4-6-2 Locomotives in Canada

Railroads that used 4-6-2 Locomotives in Canada (data provided by Steve Llanso of Sweat House Media)

Surviving Examples of 4-6-2 Locomotives in Canada

No.ClassF.M. WhyteGaugeRailroad LineLocationStatusBuilder InfoNotes
593J-8-a4-6-242"CNR (NR)RY Society of Newfoundland, Corner Brook, NFdisplayBaldwin #54401, 1921
2231G1v4-6-24'-8½"CPR Canadian Railway Museum, Delson, QCdisplayCPR (Angus) #1957, 1914
2341G3d4-6-24'-8½"CPR Canadian Railway Museum, Delson, QCdisplayCP, 1914
5550K-2-b4-6-24'-8½"CNR Canadian Railway Museum, Delson, QCdisplayMontreal Locomotive Works #54762, 1914
4489 (60010)A44-6-24'-8½"LNER Canadian Railway Museum, Delson, QCdisplayDoncaster #1854, 1937Named Woodcock then Dominion of Canada, Three cylinder, from England.
7014-6-24'-8½"Temiskaming and Northern Ontario S of ONR station, Englehart, ONdisplayCLC #1693, 1921
5107J-4-d4-6-24'-8½"CNR CN station, Kapuskasing, ONdisplayMontreal Locomotive Works #61473, 1919
5114J-4-d4-6-24'-8½"CNRRegional Park RR Mus, Mellville, SKdisplayMontreal Locomotive Works #61480, 1919
5270J-7-a4-6-24'-8½"CNR City of M. Natural Park, Moncton, NBdisplayMontreal Locomotive Works #59482, 1918
2634G2u4-6-24'-8½"CPR Western Development Museum, Moose Jaw, SKdisplayMontreal Locomotive Works #52660, 1913
5080J-4-a4-6-24'-8½"CNR Aspen Crossing, Mossleigh, ABrestorationMontreal Locomotive Works, 1914 From Prince Albert, SK. To be restored to operating condition for Aspen Crossing.
1201G5a4-6-24'-8½"CPR Canada Science and Technology Museum, Ottawa, ONstoredCPR (Angus) #2074, 1944
5093J-4-c4-6-24'-8½"CNR Union Station/Casino, Regina, SKdisplayMontreal Locomotive Works #58330, 1918
7024-6-24'-8½"QNS&L (ONR) QNS&L Headquarters, Sept-Iles, QCdisplayCLC, 1921Young valve gear.
5588K-3-b4-6-24'-8½"CNR Windsor Waterfront Park, Windsor, ONrestorationGTR Point St. Charles #1513, 1911 Southern Ontario Locomotive Restoration Society.
1238G5c4-6-24'-8½"AC (CPR) Prairie Dog Central, Vintage Locomotive Society, Winnipeg, MBstored serviceableMontreal Locomotive Works, 1946From Staunton.
1286G5d4-6-24'-8½"AC (CPR) Prairie Dog Central, Vintage Locomotive Society, Winnipeg, MBstored serviceableCLC, 1948From Staunton.
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