Virginia Central) Coopersville & Marne Railway, Coopersville, MIdisplayALCO (Cooke) #65200, 1924from Jackson, MO then Grand Rapids, MI
62-6-04'-8½"EJ&SMemorial Park, East Jordon, MIdisplayALCO (Pittsburgh), 45920
3B-32-6-036"Q&TL Huckleberry Railroad, Flint, MIdismantledBrooks #2475, 1894May return to Hancock.
12-6-036"Q&TL Quincy Mine Association, Hancock, MIdisplayBrooks #1535, 1889Named Thos F Mason
13 (6)2-6-036"DSP&P (Ferro-carril de Salaverry A. Trujillo) End-O-Line Railroad Park, Currie, MNdisplayBaldwin, 1875 Named Frisco, from Peru, later Frisco, CO, later Prairie Expo Museum, Worthington, MN
32-6-04'-8½"D&IR D&IR Depot, Two Harbors, MNdisplayBaldwin (Burnham) #6649, 1883
1122-6-04'-8½"Bevier & Southern Post Office, Bevier, MOdisplayBaldwin #54016, 1920
573F-42-6-04'-8½"Wabash Museum of Transportation, St. Louis, MOcosmetic restorationRhode Island Locomotive Works #3147, 1899
502-6-04'-8½"VA-Carolina Chemical Co. (Osceola Cypress Lumber) Southeastern Narrow Gauge & Shortline Museum, Newton, NCdisplayALCO (Cooke) #62634, 1922 From Lakeland, FL in 2011.
462-6-036"United Fruit NJ Museum of Transportation, Farmingdale, NJrestorationH.K. Porter #5514, 1914
2992002-6-05'Panama RR (ICC) Paterson Museum, Paterson, NJdisplayCooke #39095, 1906
12-6-0ngC&TLF Nevada State Railroad Museum, Carson City, NVrestorationBaldwin (Burnham) #3712, 1896Named Glenbrook
279D-112-6-036"C&NWplayground, court house, Pioche, NVdisplayALCO (Schenectady) #50829, 1912 named Dinky, from Fennimore, WI
42-6-04'-8½"Holly Hill Lumber 8020 Groveport Road, Groveport, OHstoredGlover #10168, 01/1925 From Iron Horse Restaurant and Lounge, FL
32-6-036"St John Plantation Cedar Point & Lake Erie Railroad, Sandusky, OHout of serviceDavenport #1042, 1910Named Albert, from Arthur LaSalle at Cherokee Wonderland
96E-10-a2-6-04'-8½"CNR Age of Steam Roundhouse, Sugarcreek, OHawaiting restorationCLC #937, 1910awaiting restoration
1785M-62-6-04'-8½"SP City Center, Woodburn, ORdisplayBaldwin (Burnham) #20670, 1902photo & info
91E-10-a2-6-04'-8½"CNR Middletown & Hummelstown Railroad, Middletown, PAstored serviceableCLC #926, 1910
5652-6-04'-8½"DL&W Steamtown National Historic Site, Scranton, PAcosmetic restorationALCO (Schenectady) #45528, 1908
2102-6-04'-8½"N&StL Steamtown National Historic Site, Scranton, PAdisplayALCO (Cooke) #65365, 1923
202-6-04'-8½"V&T Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania, Strasburg, PAdisplayBaldwin #3687, 1875Named Tahoe
89E-10-a2-6-04'-8½"CNR Strasburg Railroad, Strasburg, PAoperationalCLC, 1910
9684 (4)2-6-036"PRR (Waynesburg & Washington) Greene Co. Hist. Museum, Waynesburg, PAdisplayALCO (Cooke) #55847, 05/1916
29 (206)2-6-04'-8½"Smoky Mountain Railroad Chattanooga Choo Choo, Chattanooga, TNdisplayBaldwin #34964, 1910
38-24D-1882-6-04'-8½"WTCarter Lumber Texas Forestry Museum, Lufkin, TXdisplayBaldwin #32849, 1908
62-6-0ngWW&CRRold town site, Columbia River, WAsunk
