4-6-4 Locomotives in Australia

Railroads that used 4-6-4 Locomotives in Australia (data provided by Steve Llanso of Sweat House Media)

Surviving Examples of 4-6-4 Locomotives in Australia

No.ClassF.M. WhyteGaugeRailroad LineLocationStatusBuilder InfoNotes
Dd-592Dd4-6-4T3'-6"WAGR Rail Heritage WA, Bassendean, WAUunknownWAGR (Midland Workshops) #81, 1946
Ut-664Ut4-6-4T3'-6"WAGR Rail Heritage WA, Bassendean, WAUunknownNorth British Locomotive Co. #24841, 1942
3013C304-6-4T4'-8½"NSWG Canberra Railway Museum, Canberra, ACTrestorationBeyer, Peacock & Co. (Manchester) #4456, 1903From Lachlan Valley Railway, Cowra, NSW.
3046C304-6-4T4'-8½"NSWG Dorrigo Steam Railway & Museum, Dorrigo, NSWstoredBeyer, Peacock & Co. (Manchester) #5140, 1908
Dd-596Dd4-6-4T3'-6"WAGR ARHS - Railway Markets, Gosnells, WAUdisplayWAGR (Midland Workshops) #85, 1946
3085C304-6-4T4'-8½"NSWGGoulburn Rail Heritage Centre, Goulburn, NSWstoredNSWGR (Eveleigh) #52, 1912From NSWRTM, Thirlmere.
1051DD174-6-4T3'-6"QR Workshops Rail Museum, Ipswich, QLDoperationalQR (Ipswich) #210, 1951 Named Blue Baby.
1046DD174-6-4T3'-6"QR Zig Zag Railway, Lithgow, NSWstoredQR (Ipswich) #205, 1950
1047DD174-6-4T3'-6"QR Zig Zag Railway, Lithgow, NSWstoredQR (Ipswich) #206, 1951
1049DD174-6-4T3'-6"QR Zig Zag Railway, Lithgow, NSWoperationalQR (Ipswich) #208, 1951
R-707R4-6-45'-3"VRR707 Operations, Newport, VICoperationalNorth British Locomotive Co. #26997, 1951Named City of Melbourne.
R-753R4-6-45'-3"VRR707 Operations, Newport, VICstored dismantledNorth British Locomotive Co. #27043, 1951
R-700R4-6-45'-3"VR Steamrail Victoria, Newport, VICdismantledNorth British Locomotive Co. #26990, 1951
R-711R4-6-45'-3"VR Steamrail Victoria, Newport, VICoperationalNorth British Locomotive Co. #27001, 1951Named Spirit of Bendigo. Modernized by Phil Girdlestone with dual Lempor exhaust, swirl oil burners, improved valves, detail improvements.
R-761R4-6-45'-3"VR Steamrail Victoria, Newport, VICoperationalNorth British Locomotive Co. #27051, 1951
R-766R4-6-44'-8½"VR Hunter Valley Railway Trust, North Rothbury, NSWoperationalNorth British Locomotive Co. #27056, 1952Named City of Bendigo. Converted from broad guage.
R-704R4-6-45'-3"VR ARHS Railway Museum, North Williamstown, VICdisplayNorth British Locomotive Co. #26994, 1951
268D174-6-4T3'-6"QR Ravenshoe Railway Company, Ravenshoe, QLDoperationalQR (Ipswich) #112, 1925 From Capella, named Capella.
855D174-6-4T3'-6"QR Rosewood Railway Museum, Rosewood, QLDstored operationalQR (Ipswich) #155, 1938
3137C304-6-4T4'-8½"NSWG NSWRTM, Thirlmere, NSWdisplayNSWGR (Eveleigh) #134, 1916
3112C304-6-4T4'-8½"NSWG NSWRTM, Thirlmere, NSWprivate operationalBeyer, Peacock & Co. (Manchester) #5807, 1914From Sydney.
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