2-6-0 Locomotives in Great_Britain

Railroads that used 2-6-0 Locomotives in Great_Britain (data provided by Steve Llanso of Sweat House Media)

Surviving Examples of 2-6-0 Locomotives in Great_Britain

No.ClassF.M. WhyteGaugeRailroad LineLocationStatusBuilder InfoNotes
465122MT2-6-04'-8½"BR Strathspey Railway, Aviemore, SCToperationalBR Swindon Works, 1952Named E. V. Cooper, Engineer.
37721c2-6-04'-8½"Norwegian State Railways Bressingham Steam & Gardens, Bressingham, ENGoperationalNydqvist & Holm #1164, 1919Named King Haakon VII.
42765 (13065)6P5F2-6-04'-8½"BR (LMS) East Lancashire Railway, Bury, ENGoperationalLMS Crewe Works #5757, 1927
2-6-012¼"Exbury Gardens Railway Exbury Gardens & Steam Railway, Exbury, ENGoperationalExmoor Steam Railway Bratton Fleming Works #326, 2008Named Mariloo.
431064MT2-6-04'-8½"BR Severn Valley Railway, Kidderminster, ENGoperationalBR Darlington Works #2148, 1951
465212MT2-6-04'-8½"BR Great Central Railway, Loughborough, ENGoperationalBR Swindon Works, 1953Fictionally named Blossom.
935193002-6-04'-8½"BR (GWR) West Somerset Railway, Minehead, ENGoperationalGWR Swindon Works, 10/1934Originally built as a GWR 5101 class 2-6-2T type. Previously converted to a GWR 4300 class 2-6-0 type. Converted again to a GWR 9300 class in 2004. Taken out of service in late 2013. Returned to operation in January 2019.
760794MT2-6-04'-8½"BR North Yorkshire Moors Railway, Pickering, ENGoperationalBR Horwich Works, 1957
760844MT2-6-04'-8½"BR Poppy Line (North Norfolk Railway), Sheringham, ENGoperationalBR Horwich Works, 1957
376 (19)21c2-6-04'-8½"Kent & East Sussex Railway Kent & East Sussex Railway, Tenterden, ENGoperationalNydqvist & Holm #1163, 1919Named Norwegian.
461 (15)K22-6-05'-3"Dublin & Southeastern Railway Railway Preservation Society of Ireland, Whitehead, NRLoperationalBeyer, Peacock & Co. #6112, 1922
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