2-6-0T4'-8½"Chinn Timber CoLake Stevens, Everett, WAsunk
172-6-0T4'-8½"CCL Northwest Railway Museum, Snoqualmie, WAdisplay
62-6-036"Godchaux Sugar (Alma Plantation) Fennimore Railroad Historical Society Museum, Fennimore, WIdisplayDavenport #741, 1907 From Edaville
22-6-04'-8½"LA Cypress Lumber Co. Mid-Continent Railway Museum, North Freedom, WIdismantledLima #1027, 1906Oldest known Lima rod locomotive in existence
9 (232)2-6-04'-8½"D&R (NO&NE) Mid-Continent Railway Museum, North Freedom, WIdisplayBaldwin #7469, 1884
192-6-04'-8½"MT&WMemorial Park, Tomahawk, WIdisplayBaldwin #57667, 1924
112-6-04'-8½"Middletown & New Jersey (Bath & Hammondsport) Everett Railroad, Western Maryland Scenic, Ridgeley, WVrestorationALCO (Cooke) #62635, 12/1920Originally built for export to Cuba. From M&NJ Shops, Middletown, NY. Sold to Everett Railroad, Duncansville, PA
105 (1175)H-22-6-04'-8½"CB&Q city park, Buffalo, WYdisplay
7M2-6-04'-8½"SPMilepost 49B on the FCICdelS, Mexicali, BCNsunkALCO (Cooke) #64390, 1923
2-6-0T36"Ferrocarril Cusi, Haciendas de Lombardia Nueva ItalienEjido Plan Sexenal Lombardia, Nueva Italia de Ruiz, MICdisplayA. Borsig (Tegal, Berlin) #7829, 01/1911
650 (2)E-12-6-04'-8½"NdeM (Cia. Agricola S.A.) National Museum of Mexican Railroads, Puebla, PUEdisplayBaldwin #10282, 09/1889
672ER-72-6-04'-8½"NdeM (FCM) old shops, Cardenas, SLPdisplay
2E-12-6-024"FCM Plaza del V Centenario, Cordoba, VERdisplayBaldwin #20140, 02/1902 Named Luisa. From Pantaco Sports Staduim, Mexico City
32-6-0750mmIngenio San Pedro Ingenio San Pedro Mill, Lerdo de Tejada, VERdisplayOrenstein & Koppel (Berlin) #11240, 12/1926 Named La Pongueta
9 (29)2-6-04'-8½"CTV (Yosemite Valley) Ferrosur Terminal, Veracruz, VERdisplayBaldwin #55275, 1922
112-6-04'-8½"Hillcrest CollieryCrowsnest Pass, Blairmore, ABdisplayCLC #1245, 1914
4172-6-04'-8½"CNRArmstrong Lake, BCsunk
62-6-0ngNwCoal&NavigYoho Campground, Field, BCabandonedBaldwin (Burnham) #7717, 1885 used in building the CPR spiral tunnels
302-6-04'-8½"Manitoba PaperManitoba Paper Co., Pine Falls, MBdisplayMontreal Locomotive Works #63551, 1922
42 (16)2-6-04'-8½"Sydney & Louis Museum of Industry, Stellarton, NSstoredALCO (Schenectady) #27301, 1903
86E-10-a2-6-04'-8½"CNR Western Fair Grounds, London, ONdisplayCLC #919, 1910
88 (1008)E-10-a2-6-04'-8½"CNR (GTR) Upper Canada Village, Morrisburg, ONrestorationCLC, 1910
81E-10-a2-6-04'-8½"CNR Heritage Park, Palmerston, ONdisplayCLC #914, 1910
12-6-016"PE&NSRRPort Elgin and North Shore Railroad, Port Elgin, ONoperationalH.E. Schlenker and Sons
1002-6-04'-8½"Mattagami RRSmooth Rock Falls, ONdisplaydonated in 1967
713E-7-a2-6-04'-8½"CNR (GTR) Canadian Railway Museum, Delson, QCdisplayGTR, 1900
63 (1)2-6-036"WP&Y (KMR) Klondike Mines Railway Locomotive Shelter, Dawson City, YTdisplayBrooks #522, 1881
512-6-036"WP&Y MacBride Museum, Whitehorse, YTdisplayBrooks, 1881