Surviving Roundhouses and Turntables in Iowa

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Blue (Roundhouse and Turntable), Green (Roundhouse Only), Yellow (Turntable only), Red (Visual Remains)
TypeStallsYear BuiltRailroadCurrent UseCityStateCountryNotes
Visual Remains Only18Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul & Pacific nature trailAtkinsIAUSA
Turntable Only49Chicago & North Western Union Pacific YardBooneIAUSATracks removed and pit barricaded in 2022 due to drainage issues.
Roundhouse Only2Chicago, Milwaukee Saint Paul & Pacific concrete companyCalmarIAUSAoriginal roundhouse destroyed by tornado in 1918
Visual Remains Only10Burlington, Cedar Rapids & Northern lot in industrial areaCedar RapidsIAUSA2 stalls remain, concrete floor visible under debris
Visual Remains Only15Illinois Central Vacant lotCherokeeIAUSAfoundation visible through undergrowth
Visual Remains OnlyChicago & Northwestern Vacant lotClintonIAUSAFoundation partially visible
Visual Remains OnlyIllinois Central Canadian National yardCouncil BluffsIAUSAfoundation and turntable pit ring visible
Turntable OnlyChicago, Rock Island & Pacific Iowa Interstate yardCouncil BluffsIAUSAstill in use
Roundhouse and Turntable5Chicago & North Western Union Pacific yardCouncil BluffsIAUSA
Visual Remains OnlyUnion Pacific Union Pacific yardCouncil BluffsIAUSAfoundation outline visible
Visual Remains OnlyChicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul & Pacific Vacant lotCouncil BluffsIAUSAfoundation visible through trees
Visual Remains Only1899Chicago, Burlington & Quincy BNSF yardCrestonIAUSAconcrete floor visible
Visual Remains OnlyChicago, Rock Island & Pacific Union Pacific yardDes MoinesIAUSAfoundation visible
Visual Remains Only71921Illinois Central Canadian National yardDubuqueIAUSAroundhouse trackways are visible
Visual Remains OnlyChicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul & Pacific Railroad Cement CompanyDubuqueIAUSA1 bay foundation visable
Visual Remains Only191912Illinois Central Canadian National yardFort DodgeIAUSAfull foundation visible
Visual Remains OnlyChicago, Santa Fe & California BNSF yardFort MadisonIAUSAoutline of foundation mostly obscured by newer road
Turntable Only15Chicago & Northwestern AbandonedHawardenIAUSAturntable in disrepair, no tracks, roundhouse outline
Roundhouse Only3Burlington, Cedar Rapids & Northern Biotest Plasma CenterIowa City IAUSA3-way turnout was used instead of a turntable
Visual Remains OnlyChicago, Rock Island & Pacific vacant lotIowa FallsIAUSAconcrete floor visible
Roundhouse and TurntableChicago, Rock Island & Pacific storageManlyIAUSA
Turntable OnlyChicago & Northwestern Union Pacific yardMarshalltownIAUSAstill in use, roundhouse foundation visible
Turntable OnlyChicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul & Pacific Canadian Pacific yardMason CityIAUSATurntable was moved from original roundhouse that was a few hundred feet east.
Visual Remains Only71868Wabash empty lotMoultonIAUSAFoundation of two stalls still visible in the grass.
Roundhouse and Turntable12Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul & Pacific Canadian PacificNahantIAUSA
Roundhouse Only30Chicago & Great Western Transco Railway ProductsOelweinIAUSAturntable gone, roundhouse in good condition, used for car repair
Visual Remains OnlyChicago, Burlington & Quincy BNSF yardOttumwaIAUSAconcrete floor visible
Visual Remains Only18Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul & Pacific vacant lotOttumwaIAUSAconcrete floor visible
Visual Remains OnlyChicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul & Pacific vacant lotPerryIAUSAfoundation visible through undergrowth
Visual Remains OnlyGreat Northern BNSF yardSioux CityIAUSAfoundation visible
Roundhouse and Turntable301917Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul & Pacific Sioux City Railroad MuseumSioux CityIAUSA
Visual Remains OnlyChicago, St. Paul, Minneapolis & Omaha Union Pacific yardSioux CityIAUSAouter ring of roundhouse visible
Visual Remains Only20Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul & Pacific empty lotVan HorneIAUSASome stalls of roundhouse are visible
Roundhouse and Turntable251900Illinois Central Chicago Central and Pacific RR yardWaterlooIAUSA2 roundhouse buildings share arc and turntable, very good condition in use by RR

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Special thanks to Brian Berthold, Richard Shulby, and Mark Mason who have all worked together to research and locate many of the roundhouse remains shown in this database.

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