0-4-0 Locomotives in New_Zealand

Railroads that used 0-4-0 Locomotives in New_Zealand (data provided by Steve Llanso of Sweat House Media)

Surviving Examples of 0-4-0 Locomotives in New_Zealand

No.ClassF.M. WhyteGaugeRailroad LineLocationStatusBuilder InfoNotes
5260-4-0ST42"Public Works Department East Coast Museum of Technology, Gisborne, GISdisplayDavenport #1860, 06/1921 Named Taika. Brought to New Zealand in 1921.
193A0-4-0T42" Gisborne City Vintage Railway, Gisborne, GISstoredDübs & Co. (Scotland) #655, 1873Rebuilt to diesel.
66A0-4-0T42" Waimea Plains Railway, Mandeville, STLrestorationDübs & Co. (Scotland) #648, 1873Owned by the Ocean Beach Railway.
5480-4-0T42"Public Works Dept. Steam Scene, McLeans Island, CANoperationalJohn Fowler & Co. #16246, 1924Run by the Canterbury Steam Preservation Society.
B100-4-0ST42"Milburn Lime & Cement Oamaru Steam & Rail, Oamaru, OTAoperationalHudswell, Clarke & Co. #1542, 1924
A0-4-0T42" Shantytown, Paroa, WTCrestorationE. W. Mills (Lion Foundry), 1875
65A0-4-0T42" Shantytown, Paroa, WTCstoredDübs & Co. (Scotland) #653, 1873Rebuilt to diesel.
531 (50)Ws0-4-0T42"Public Works Dept. Silver Stream Railway, Silverstream, WGNoperationalAndrew Barclay Sons & Co. #1749, 1921Leased from Hawkes Bay Steam Society. Originally bought by Public Works Dept. later sold to NZGR.
50-4-0T42"Napier Harbour Board Silver Stream Railway, Silverstream, WGNstored operationalJohn Fowler & Co. #16342, 1925Sold.
67A0-4-0T42" Ocean Beach Railway, St. Kilda, OTAoperationalDübs & Co. (Scotland) #647, 1873
64A0-4-0T42"NZGR Plains Vintage Railway & Historical Museum, Tinwald, CANoperationalDübs & Co. (Scotland) #651, 1873
60-4-0T42"Napier Harbour Board Tokomaru Steam, Tokomaru, MWToperationalJohn Fowler & Co. #16343, 1925
0-4-0WT42"NZ Cement Co. Museum of Transport & Technology, Western Springs, AUKoperationalOrenstein & Koppel #1411, 1904 Located in MOTAT 2. Named Bertha.
62 (196)A0-4-0T42"Anawhata Museum Trust, Whangarei, NTLdisplayDübs & Co. (Scotland) #656, 1873
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